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At first I was trying to use being sick as a way to avoid a new blog update, well, that is just silly! I have had my fair share of cough syrup (that doesn't work), Vitamin C, water, tea, Vicks, soup and sleep. FYI: when you date a doctor-to-be you are never actually sick - also having a cough does not qualify you for a back-rub, just the occasional frownie face I feel bad they you have been hacking your face off look...Oy vey! I really just want to go running...
Spence has become really into Crossfit over the last few months, but, after all of the coughing I have done over the last 2 weeks I MAY have better abs than him - ha! 

This was how I spent NYE. PARTY!

Obviously getting sick was only expected will all the commotion in my adventurous life lately. Canada to Orange County, Orange County to a day in Malibu. Orange County to LAX for a surprise visit to New York to spend Christmas with my family. Then...New York to Orange County and a few trips here and there adventuring through the OC and up to my FAVORITE place in Southern California: Pasadena!

Highlights of my adventures:

Whistler: I had the most amazing time in Canada. I feel so blessed that I was brought up there on a work trip. I was constantly surrounded by diligent,  devoted and intelligent  individuals. To some it up, this was one of the most eye opening experiences I could ask for. It was cold, snowy and it made me really miss living in the mountains - it also made me realize that I work for a pretty freaking cool innovate company.
The only hiccup in my adventure was catching a cold...yes...the one that that I mentioned above. Annndddd we mentioned to miss our flight - I have never missed a flight because of being late to the airport so I was in a little bit of a tizzy - BUTTTTTTTTT - clearly I made it back to California. Air Canada came through and got me back in so Santa Ana so I was able to be in the office the next day...

Last day at Whistler.

I have been to do different sets of winter  O rings. Fingers crossed I can go to Sochi in 2014. 



We hiked in this...

Glass cabin at Peak2Peak

It was cold. Cold enough to freeze my hairrrrr

Crazy moss on the trees
The cray conditions that we had commuting from Whistler to Vancouver.
Yuck! I heard the skiing was the bees knees though!  
We stopped at this adorable little coffee shop, Galileo's, on our trek. You know how I am with my cute little coffee shops..LOVED this place! I wish I could have spent so much more time there! I also wish that I would have had enough room in my bag for a lbs of their coffee. Next time?

FHR for the Day: After a late arrival, I jumped in bed so that I could get a few hours of sleep before heading back into the office. I could have benefited from a day of rest - but - there were some pleasant surprises awaiting me upon my return to my cavedesk. What you ask? Well, I am glad to share the news that I am the 2012 Oakley Marketing Award recipient for being Authentic! Anddddd a magnum of Saarloos & Sons wine! Ahhhhmazing! I feel so fortunate for being given such a meaningful award. I was also rewarded with a relaxing day of working from my couch on Friday...sometimes you just need those kind of days...

To Live and to Die, in El Aye: Spence had to pick up some goodies for his Christmas trip home to Colorado - cookies, coffee, etc. This was a perfect excuse for me to be his backseat driver and accompany him to one of my favorite cities: Los Angeles!
Next Stop? Rochester! (well technically I spent about 48 hours in California before jet-setting again). Spence and I spent a day together in LA (Malibu, Griffith and Eagle Rock) prior to my departure to the east coast....

Back Bay

Spence and I ended up at the Malibu Racquet Club some how for bunch (Godmother Cafe had great reviews).
It was odd because we didn't know if we were allowed in the club..you know...it is a CLUB and well we are clearly not members. The service was subpar, BUT, the food was GREAT!  

One of my favorite views in Southern California - the top of Griffith.
The concrete jungle can actually be really beautiful!  

There is a lady that plants trees up and down the trail at Griffith.
I think she is a superhero for doing this. 

Hidden gems. 

3 Ibs of deliciousness! I miss Swork

OV VEY - I typed up all the rest of my adventures and it didn't save...until we meet again..I still have to share my Christmas surprise!

Sending some love from SoCal

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