Game Weekend

This weekend was a big football weekend - well, I say big because it is the only football game that I actually care about: University of Nevada, Reno verses University of Nevada Las Vegas. The game was in Vegas this year - so it made it fairly easy to get there. I was super excited because I was able to see a bunch of friends from school - It is crazy to think it has been 2.5 years since I graduated. Time Flies. It is interesting to see how much people have changes, who is still your friend, who isn't. Where people are in life, where they are working, their approach to life.
The game was really close, but, luckily UNR walked away with the cannon for the 8th consecutive year - I will admit that I was slightly nervous that we weren't going to win. It is weird not to know the players on out there playing - and to be sitting with those who used to play in the stands is hilarious. 
I got home late this morning - although I was only away for less than 48 hours walking back into my house was so nice. I am SO excited to see Spence when he is home from studying. I was able to watch Felix Baumgartner's  23(24?) mile jump as I was boarding the plane - thank goodness for smart phones! Talk about cool....

Sending Love from SoCal



This was when we were losing...

Yep, we were in Nevada...


The Marina Crew boys (minus a few)

The difference between a kickers shoe and mine...ha! 

Classy looking group. 

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