My Kitchen Essentials

I am a cooking enthusiast - I have been since I was a wee-one. I think my grandmother, my mom and dad for this love. One of the first dishes I ever made was when I was about 4 years old in Vermont; it was macaroni and cheese...or at least it was supposed to be. My parents used to keep our flour and sugars in yellow containers - clearly they knew which container held which ingredient, well, at the age of four I did not. After making some elbow noodles I combined some cheese, milk and what I thought was flour. Well, it turns out it was powdered sugar. Let's just say this sweet & savory dish was not even close to divine. I remember having to sit at the table until I finished the sugar pasta that night (and seriously, whoever it was that invented the rule of not being able to leave the table until your plate was clean is slightly cray cray) - obviously I finished it, and I bet I was making 'the face' that I make when I don't like the taste of something - it is a hard to swallow totally disgusted throat reflux action that I still do to this day...yes, 21 years later.

I have refined my cooking skills and absolutely LOVE every moment that I spend in the kitchen. Sometimes I am convinced that the only reason that Spence is still with me is because I cook decent dinners...well, that and because I am totally awesome. I have been so lucky to be gifted some amazing kitchen utensils and appliances over the years - this blog is dedicated to the things I used the most in the kitchen - my staple items. Thank you to everyone that has provided me with these awesome things. 

My King Arthur Flour quarter cookie sheet. I use it for cookies, pizzas, fries, veggies and many other yummy dishes. 

Krups panini grill. This gem showed up only a few months ago, but, let me tell you  - it has supplied us with some amazing dinners and quick lunches. 

Black and Decker food processor. I use this thing for EVERYTHING! Plus, it is really easy to wash and can chop up just about everything! 

I love popcorn. This Nostalgia popcorn maker does the trick a few nights a week - add a dash of truffle oil and a little bit or parmesan cheese, YUM! 

This was our kitchens most recent addition. Not a day goes by without a splash of espresso in our normal coffee. 

And, lastly....the rock of our kitchen the Cuisinart coffee maker. I am so lucky that Spence gets up before me and gets a fresh pot brewing so it is ready to go once I get my sleepy bum out of bed. 

Sending Love from SoCal

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