Is that paint in your hair?

This last week as been almost amazing. Spence and I both had a break from school and work...you know what that means?! Quality time, adventure time and sleeping in! That is exactly what we did. 

Wednesday morning we checked out this little place called Pandor in the West Cliff Plaza. Spence had recently gone there for lunch and he thought I would love it. Well, he was right..anything bread and I am in! ha! We snacked on some delicious breakfast dishes (I had The Newporter - it was the bee's knees!) and coffee while sitting outside and enjoyed the chilly (yes, it is cold here) cloud cover that was over Newps.  

For Thanksgiving we were invited to our friends house, which is conveniently on the other side of our fence. I made 3 dishes and clearly we arrived in-style. I was so excited about the Pilgrim hats that I found at the party store in the depths of Santa Ana.  

I felt like a fatty. When I was little I couldn't handle my food touching, now, at my ripe age of 26 I can deal - well, sort of. It depends what the food is and if it mixes well. I remember being told 'it doesn't matter if your food touches because it gets all mixed up in your stomach anyways', now that is just silly! 

There were 5 or 6 pies at dinner. I indulged in a slice of pumpkin. Okay...and a sliver or pecan too only because Spence didn't jive with the idea of sharing :) 

I really wanted Indian headdresses, but, they were hard to find and when I did find them they were far too expensive.  Next year I will plan further ahead and buy them at a Halloween store...
Thanksgiving time was followed by bike movies, beers and friends. Totally radical. 

Cactus on the Back Bay

Our new weekly meal calendar which I am SO excited about


So Saturday was a super duper adventurous day in our house hold. After Spence going to Cross Fit, my 8 mile run. We went out to breakfast at Rooster Cafe, which might just been my new favorite breakfast join in Costa Mesa: Inexpensive. Yummy. Good Coffee. Large plates. Outside seating. Easy parking and it is near The Camp. We came home, Spence didn't want to study and I had NO clue what on earth I was going to do - maybe the beach? Then...it came to me: we will paint stripes on the wall! And so, with a little help from my darling boyfriend (thank goodness he is good at math and can take the extra time to measure every millimeter).  Can I just tell you how AWESOME our little decorating project made this 1970's apartment look?! FRIGGIN OUT OF THIS WORLD!


He is so HELPFUL!

I was in charge of taping the small part...because Spence's hands couldn't fit there? Idk...

Oh, and I got to hold the tape to make sure Spence was making a straight line...a VERY important job.  Ohh do you like my new OPI nail color - My Very First Knockwurst- clearly part of the German collection that I treated myself to on Friday.  


The finished product. Now I want to do a little more painting....

Now I have to gear up for a month of rallying between work and travel I have my hands full and I am TOTALLY looking forward to it! 

Sending Love from SoCal

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