Movin' no Groovin' involved

Hi Frands!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Spence and I have been wicked busy moving in out our new place. Honestly, this has been one of the hardest moves I have done because Spence was tied up with school a majority of the time, I had work and finding appliances (yes, we are now the proud owners of our VERY own gas oven and refrigerator - which I believe that our freezer has superhero characteristics because I JUST filled the ice cube tray up about 20 minutes ago, and the they have already frozen!) and the nightmare of cleaning our other apartment. BUT we are all finally moved in, of course, we are completely surrounded by boxes...which I am unpacking today.

Our new place is GREAT...it is in a neat neighborhood, closer to the on-ramp to the major highways here, close to excellent running trails and I can take off on my roadbike and ride for miles. The house is oddly dated with its amenities, there are odd likely nick-kacks all over, but, this place is great.

Today, I was actually making coffee (I have been homemade coffee deprived for almost a week now because all of our makers were at the new place, but we were staying at the old place. Poor planing on my behalf) and I felt totally at home - seeing that I have been a  modern day ski bum vagabond most of my life it is really nice to find a place and feel comfortable - the best part about making coffee this morning was that something reminded me of the beach (and when I say the beach I mean OBX) with a dash of camp - it was AWESOME. We now live further from the beach, but closer to friends. Literally, our some of our closest friends share a fence line with us.

After about 15 hours of cleaner and having a hissy-fit because resident services at the old apartment wouldn't give me touch up paint. We handed in our keys to the old place, I did the happy dance and decided to treat myself to a road ride, it has been almost two weeks since I was able to pedal. It was extra awesome because I was able to test out my new Rapha jersey & Fi'zi:k shoes. I quickly learned that I REALLY need new clips when the toe piece chipped off...good ole' Looks....

We don't have a disposal, I am only telling you this because I just finished oatmeal (did I mention we don't have any food either right now?) and I was puzzled because I had no clue what to do with the extra. I threw it in the trash - good move? I hope so. Maybe I should start composting? We also don't have any dish soap, we are really slumming it right now. It is probably time for a trip to the grocery store and target.

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