I swear that since I started dating a kid in med school not a month has gone by that I haven't had a cold or some type of odd illness - I blame him for this....not all the pollen that has taken over the coast of Souther California (that would be far to practical).

When tax returns roll in, people spend money. Fact. Normally, I turn to shoes - this year has been slightly different, I guess you could say that I made a more practical decision - I know what you are thinking No shoes?! Are you feeling alright? Well, honestly aside from the scratchy through and the enormous serving of overwhelmedness that I have sitting on my plate from work, yes I am feeling fine. ha - so I ended up buying a juicer. This has been a long time coming, kind of like a lot of things in life lately... Really! I have been researching juicers, price points, motors, etc for almost over a month now. The one that I want clearly sits in a completely different paycheck echelon - so I went for the economic version - the Breville Juice Fountain Compact - so far I am in love with it.

So, long story short...I thought I would receive it later in the week so I didn't bother buying extra veggies on our weekly grocery shopping extravaganza Monday night - dumb decision? Potentially, but, this did bring me to my greatest discovery of the day: Grower's Direct. Cheap, well kept veggies - honestly what more can a girl ask for! How I did not find this earlier (even with girlfriends poking and prodding me about going for a visit) is beyond me... For a mere $14 I bought enough fruits and greens to last AT LEAST the next 4 days. No bad, eh? I immediately got home and ripped the box open  and started juicing. Spinach, ginger, carrots, apples and lemon. D-E-LIOUS! I was slightly nervous prior to my first sip that my concoction was going to be disgusting - or in the words of Sarah, "A-usgusting" - wrong! I can tell that my juicer and I will have a lovely relationship. I gave Spence a small sample of my green drink, aside from being overwhelmed by ginger (PS I LOVE the taste of ginger) he said it was surprisingly good. Now that I have my lovely juicer this means that the mixing experiments can be endless - and - to tell you the truth I am really looking forward to giving a juice cleanse a whirl.

Green drank

Apple to Apples. 

I love surprises. 

The key. 
This only seems appropriate because of my life lately. SMILE! 
Sending Love from SoCal

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