Wine Country

Hey friends! 

Long time no blog? I have been slacking lately, as always, I am going to promise that I get back on the blogging train and post a little more regularly. 

This weekend Spence's parents were in town (I love when they come and visit, we always go on the GREAT adventures). This time we ventured to Temecula, CA - our local wine country. One of my new favorite hobbies is wine tasting, as of my trip to Santa Barbara back in the spring. Saturday morning we woke up late (which was amazing), I squeezed in a run while Spence studied...he starts school again tomorrow - and then headed southeast. After a short drive (it was only an hour...give or take) we ended up at our for winery: Falkner. We tasted 4 different wines and were quickly treated to a wine club membership (pretty cool!) then we had lunch at the Pinnacle restaurant, by the way, the Ahi salad is AWESOME! When we arrived in it was blazing hot, but, by the time we left lunch there was a light rain which quickly turned into a down pour. 

We headed down the road to visit South Coast, but decided to leave after we walked in and saw how over crowed the tasting bar was. We then headed to Wilson winery to try their "Oh My Gosh" almond champagne - it was pretty good, and totally different than anything I have every tried. This was the only winery we went to and saw wine barrels which was neat - it made me really want to visit Napa. Once the rain lightened up we back tracked to Callaway, which I thought was the same as a bottle of wine that I bought the other day but quickly learned it was not. I will admit, the tasting room was FANTASTIC, the esthetic was clean, rich and open and the scenery was GORGEOUS! 

All in all we had a fantastic adventure to Temecula, I would love to go again. We finished the weekend off with 20 miles of cruiser riding, breakfast in Huntington and an afternoon at the beach. I would say it was a pretty successful weekend? 

Sending Love from SoCal!



Wilson Barrels.




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