The Pack (and Packing)

Sunsets on the boardwalk


My favorite food...next to Annie's mac n cheese, cabot extra sharp white cheddar, Sriracha, anything coffee and VT maple syrup. 

Sunset from my couch


Lazy sundays 

Spants handing off to a night in the ER.

Big day for Syd Vicious. Syd joined the 200K club! 

Game day 10/13
Life is good. Macklemore's album came out, I couldn't be more pumped. I get to see him & Ryan Lewis in concert in two weeks. SUPER EXCITED! Headed to sin city tomorrow to meet up with my college pals and watch the biggest rivalry (well, in my eyes...) game of the year UNR v. UNLV. I know we will win - clearly by 'we' I mean UNR - duh! My job for this game (yet again...) was being in charge of making the T-shirts
So, I am pretty proud of Syd for making it to the 200K club - honestly I didn't think that this would ever happen. Syd and I have been semi-happily together since 2005 - talk about a long relationship?!? Its the longest relationship I have ever been in - well, besides the one with my parents :) Syd and I will 'keep truckin' as long as possible (I don't have the money to replace her...).
It rained today in Orange County. I think every chick & their cousin had on their rain boots - I know I sure did! I love wearing my Hunters. They were honestly one of the best purchases I ever made. If you own a pair you know what I mean...
Well - I still haven't packed yet.

Sending Love from SoCal

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