Baby Powder is magical?

Hi Frands!

Long time no blog! I have been really busy pretending that I am busy trying to organize my new flat, but, in all reality it has just been way to hot her to actually achieve anything - therefore I just pretend that I am partaking in all these really important events and cannot find the time to blog.

So, baby powder...pretty cool stuff right? No...it is not made out of babies. It can be used for so many different things which is really neat and super helpful considering its inexpensive price. Did you really think that baby powder is just for babies? Well, you're WAY wrong! I use it several times a day normally. How? Well...let me explain!

1. In mah hair. If I am feeling lazy and like I don't want to shower in the morning and would rather sleep-in past my 6:15 wakeup. Of course my hair has to be somewhat salvageable for this. I just douse my hands in some pow and then rub it in my roots. Pesky hair grease is instantly mopped up - of course I would be careful if you have a dark color of hair - you wouldn't want to look like you have grey roots.

2. In my bike chamois. Face it, I spend a lot of time in the saddle. If I know I am going on a long ride I put some powder on my chamois before I put them on. I promise it helps....

3. In my running shoes. I sprinkle a little bit of powder on my toes before I put my socks on - I have found that I don't get as many blisters and my little toes are slightly more comfortable throughout my run.

4. You could probably use it for its real purpose...on a baby? I think it helps avoid diaper rash and dry skin?

I am sure there are thousands of other things you can use baby powder for...if you don't use it...give it a try. Seriously, if you have light colored hair give it a try in the morning to avoid a shower (I sound like a little grubby hippiechild...ha!)

Sending Love from SoCal

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