As I drove into work today I thought Wow, I should really try to make my blog cooler and literally that is all I thought of the entire 45 minute drive - pretty exciting, eh?

So, tomorrow marks the first day of Lent. I don't do Lent, but,  I do like to challenge myself. This week I have given up coffee, wine (until the weekend - this is typical) and as many sweets as possible (did I mention on I am also a choco-holic on top of a caffeine crazed betty too? - in all reality, what lady isn't addicted to these fine foods?).

So far I am on day #2 of no coffee. One word to describe my mornings: UGH!
No wine: easy.
No sweets aka chocolate (I don't like sugar coated candies): I'd rather have my toe cut off - I may or may not have been sneaking chocolate throughout the last few days).

Other grubbing news? Well, I am interested in buying a juicer. So if you have any feedback on a juicer let me know! I've had this strange urge to cut myself off from red meat, and I have been cooking semi-vegitarian all week. I must say, so far I am VERY proud of my creations (I promise to eventually share my concoctions with you!).

I wish I had some fun pictures to share with you, but, I have been slacking...okay actually...I have become wicked addicted to instagram (@ereederreadsanereader) so all of my funny/exciting/random pictures have been living on there - I will download them off my phone too.

Well, I would chat longer but typing with long nails is exhausting. Yes, I just said that...

Sending Love from SoCal

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