I have painted a perfect picture of the Chevy Nova SS that I want to own someday in my head - it is probably the most artistic thing I have done in a while...aside from juicing of course - that takes talent!

I have had a lot going on lately; racking my brain trying to figure life out. I started reading my horoscope again, I have to stop basing my day off of those stupid words I read during my chai in the morning...I do believe that I am superstitious again too, it has to do with the black cat I come across every night that I arrive home from work. SCAT CAT!

It seems like an appropriate time re-write my bucket list, or I guess my life to do list. It has been a while since I have been able to check anything off the list lately - I have to start living life; this precious thing we call life is far too short and unfair. I want to adventure, I want to see the world. I am hungry for change. Somedays I miss being careless and a teenager - just living life one day at a time. Funny how you don't realize how precious those days are until you find yourself stuck staring at a computer screen for 8 hours a day. PS - I am not complaining, I love the company I work for. This has been the most magical experience on the face of the planet.

I need to start painting or sketching again. I actually have my sketch pad right next to me - let it go let it flow let the good times roll. 

Remember when Macy Grey was the best thing ever? I used to belt her lyrics out at the top of my lungs. I love to secretly sing.

When I was asked today when one of my most amazing, beautiful and talented friends in the world inquired about what they wanted more than anything, I replied with the most practical answer ever: puppies and a Slurpie from 7-11. DUH!

My words per minute have gotten significantly slower since I left school. I can tell right now (56 words per minute - right on!), now...if I could only take the time to spell check.

This week life was not filled with unicorns, rainbows and cotton candy - but, rather bats and mustard (two things I CANNOT stand). But, Rihanna's Stay remix by Branchez makes er'rything better.

Okay, enough ranting.

Sending so much love and thankfulness for life from SoCal.



I swear that since I started dating a kid in med school not a month has gone by that I haven't had a cold or some type of odd illness - I blame him for this....not all the pollen that has taken over the coast of Souther California (that would be far to practical).

When tax returns roll in, people spend money. Fact. Normally, I turn to shoes - this year has been slightly different, I guess you could say that I made a more practical decision - I know what you are thinking No shoes?! Are you feeling alright? Well, honestly aside from the scratchy through and the enormous serving of overwhelmedness that I have sitting on my plate from work, yes I am feeling fine. ha - so I ended up buying a juicer. This has been a long time coming, kind of like a lot of things in life lately... Really! I have been researching juicers, price points, motors, etc for almost over a month now. The one that I want clearly sits in a completely different paycheck echelon - so I went for the economic version - the Breville Juice Fountain Compact - so far I am in love with it.

So, long story short...I thought I would receive it later in the week so I didn't bother buying extra veggies on our weekly grocery shopping extravaganza Monday night - dumb decision? Potentially, but, this did bring me to my greatest discovery of the day: Grower's Direct. Cheap, well kept veggies - honestly what more can a girl ask for! How I did not find this earlier (even with girlfriends poking and prodding me about going for a visit) is beyond me... For a mere $14 I bought enough fruits and greens to last AT LEAST the next 4 days. No bad, eh? I immediately got home and ripped the box open  and started juicing. Spinach, ginger, carrots, apples and lemon. D-E-LIOUS! I was slightly nervous prior to my first sip that my concoction was going to be disgusting - or in the words of Sarah, "A-usgusting" - wrong! I can tell that my juicer and I will have a lovely relationship. I gave Spence a small sample of my green drink, aside from being overwhelmed by ginger (PS I LOVE the taste of ginger) he said it was surprisingly good. Now that I have my lovely juicer this means that the mixing experiments can be endless - and - to tell you the truth I am really looking forward to giving a juice cleanse a whirl.

Green drank

Apple to Apples. 

I love surprises. 

The key. 
This only seems appropriate because of my life lately. SMILE! 
Sending Love from SoCal



Friday rocked my socks off -  I was one of the lucky few who got to go skiing for a day thanks to work - it was AWESOME. Again, it made me miss the living in the snow even more; this particular day made the wheel start turning in my head to try and figure out a way to try and become more involved in the ski industry. I have had several friends ask if I REALLY want to do that, welp, yes...right now at least - I also want to travel the world. At this point tomorrow morning I could wake up wanting to own a coffee shop for all I kno2. ha...

Green Thumb
Fix 'er up

Home away from Home away from Home. 

24 ounces of pure gold. 

Friends with skis.

Ah Ya. 


Bike. Skee. Frands. 

Battle to Lunch. 

Jump photo: SUCCESS! 

I say freckles, some say sunkissed. 

Soooooooo happy. 


Just found this. LaughOutLoud. 

Creeper 'Stash numero uno

One Point. 

Lazy Saturdays. 

Creeper 'Stash numero dos. 

Stair way to heaven. 

Best meal ever. 

Sending Love from SoCal


I love snow

Over the weekend I hopped in the van with 4 other friendly people and we battled the North bound 405 of traffic towards the snow. I love snow, I miss snow, snow is a part of who I am. Come winter time every year I start to kick myself and question my motive of leaving the mountains, then I realize that I was able to nab my second college degree so it really wasn't that bad.
So, back the story of my weekend...I jetted off to Mammoth after work on Friday for a weekend of snow sliding. We got caught in some epic traffic because of an accident on Sunset - got caught in an ultra long line of fellow Chipotle indulgers - and a quick trip to a Vons that was trying to close at midnight with a temperamental clerk. Bed never felt so good on Friday - but - waking up early knowing I was slipping on my ski boots the next morning made me hop out of bed extra early (for a Saturday).
The snow was firm and fast. Luckily, I had gone against my original thought of jamming a panzer down my edges and just lightly detuned the rad Armada ARVdubbbs that I am on right now. We actually went out and skied - oddly enough from hardcore racer, to park rat to recreational skier I find myself enjoying nice groomers sans Joey's more and more. With that being said, yes, I still know how to ski - and yes, I still find myself tipping  and it drives me crazy when I can see my shadow. I was even lucky enough to play in 2 of the 3 parks on Saturday - although I find myself being a complete baby because I am so nervous about my knee. After some shredding we headed to the BrewCo enjoyed some tasters and then hit the hot tub. Seriously - dream come true!?!
Sunday basically went the same way, except for breakfast/bus mimosas instead of BrewCo :)
Leaving was the hardest part. I wish I was still a high school winter sports school kid or a college ski bum. 7 days of skiing a week to essentially 0 is hard. I am so fortunate to have such a kick ass group of friends in Southern California that share the same luhhve for bike and snow.

Load 'em up. 

I gave in and enjoyed some dark magic this weekend. 

So pretty. 

Smiles for dayz. 

Asher came a long for a weekend of soul shredding and a beer. 

Sarah did too....


I love this. 

Saturday evening. 

The sun popped out on Saturday. 

Would you like a taste?


Jump photo prep. 

Jump photo fail #1


Chair 14

Kev showed up in his ultra fast Boeri tiger helmet Meow! 

Jump photo fail #2

Mission control @ Raymonds
Sending love and a yearning to get back to snow from SoCal



I have this thing for shoes. In all honesty, it is pretty bad - although, it used to be worse. I think the only reason I am able to retain my shoe buying gene right now is because I am a grown up and officially have to pay for stuff on my own, the little voice inside my head normally says "hey you have to pay off your student loans.." (ugh...those things...).
I also have this thing for taking pictures - I have only recently become addicted to Instagram - so I literally take pictures of everything....e v e r y t h i n g!
So, I put my infinite love for shoes and photos together  and now I find myself sharing a photo of the shoes I am wearing with the Interweb world daily. For a moment I thought I was absolutely brilliant for hashtagging all my shoe photos as "#shoediary", welp, turns out there is indeed someone more brilliant than me out there and already started that hashtag - oh well - I can still add.

Rawr. Sperry's. 


Minnetoka's, that have seen their days...

So Euro in my Nike's and jeans. 


Fizik. BikeLyfe. 



Jeffery Campbell




This is a joke. Yes, those are heels and I am in my running gear....


Nike Boots & Gold Jeans #Swag

Halloween Nikes

Creative Recreations

Toms Botas


My foot compared to a footballer kickers foot (and those Vans are 3 sizes too big on me). 



Save the BEST for last Sidi's. 

 So many pairs of shoes to wear and take pictures of, so little time!

Sending Love from SoCal