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Clearly, it is time to play catch-up. Ansel iPhone...here we go...

My department ran out of coffee the other day, so I went my design to grab a pod or two - check out what they had...DARK MAGIC!! It was dark, and it sure was magic - after riding in to work I was ready to run circle around the building. 

There was a YSC bake sale at Oakley during the Downhill Derby, although  I am not participating in the ride I decided to help out with baking - shortbread brownies with fluff, oreo chocolate chip cookies, cupcakes with raspberry preserves...the list goes on. The Pink Pedal Pushers ended up raising close to $1000! Way to go! 

The start of the Downhill Derby at FHR 

Sports Marketings soapbox car. 

This was inside Crank Bros -I went there to FINALLY get my pedal repaired after the derby - one broken thing fixed 5 zillion to do. I wish that there was a AAA for biking, I would invest in it! 

The awards for the Downhill Derby

Downhill Derby action - one of designs car's crashing

Downhill Derby - the winning car (which I totally made fun of the morning of because it looked so simple - Oops)

Tecate was on the menu at the derby.

Post-Debry and possum adventures. 

Spencer showed up wearing this shirt - I thought it was hilarious. 

Typical - we played some jenga and drank PBR. 

Another derby car designed by designers. 


Gus! This is probably one of the cooler dogs I know/have known (besides Banx, Buck, Hayden,  Tua and Stasha). He can jump an 8 ft fence - he captured a possum it scared the living daylights out of me. Don't worry the possum was fine...

Pretty lights.


This is my favorite pair of glasses on earth. Mista' Chase gave them to me - I am so nervous to wear them and lose them that they only go out on special occasions. Talk about AMAZING! 

Never grow up.

Med School GF's. Believe it or not, med school students do have girlfriend and do go out....

Mah babe. 

Holler California. Neon nails to go with my neon pink toes to go with my blonde ocean breeze locks. 

Best present EVER! Thank you Wilson <3 td="td">

Missing this.  I need to go back. 

Wood Nymph - Ella captured this while we were in Mammoth. 

How childish - my desk..I keep toys on it. 

Forever young. I want to be forever young. Do you really want to live forever? Forever young. 

I had a really bad day last week - probably one of the worst I have had in a while. After work I jetted down to the beach and watched the sun set. While I was down there I watched the pelicans, surfers and sunset - it was awesome and refreshing. 

California ain't so bad. 

I made Spence a 'Star Student' pin. He wore it to school & got a lot of complaints. He is a start student in my book.  

I went to Venice and visited Becca over the weekend, I brought the classiest bubbly on the market - Miller High Life. 

A real: Cat in the Box

You fancy gurl. 

Vicariously living through everyone else on the Playa last week. 

At the High bar at the Irwin. Watched the sunset, great company...great drinks. 

Epic. Seriously....



Allagash by candlelight, how delightful. 

I love these girls - they make LA amazing. 

And then.....this happened. Spence had a little accident on Sunday morning. We are still waiting to see what the damage is, all I can say is that riding in a tow truck from Whilshire to Orange County with a driver whose license is questionable is more than entertaining....Lets try to not do that again for at least the next 36 months....

6 for me. 2 for Spencer. 

Lastly...'Everything Happens for a Reason'. This is my little shire that I have on our dresser - my grandmother has given me a lot of these wonderful pieces and I have done my duty in collecting heads of pennies and seashells - things have to start looking up at some point...right?
Sending Love for SoCal

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