Succulents & Calligraphy

Secret # 674 revealed: I love barbecue sauce. I think it is delicious.

I am starting to get back into a crafting kick. Design school really sucks your creativity out of you, trust me. I am finally searching for new fun projects and ways to spruce up our apartment - on this weekends agenda I had: painting & planting. So far I have created a succulent terrarium, re-planted my little flowers I am trying to grow and have even gone as far as considering a herb garden which I can keep above my kitchen sink (I have to check with the Dr. first & see if he is okay with this). As for painting, I grabbed some paint chips from Home Depot and some painters tape. I am convinced that if I tape the walls up then I will be more likely to actually commit to my stripes idea; so far the tape is sitting on the table and the paint chips are still shoved in my purse. Oh well.

Last night it was pouring rain, but, despite the weather Ella and I hopped on bikes and pedaled down to the beach and enjoyed some wine and girl talk. It was actually a BLAST - we went there with the original intention to see if we would be able to see the meteor shower...rest assure we couldn't see a thing. The bikes are covered in sand, and my Uggs are ruined from the water and sand (I really am not that worried about them..ha!), my down vest is still drying out. It was nice to be wrapped up instead of in 90 degree weather.

I have recently decided that I need to do something - not like oh hey I need to go grocery shopping, but, I need to do something to pre-occupy my spare time instead of falling victim to endless episodes of Extreme Couponers (which I will never be, nor do I want to after seeing their 'stockpiles'). I have decided that I am going to invest my extra time into several things - I am sure this will constantly be changing, but, this week I want to take up fake calligraphy - a more modern version of the fancy pants stuff you see on wedding invites. I think it would be really fun to have fun fonts on all of my thank you cards that I send out - plus the more personalized touch means a lot more. So far my favorite letter to write is "R", imagine that... Secondly, I want to learn another language. In no way do I want to because a master of the language, but, I would really like to learn the basics. I took both Spanish & French throughout my childhood and into Highschool. As soon as I got through my general requirements in college I abruptly stopped. I will keep you updated on how adventure(s) is going...

How many girls does it take to change a tube? 

Natures Ombre. 

Monday, Monday...

True Foods. Coffee & Cocktails. 

Wedding Dress Hunting. One of my girlfriends is getting married! 

My succulent terrarium! 

Love this.

Sending Love from SoCal.

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