I can't feel my feet

Ohhhh Canada...

Turns out it is pretty cold here...and humid too. It reminds me of Tahoe meets Crested Butte - maybe I am just used to my 60+ degree winters in Newport Beach now and so I am just a cold weather baby. But, that can't be true...I am a snowmakers daughter :) I also love looking around an seeing all the Doppelmayr chairlifts :)
It has been snowing basically since we arrived here - which has made for some fantastic skiing and some major chunder riding too. I am so happy to wake up every morning and see the snow on the trees, and feel like chill of the air. Heck, I am even happy to put my ski boots on right now - I honestly cannot tell you how much I used to dread that, especially when I was racing. Plug boots...no thanks! Gosh, skiing with just one boot warmer charged today was hard enough (sorry, let me be a diva - oh and on that note..I really REALLY need nail polish remover). Today we hiked into some really neat stuff  and ended up getting some pretty swell pow turns. I will admit, during one point in the hike I said "I don't hike. I am a park skier", Oy vey.
Going to Canada was on my bucket list. Now, I can check it off and move on to something else on my gigantic list of things to do and see. One of the most meaningful things about being in Whistler right now for me, is that my grandfather used to take a ski trip up there with all of his buddies EVERY YEAR! I remember he would always bring back a vest of a fleece hoodie from Sarah and I. Now, I am here skiing a place that he LOVED. This is a special moment.
Overall this trip has been VERY eye-opening - I am so lucky and thankful to be here, in Whistler, doing what I am doing - I am learning an abundant about of information about the innovative products that Oakley makes - really friggin cool!

Frozen hair. I don't care (okay, I did a little). 

The top of our hike.

Okay - time to go shower and de-thaw!

Sending Love from Canada

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