Movin' no Groovin' involved

Hi Frands!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Spence and I have been wicked busy moving in out our new place. Honestly, this has been one of the hardest moves I have done because Spence was tied up with school a majority of the time, I had work and finding appliances (yes, we are now the proud owners of our VERY own gas oven and refrigerator - which I believe that our freezer has superhero characteristics because I JUST filled the ice cube tray up about 20 minutes ago, and the they have already frozen!) and the nightmare of cleaning our other apartment. BUT we are all finally moved in, of course, we are completely surrounded by boxes...which I am unpacking today.

Our new place is GREAT...it is in a neat neighborhood, closer to the on-ramp to the major highways here, close to excellent running trails and I can take off on my roadbike and ride for miles. The house is oddly dated with its amenities, there are odd likely nick-kacks all over, but, this place is great.

Today, I was actually making coffee (I have been homemade coffee deprived for almost a week now because all of our makers were at the new place, but we were staying at the old place. Poor planing on my behalf) and I felt totally at home - seeing that I have been a  modern day ski bum vagabond most of my life it is really nice to find a place and feel comfortable - the best part about making coffee this morning was that something reminded me of the beach (and when I say the beach I mean OBX) with a dash of camp - it was AWESOME. We now live further from the beach, but closer to friends. Literally, our some of our closest friends share a fence line with us.

After about 15 hours of cleaner and having a hissy-fit because resident services at the old apartment wouldn't give me touch up paint. We handed in our keys to the old place, I did the happy dance and decided to treat myself to a road ride, it has been almost two weeks since I was able to pedal. It was extra awesome because I was able to test out my new Rapha jersey & Fi'zi:k shoes. I quickly learned that I REALLY need new clips when the toe piece chipped off...good ole' Looks....

We don't have a disposal, I am only telling you this because I just finished oatmeal (did I mention we don't have any food either right now?) and I was puzzled because I had no clue what to do with the extra. I threw it in the trash - good move? I hope so. Maybe I should start composting? We also don't have any dish soap, we are really slumming it right now. It is probably time for a trip to the grocery store and target.


My hunk...

Hi World -
I bet you can tell by the picture above that I am going to tell you the latest deets on Syd the Jeep...welp, you're right. Mind you, Spence and I are down to one car currently...actually as of tonight we are down to NO CARS! His lovely European car went from the auto shop to the body shop and we are both (yes both) patiently waiting its arrival home.

Let me tell you a little bit about Syd.
Syd is a Jeep...she (yes, she) is black, 4-wheel drive and monster when it comes to handling in the snow - I mean this in a good way. Syd and I have been going steady since 2005 - way back when Syd had only a meer 75,000 miles on 'er. Now...close to 7 years later she has collected 199,953. We have shared a lot of time together - from the mountain of Colorado to the Sierra Mountains. As a treat to Syd and myself I recently invested in AAA (after my mom & dad have been telling me for a solid 4 years to get it). Actually, do you know they say - Jeeps (like my model) are not supposed to run over 100,000 miles...well...we have doubled that - So there!
Every now and then Syd decides to through a hiss fit, and either break an expensive hard to fix part, just not start or kill the battery. Tonight, while at the grocery store Syd decided not to start - thanks a lot. Luckily, I was able to call AAA and they quickly came to my rescue - not to mention they were very courteous and on a hotness scale I give the guy that came to our (me, Spence and Syd) an 8 out of 10. He ran a quick test and was able to see that thankfully the alternator, which I had to replace last spring, was fine. For some reason my battery does a stellar job at losing all power and draining, thus, meaning it has to be replaced almost every year...if I catch it at the right time it is normally still under warranty. Did I mention how much I want a new car?
So, with a jump start and a sketchy drive back to my apartment I parked Syd and she will rest there until we are able to find a Napa and get there to warranty the battery. This puts a crimp in our moving plans for this weekend...Oi, if only I had something more reliable...
I will admit, Syd has been good to me.

Sending Love from CA.


Ansel iPhone

I take a lot of pictures - sometimes I remember they are on my phone...other times I forget until I plug my phone into my computer and iPhone pops open. Here are some images from the weekend, Enjoy! 

Came home at the end of the week and found Hiz & Herz coffee mugs - compliments of Spence. Yes....those are brass knuckles. 

Mac Life! 

Better late than never......

Sewing. Creating. Doing what I do well. 


Saturday & Sunday. 


New decoration for our bookcase. 

Chocolate Lava cake with raspberries - SO YUMMY! 

Bike Lyfe. 

I keep seeing this truck, I think it is lovely! 
Sending Love from SoCal


Highs & Lows

To date a med school boyfriend...this is a true test on a relationship. He studies long hours, and I work long hours - I like to look at this as just a part of our journey. I have done a long distance relationship previously - this honestly isn't even close to that. Dating a med school student is like a tease - you see the person you love for about 3-5 hours a day (most of time that we spend together is me cooking dinner and right before I head off to bed). But, everything will work out....

Spants is well into his second year of his studies - 7 more years left until he is a real doc (2 years of rotations, 4 years of residency, and one year of a fellowship). Why so many years? Well, he is aiming to become an ortho. Honestly, I cannot think of anyone that would be able to do what he wants to do better...he is truly devoted to his goal of being a doctor.

Lets be real...now that school has started again we rarely see each other. Weekends -- What are those? I spend them alone most of the time, if I am lucky I can join up with some pals and hang...but...it is a lot of stag time. I chose to spend time along because I want to be available to Spence whenever he may need me, so, if he gets done studying early you 'betcha I am there to hang with him!  It is almost like I am single and have amazingly HIGH self morals. Sometimes it drives me bonkers, but, I am getting used to it. A lot of people have shown their concern about me dating a med school student because they have been there and done that - have no fear...I am figuring it out. My days are consumed with arts & crafts, trips to the beach, shopping, sleeping, runs and long rides...it really isn't that bad. Okay, so there are some downers...I really don't like knowing what time he will be home, and doing a majority of the cooking and cleaning (I still cannot stand taking out the trash) - if anything I am becoming wicked domestic - hahaha!

Spence and I have been together for about two years. We have known each other since we were 15 - thank you ski racing. We grew up about 6 hours away from each other - we went through a short stent in highschool were we were 'dating'. When I moved to LA we have hardly spent time apart, personally, I do not like being away from him that long. In total I think we have spent maybe a total of 2 weeks away from each other...with him visiting med schools and winter break. I like to think that we live together very harmoniously - who really knows though? I only know two other girls that are in the same position as me right now...although I know there are thousands out there doing the same thing.

So, for those of you out there trying to figure out how on earth to date a med school student here are some things I have figured out:

1. Try to settle on a estimated time you will both be home (if you live together). This way you are both not worried about trying to figure out when each other will be home - anticipating what the other is currently planning for the night. Normally, we are both home by 7:30. If you don't live together try to make sure you set up a date night at least once a week, where you get to spend some quality time together.

2. Get used to cooking and cleaning alone. I do a majority of the picking up and creating meals (which if you know me, you know I OWN the kitchen - so I really cannot complain about cooking). I still expect Spants to pick up after himself, but, if the living room needs vacuuming or the bathroom needs to be scrubbed I know it is my responsibly. If his laundry has been sitting unfolded for days, I take it upon myself to A) move it so it is out of the way or B) fold it and put it away. We have a specific place where biking stuff lives (since we are both avid cyclists) and I make sure everything is in the appropriate place.

3. It never hurts to pull 'em away from their studies (only if they don't have a giant test coming up). I think that in order for Spants to stay sane he needs to go on runs or rides with me every now and then. He needs a break, sometimes I think it takes me pulling him away from his studies to realize that. My mom always told me 'if you don't know if the night before you go to bed, you are not going to know it last second'. Spence has been really good about taking a night every now and then to go out to the bar with me and friends when he isn't super stressed out. I also think it is important for to let him be around his friends, luckily, since he completed his undergrad up in LA we are not too far away from all of his college friends. He can visit them (seldom...but he does..) and realize that YES he is still normal...

4. Try to do general tasks like grocery shopping together. This way you both have the food you want...and it is another way to take a 15 minute break together.

5. Always ask if they need anything - sometime the simplest task become a pain in the butt, like grabbing shampoo from Target or dropping something off at the dry cleaner.

6. You are now a reminder - Sometimes I think i am a personal assistant (in a good way - hopefully not an annoying way) to make sure bills are paid, mail is picked up, hair cuts are done, etc...Spence is really good at taking care of personal tasks, but, I like to just remind him every now and again.

7. If you have something that is bothering you, make sure you share your feelings. Sometimes I think that Spants can get too caught up in studying to tell that something is really bothering me - so...let it all out. Don't let it happen often - but, don't bottle it up either.

8. Separate yourself. Sometimes, if I know Spence is trying to study for something that is really important I like to separate myself and go into another room so I am not a distraction. Face it...sitting there in the same room watching TV is going to get is attention and chances are he is going to be watching that instead of studying. I don't mind doing this at all, it means I either get to read, watch chick flicks or get to bed early!

9. Keep it light hearted. Don't take it personally if studying reins supreme over you. Make sure you do take time to joke around - just because you are dating a med school student doesn't mean they have lost their sense of humor (unless they never had one to begin with....).

10. Let 'em do there thang. Spence likes to play video games...whatever...when he has time to do that (or whatever a med school student likes to do). Let them...think...you can do whatever you want basically whenever you want - if I wanted to play video games all weekend, I could because I have the time...they don't have that time...sooooo when they do have time to do non-medical things - let 'em.

11. Bake cookies! Seriously...do it! I force Spence to bring them into his study friends. They all love it.

12. Enjoy your youth. Show your love - do the things that you want to do.

Sending Love from SoCal!


Ansel iPhone

Clearly, it is time to play catch-up. Ansel iPhone...here we go...

My department ran out of coffee the other day, so I went my design to grab a pod or two - check out what they had...DARK MAGIC!! It was dark, and it sure was magic - after riding in to work I was ready to run circle around the building. 

There was a YSC bake sale at Oakley during the Downhill Derby, although  I am not participating in the ride I decided to help out with baking - shortbread brownies with fluff, oreo chocolate chip cookies, cupcakes with raspberry preserves...the list goes on. The Pink Pedal Pushers ended up raising close to $1000! Way to go! 

The start of the Downhill Derby at FHR 

Sports Marketings soapbox car. 

This was inside Crank Bros -I went there to FINALLY get my pedal repaired after the derby - one broken thing fixed 5 zillion to do. I wish that there was a AAA for biking, I would invest in it! 

The awards for the Downhill Derby

Downhill Derby action - one of designs car's crashing

Downhill Derby - the winning car (which I totally made fun of the morning of because it looked so simple - Oops)

Tecate was on the menu at the derby.

Post-Debry and possum adventures. 

Spencer showed up wearing this shirt - I thought it was hilarious. 

Typical - we played some jenga and drank PBR. 

Another derby car designed by designers. 


Gus! This is probably one of the cooler dogs I know/have known (besides Banx, Buck, Hayden,  Tua and Stasha). He can jump an 8 ft fence - he captured a possum it scared the living daylights out of me. Don't worry the possum was fine...

Pretty lights.


This is my favorite pair of glasses on earth. Mista' Chase gave them to me - I am so nervous to wear them and lose them that they only go out on special occasions. Talk about AMAZING! 

Never grow up.

Med School GF's. Believe it or not, med school students do have girlfriend and do go out....

Mah babe. 

Holler California. Neon nails to go with my neon pink toes to go with my blonde ocean breeze locks. 

Best present EVER! Thank you Wilson <3 td="td">

Missing this.  I need to go back. 

Wood Nymph - Ella captured this while we were in Mammoth. 

How childish - my desk..I keep toys on it. 

Forever young. I want to be forever young. Do you really want to live forever? Forever young. 

I had a really bad day last week - probably one of the worst I have had in a while. After work I jetted down to the beach and watched the sun set. While I was down there I watched the pelicans, surfers and sunset - it was awesome and refreshing. 

California ain't so bad. 

I made Spence a 'Star Student' pin. He wore it to school & got a lot of complaints. He is a start student in my book.  

I went to Venice and visited Becca over the weekend, I brought the classiest bubbly on the market - Miller High Life. 

A real: Cat in the Box

You fancy gurl. 

Vicariously living through everyone else on the Playa last week. 

At the High bar at the Irwin. Watched the sunset, great company...great drinks. 

Epic. Seriously....



Allagash by candlelight, how delightful. 

I love these girls - they make LA amazing. 

And then.....this happened. Spence had a little accident on Sunday morning. We are still waiting to see what the damage is, all I can say is that riding in a tow truck from Whilshire to Orange County with a driver whose license is questionable is more than entertaining....Lets try to not do that again for at least the next 36 months....

6 for me. 2 for Spencer. 

Lastly...'Everything Happens for a Reason'. This is my little shire that I have on our dresser - my grandmother has given me a lot of these wonderful pieces and I have done my duty in collecting heads of pennies and seashells - things have to start looking up at some point...right?
Sending Love for SoCal