This is NOT a running race

These little legs I have were not made for running, but, for some odd reason over the last few years I have found myself being completely in-love with running at the end of the day. There is something refreshing about it, especially since I have started a real job were I am sans-dowhateverIwant (no more biking whenever, skiing all day and hiking for hours on end). Working at HQ has been awesome because I am able to get my hands on some amazing product that, well...I wear running (and around the house and pretty much all the time except for when I feel the urge to put on a pair of heels). Here are a few of my favorite things:

Oakley - Movement Short 
 These shorts are the bomb (yes, I did just say that) - they inseam is the perfect length - long enough to were you can wear them around town without looking like you are walking around in booty shorts but short enough so you don't look like your are wearing a chamois which I already wear enough during the week. The waist doesn't cut in and make you feel uncomfortable. The movement short comes i really fun colors - it just so happens that I am sporting the pair shown above right now - I just got back from running. If you happen to get them wet (the ocean, sporadic pool dunk...lets be real...sweat) they tend to dry out pretty quickly. Plus, you aren't going to break the bank by purchasing these...unlike other women specific athletic clothing companies - for a mere $28 you are styling!
Oakley - Continuity Bra

I used to swear by Patagonia sports bras, then, I started working at HQ and all of my old(er) sports bras were quickly replaced with this one pictured above. Just like the Movement pants these bras come in a fantastic array of colors. For us flat chested folks this bra kicks some serious tush! It is not constricting; I seem to find that the bottom elastic is normally too tight and uncomfortable on sports bras making it difficult to use my lungs to their full capacity. This bra works great as a little cover up under a big baggy tank too - yes, I wear this as a fashion piece. Whatever.... 
Oakley - Spin Capri

For some odd reason I have always been a fan of capris - no, not like jean capris...but..athletic capris. When I was racing I would wear them under my speed suit so that I did have a lot of extra bulk around my knees and upper calves (if you are a racer or even just a recreational skier you know how uncomfortable extra fluff in your boots can be). Then, when I started racing bikes I was wearing capris over my chamois. Why? I have no clue BUT in my head it worked and I kinda' made it my thing. These days you cannot walk into a grocery store without seeing some glitzed up mom in her Lulu capris - which is totally fine. I am the less glitz-ie version of the lady. Anyways....the Spin capri is awesome - the fabric does WONDERS for my legs and booty. I am convinced that the lines sewn in make my legs look skinner and less 'which way is the gym'. The fabric isn't too light and isn't too heavy which is nice for the odd southern California weather we have here - the fabric has lycra woven into it so this means that when you bend over no one is going to see what color undies you have on that day - you know what I am talking about? (off the subject, but, I once had a roommate that wore normal tights - the kind you wear as a kid or underneath dresses/skirts - as normal pants, they were basically see through. It was one of the grossest things on earth. I tried to tell her one day, but, that didn't go over very well. So, ladies keep in mind....you need to wear work out pants that have lycra in them or something similar we don't need any more cases of peek-a-boo underpants) The waistband is next level! You can basically make these sit as high or as low as you would like, plus, the band adds a nice accent color to whatever you are wearing, chances are I am wearing this with a black top. Inside the waistband there is a key pocket, but, I will openly admit I cut mine out immediately because I found it annoying I do really wish I had some type of useful pocket in these - I might have to create one myself.

Radar Edge
I like sports glasses when I am working out - I have a really hard time buying into the idea of wearing a fashion glass while biking, hiking, running, etc. of course the moment I am done being active I will NOT be caught dead in my 'fast glasses' (that is my nickname for them). Back in the spring Oakley released the Radar Edge which was created to fit the female face - the lens was specially engineered to fit the needs of a women's face....no more of that men's glasses on a tiny face nonsense (although I do find myself sporting the Radarlock lately). The Radar Edge comes in really good feminine colors: pink, yellow and bluegrey. Like all Oakley sport frames these still have all the same features like unobtanium nose pieces and ear socks, O matter frames, 3-point fit, plutonite lens technology, etc.

Asics Hyper Gel 33
After years and years and year of having a major shoe addiction I have finally found a pair of running shoes that I am not trying to ditch or come up with an excuse as to why I can only wear that pair on certain days of the week....My knees have seen a lot for being in extremely youthful and only in their 20's. One has been mildly sliced and diced, while the other is just extremely temperamental - matter of fact, I probably shouldn't even really run because of them...but...I cannot help myself. A few months back I had the opportunity to to go the Asics sample sale, it was awesome! I ended up coming across a pair of Hyper Gel 33's for the amazing price of $15 and my feet and knees have been happy ever since. Honestly, I have no clue why they work so well for me - but - to be able to run without being in a pain is fantastic, plus, they are super lightweight and probably one of the more supportive light shoes I have worn. I am going to be so sad when I run the tread off these puppies and have to find a new pair - Dear Asics, please keep producing the Hyper Gel 33? Thanks!

Motorola Motoactv
This has to be one of the neatest/most pointless gadgets that I have. Don't worry I didn't purchases it - long story short after a long night out with my friend Rachel she magically awoke with it on her wrist and was missing the $5.00 H&M bracelets that she had bought the previous day. Well, the watch was then given to us - I decided to give this thing a go. All in all, it is pretty nifty. I like to see my average pace, distance and total time. There are a lot more fancy settings that I have not yet dabbled with that will/would be really cool to take some time to figure out. Running with this watch is WAY better than running with a phone or some other contraption in order to keep track of my distance - it is slightly big (actually, slightly is an understatement it basically EATS my wrist...but on the positive side...I can see the numbers? ha!). The watch does seem to run out of batteries really quickly, so, I have to remember to plug it in (tip: Kindle and this contraption use the same usb cable).

Oh - and don't forget....drink your chocolate milk when you finish your work out and stretch!

Sending Laaavvvhhh from SoCal

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