Adventures in Mars

Being hoodlums. 

Pay attention to detail. 

Sunday Funday: Coffee, Mimosas, and french toast with REAL maple syrup! Yum! 

Out for a causal pedal

The goods

Someone forgot to fill  up the ice cube tray...

Wall decor

Time and time again, these are always my FAVORITE candy. 

With all the running I have been doing lately I was overjoyed to find a Nathan running belt for $12 after I had been searching long and hard for a few months and couldn't find one under $30. 


Our room at The Saguaro - a PINK room! Awesome! 


You can't tell, but, every door is a different color. Probably one of the neatest things ever! 

Hiding at The Saguaro - colorful walls EVERYWHERE...and cactus too! 

Our view.

Evian, go drink a bottle of yourself.

Salt River Fields, where the Diamondbacks & the Rockies do spring training

I wish I could have taken this wall home with me.   The Saguaro 

I have a slight infatuation with skulls, blimps and other flying contraptions

Mah Boo. Birthday dinner at Paradise Valley Country Club - Uhhhlala! 


The COOLEST birthday present EVERY from my lovely Grandmother. This bowl, made out of old bike chains were made by a man in India whom is the father of 4 children and creates Junk Yard Creations with the profits he is able to support his family and 12 employees. Very cool! I love this bowl!!! 

I am another year older. My how time flies. Spencer and I went to Arizona so he could spend some time with his family, and I guess so I could meet them? We arrived late Friday and drove around looking for some grub - we ended up at Qdoba - clearly I had forgotten how much I LOVE the queso there. YUMMMM (I am having trouble typing today because it is so cold here - imagine that...cold in Orange County). We headed to the hotel which was right down the street we stayed at The Saguaro which is the bee's knees! Talk about a fantastic modern hotel - wow! Our room was pink, the decor was amazing! I was in heaven! Ohhh it doesn't stop there though - at one point we sat and enjoyed some drinks on a glitter covered table! I about had a heart attack, if you didn't know sparkle is my favorite color. Yes, it is a color. Get over it. Staying at this hotel made me want to visit every JDV property...I better get my bum in gear because they have quite a few locations. 
We did some really neat things while we were in AZ, like: going to see the Diamondbacks/ Rockies spring training field, walked around Scottsdale, went to Paradise Valley Country Club and I ran into an old friend during Sunday brunch at El Chorro. Wild! We arrived back in Orange County yesterday afternoon. The pinnacle of my birthday weekend was being able to video chat with my mom, sister and grandmother on Sunday. I love seeing them - and miss them tremendously. I wish NY wasn't so far away. 
  I am exhausted from this weekend - time to unpack, go on a run and slightly relax. 

Sending Love from SoCal.

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