Just when I thought I was getting back into steady blogging I blow it - and take a few days off. Why does this happen? I used to be so diligent about taking 20 minutes out of my day to write - probably because I was trying to avoid homework - now I am trying to squeeze in normal life after work (work, what a yucky word - to bad who ever invited that word couldn't have come up with a more resilient sounding activity, oh well).

Last night was Halloween, one of the holidays my father always listed as a 'don't go out on day'. As I age I guess I will have to give it to him...it is a smart idea to stay inside and out of trouble on certain holidays...now...tell that to my 18-21 year old self and I would have probably sneered or rolled my eyes at the idea of not being able to go out a party with my friends (truth be told). That night I had a rockin' evening: quinoa and chicken for dinner - quiet possibly the blandest meal on the planet because I didn't want to go to the store and take the chance of losing my parking spot at home - and endless episodes of Prison Break. Have I mentioned I think that Dominic Purcell is a total babe? Yewww!

I have been running a bunch and pedaling a little. I actually ran a sub 6:45 mile the other day. Pretty good for these short legs! I see a lot of my superiors and friends unable to balance work and 'play' or exercise in their life. I have made it a goal of mine to run or bike everyday after work. Okay....so I have been saving riding for the weekends because I can't stand only going out for a short 10 mile loop. Pointless...

Last Friday Spence and I went to see one of our favorite hip hop artists perform. It was unbelievable - it was hella dope! I am so happy that I was able to see Mackelmore live - seriously, if I could see him play at least once a month then I would be pretty happy...maybe I need to move to Seattle? ha! Did I mention I think Ben Haggerty is a total babe too? Welp, I just did. I would share the videos that I took while I was there, but, every single concert I go to I just get WAY to excited and cannot seem to hold my phone still enough to produce a video where people won't get seasick when they watch it again. Also, I realize how wicked tone deaf I really am. Yikes. It looks like I will never make the charts like Adele - Bummercitytown. At one point I decided that I was going to go down and try to squeeze my way to the front so that maybe I could a closer glimpse of Macklemore and a potential hi-five. Well, that plan back fired once I got into the front crowd and was being smooshed by sweaty 19 year old boys - you would have thought that they would have let a girl through...nope. Oh well, someday I will get that hi-five...

Other than that life has been pretty steady here in good ole' Southern Cali-forn-i-a. I am glad to report that my family is all safe and sound on the east coast - as well as all of my friends. Sandy, you had me on my toes for a little bit. I don't like being in suspense for days at a time, it makes me grumpy and normally I get a killer headache. Thanks, but, no thanks!

Well - here are some Ansel iPhones:

I made some cupcakes last week. I think they were a hit? Vanilla spice cake with pumpkin frosting and graham cracker crust with dark chocolate on the bottom. 

Long hair. 

Spance and I at Macklemore

Mimosa's with pals. 

October Sunday 

I get to wear these bad boys once a year. Halloween edition Nike's. Yes, those are little bats. 

In 8th grade our PE teacher had us write down little notes and then put them in capsules. We were supposed to receive the capsule and an additional note that we had wrote when we graduated from high school. I ended up going to winter sports school and leaving the area were I went to middle school. I never though/semi forgot about this project - but - shortly after I graduated a package showed up and inside was my capsule and my letter. Ms Stewart followed through! When I was unpacking the other day I found this and opened it up and read the little piece of paper Keep up: trust, confidence, communication and devotion for the sport is what the paper said. Pretty cool I think. Crazy to think that I wrote that almost 13 years ago - WOW! 

This is probably once of the coolest and very special pieces of jewelry that I own. My dad's baby bracelet.

Lazy eyed Syd. 

Sending Love from SoCal

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