This morning I woke up - looked out the window..and saw the this. It was amazing! I haven't been able to wake up to a site like this since I left Tahoe over 2.5 years ago.
One of my favorite times of the year was when the first snow would dust the gigantic pine trees around my house; the windows would have a chilled touch to them and and the idea of leaving your warm bed was the most difficult morning decision that had to be made.
I have to be the luckiest person on earth to be on this trip up to Whistler; I think I will be forever grateful! Going to Canada was on my bucket list - I haven't been able to make a check off that list in a LONG time. Although I have only been here for a day, this trip has been ridiculously insightful.  It is amazing to be around people that are so devoted to both their job and the product that they produce...I guess that is why this company is SO amazing!

I forgot how cold it can be in the mountains, I was ridiculously under prepared, so-much-so, that I had to get my little paws on some gloves and some of those chintzy foot warms that 'work' but don't really 'work'...I was ill prepared for a day in close to what felt like sub-temperatures; luckily I am still kicking! ha!

Tomorrow we head out to shred - you have no clue how excited I am to be out on snow. HOOOOOLY COW! Crazy to think that I used to ski some ridiculous amount like 160+ days a year and now I am scraping by and MAYBE getting 5-10 days a year. I guess that this is part of growing up...

Sending Love from Canada..

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