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Hi World -
I bet you can tell by the picture above that I am going to tell you the latest deets on Syd the Jeep...welp, you're right. Mind you, Spence and I are down to one car currently...actually as of tonight we are down to NO CARS! His lovely European car went from the auto shop to the body shop and we are both (yes both) patiently waiting its arrival home.

Let me tell you a little bit about Syd.
Syd is a Jeep...she (yes, she) is black, 4-wheel drive and monster when it comes to handling in the snow - I mean this in a good way. Syd and I have been going steady since 2005 - way back when Syd had only a meer 75,000 miles on 'er. Now...close to 7 years later she has collected 199,953. We have shared a lot of time together - from the mountain of Colorado to the Sierra Mountains. As a treat to Syd and myself I recently invested in AAA (after my mom & dad have been telling me for a solid 4 years to get it). Actually, do you know they say - Jeeps (like my model) are not supposed to run over 100,000 miles...well...we have doubled that - So there!
Every now and then Syd decides to through a hiss fit, and either break an expensive hard to fix part, just not start or kill the battery. Tonight, while at the grocery store Syd decided not to start - thanks a lot. Luckily, I was able to call AAA and they quickly came to my rescue - not to mention they were very courteous and on a hotness scale I give the guy that came to our (me, Spence and Syd) an 8 out of 10. He ran a quick test and was able to see that thankfully the alternator, which I had to replace last spring, was fine. For some reason my battery does a stellar job at losing all power and draining, thus, meaning it has to be replaced almost every year...if I catch it at the right time it is normally still under warranty. Did I mention how much I want a new car?
So, with a jump start and a sketchy drive back to my apartment I parked Syd and she will rest there until we are able to find a Napa and get there to warranty the battery. This puts a crimp in our moving plans for this weekend...Oi, if only I had something more reliable...
I will admit, Syd has been good to me.

Sending Love from CA.

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