Ho Ho Surrrprise!

I guess today I can share the rest of my Christmas adventure. First of all, it is FREEZING here in California...yes, I am complaining about the low 30's. I am literally bundled in clothing right now, with three blankets and a hot cup of coffee. Let me be! Today also marks the 6 year date that Asher took off switch and landed in heaven - that deserves a separate blog itself.

After an afternoon in LA  and returning to the OC (and realizing how much I miss LA) I came home packed my bag (AGAIN), started the coffee machine and hit the hay - I was going to have a big sneaky day ahead of me. Spence was a trooper and got up to take me up to LAX around 3:45-4 in the morning. Kiss-Smooch-SeeYaLater. I ran inside and checked in - at that point I realized I had less than an hour before my flight left (Somewhere along my last few trips I managed to get bad flying Juju). TSA being the helpful people they can be, please sense the sarcasm, sent me to a line on the opposite side of the terminal entry that wasn't open yet. Now I was starting to freak out, if I missed this flight ALL my plans would be off. Luckily, the line started to move and I breezed through. The poor lady behind me thought her flight left at 6 am, but then she realized it didn't leave until 6 pm. I guess she was just going to hang out in the airport all day? Yikes! I got on the flight and went to sleep. When I woke up I was in Newark! It was like magic? Why you say? Because I used to be unable to sleep on flights - looks like I have gotten over that now...
Now the fun begins...I raced all over good ole' Newark trying to find A) my gate B) decent coffee. After a wild goose chance and being redirected AND A gate change I found A) - still no luck with B). Then...finally I found a Starbucks. All the while I was texting my mom telling her that I was going to head out on a road ride with Spence. She also inquired about the boat parade...I think decided that I was going to tell her that I would be going to that too...mind you, I was still in Newark...all the way ACROSS the United States from the boat parade and the photos of the beach that I was about to send my mom. Finally time to climb on the second flight - little plane. Short flight. Nancy was waiting for me at the airport, I climbed in the car and we sped off to my cousins house. During the drive we conjured up an idea for how the surprise was going to go down...
Nancy walked in the house. I stayed in the car and waited a little bit. Then...I sneaked to the front of the house and knocked on the front door - inside you could hear everyone yelling "pizza guy! pizza guy is here!". My cousins daughter answered the door, and people were still chiming 'pizzzzza guy' my mom was around the corner sitting on the couch. Addy said "Oh Hi Bud" and walked away, Sarah gave me a funny look and then I belted out "pizza guys here" as I walked around the corner. My mom was surely surprised - it was probably the best surprised I have ever participated in - her face was PRICELESS! My Grandmother was surprised too! It was GREAT!!!!
To sum up the trip - it was GREAT (until about Christmas eve when my illness kicked in) I had a fantastic time running around with my mom - drinking wine, smiling, laughing, ate as much DD as I could get my hands on,  late nights on the couch and even a short visit from Ed!  I love spending time with my family - I wish that I was able to spend more time with them...I guess that is the downfall of living on the other side of the country.
After another airport battle (I never have good luck at O'Hare) and I finally make it back to Los Angeles.

The picture that started the whole trip....yep..I am going on a road ride with Spence! :)

Sweet arm tats we got from Addy


I wanted that last piece of bacon...

Talk about talent! My mom is redoing the kitchen - it looks AMAZING! Wow! 

I wish we had a DD down here. I would be there at least once a week. 

The battle I had on my way home. 
Sending love from SoCal.

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