I love snow

Over the weekend I hopped in the van with 4 other friendly people and we battled the North bound 405 of traffic towards the snow. I love snow, I miss snow, snow is a part of who I am. Come winter time every year I start to kick myself and question my motive of leaving the mountains, then I realize that I was able to nab my second college degree so it really wasn't that bad.
So, back the story of my weekend...I jetted off to Mammoth after work on Friday for a weekend of snow sliding. We got caught in some epic traffic because of an accident on Sunset - got caught in an ultra long line of fellow Chipotle indulgers - and a quick trip to a Vons that was trying to close at midnight with a temperamental clerk. Bed never felt so good on Friday - but - waking up early knowing I was slipping on my ski boots the next morning made me hop out of bed extra early (for a Saturday).
The snow was firm and fast. Luckily, I had gone against my original thought of jamming a panzer down my edges and just lightly detuned the rad Armada ARVdubbbs that I am on right now. We actually went out and skied - oddly enough from hardcore racer, to park rat to recreational skier I find myself enjoying nice groomers sans Joey's more and more. With that being said, yes, I still know how to ski - and yes, I still find myself tipping  and it drives me crazy when I can see my shadow. I was even lucky enough to play in 2 of the 3 parks on Saturday - although I find myself being a complete baby because I am so nervous about my knee. After some shredding we headed to the BrewCo enjoyed some tasters and then hit the hot tub. Seriously - dream come true!?!
Sunday basically went the same way, except for breakfast/bus mimosas instead of BrewCo :)
Leaving was the hardest part. I wish I was still a high school winter sports school kid or a college ski bum. 7 days of skiing a week to essentially 0 is hard. I am so fortunate to have such a kick ass group of friends in Southern California that share the same luhhve for bike and snow.

Load 'em up. 

I gave in and enjoyed some dark magic this weekend. 

So pretty. 

Smiles for dayz. 

Asher came a long for a weekend of soul shredding and a beer. 

Sarah did too....


I love this. 

Saturday evening. 

The sun popped out on Saturday. 

Would you like a taste?


Jump photo prep. 

Jump photo fail #1


Chair 14

Kev showed up in his ultra fast Boeri tiger helmet Meow! 

Jump photo fail #2

Mission control @ Raymonds
Sending love and a yearning to get back to snow from SoCal

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