Ansel iPhone

I would have to say,  where I would is pretty kick ass. 

My little piece of the Playa that I bring where ever I go. 


Monday Boots. 
Hanging with Gus! This makes me want a dog so badly. 

Such a stud. 

This isn't terrible (view from my new pad)

I currently am obsessed with skulls and blimps. Not together though. 

Atrocious linoleum. Surf's up 1970s?




Dodgers v. Rockies 

Classic Amerikuh. 

Real America...Hot Dogs & Brewskis. 

Even more America - donuts for breakfast. This was no Dunkin' 

It truly is fall now. 

A quick 20 as the sunsets. 

Not bad. 

I love this. Story of my life. 

Mind Games. I am a tetris addict. 

Do work son. 

His & Herz. 
Sending Love from SoCal

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