7 am Friday morning I pick up my friend Brian promptly after I picked up my Friday morning treat of a muffin and Komboucha from Sprouts. Brian and I caught up and I soon learned that he was heading to Mammoth over the weekend, and the invite had been extended to me to go and ride bikes and get out of Orange County for the weekend. It is always hard for me to decide weather or not go to because it is a really long drive BUT the amount of funny is had up there is out of this world. I told Brian that I would decide and let him know later. 
I asked Spence and he quickly said I Think You Should Go! I think that was his way for saying, please go! I really need a weekend to myself to stretch across the bed and drink beer - but, in the reality of things he was saying please go because he knew he would be studying all weekend. ha! 
So, around 3 I decided to join in on the adventure. I rushed home packed a bag, got some new brake pads for my mtn bike and we were off (truthfully, it didn't go that smooth we didn't leave until about 7 or 8). We got stuck in some killer traffic in LA and then again in Palmdale after we ate some late dinner but after that it was smooth sailing or smooth dreaming for me because I pushed out some serious Zz's on the way up there. We arrived at about 1:30 am and I didn't hesitate to crash in the guest bed up stairs immediately. 
We woke up the next morning pretty early, worked on bikes, ate some grub, watched some shark week and routed our ride for the day. Just as we started to ride it started to sprinkle. We road up the the mammoth road out to the ranger station and then took a trail down about half way. Then we took a trail across the mountain only to be slightly spooked from some thunder BUT that didn't keep us from trudging forward. We made it to the Twin Lake bus stop hut right as the rain started to POUR. We took shelter and waited for the rain to lighten up. Finally it did and we began climbing again. We climbed to the outpost and couldn't find the trail we needed so we started to descend. We took a trail down into town, washed our bikes at Footloose then booked it to Nik 'n Willy's! I don't think I have ever eaten a piece of pizza so quickly. 
We hot tubbed and showered and relaxed then headed to the bars. We made our way down the street in style and needed up at Vons where we picked up some dinner food. Ella made some AWESOME stir fry and we watched some bizarre zombie movie. I was about asleep in the chair when they decided it was only appropriate to scoot across the street to Rafters for another beer and listen to the band. We ended up staying a while, met the band, played some putt-putt at 1 in the morning and then sprinted home. Yep....
The next morning we woke up early and headed towards Bishop to ride the river trail (I think...) we met a friend we had made at one of the bars the night before and set up a car shuttle. The ride was AWESOME, super flowie up top the dirt was EPIC! The bottom section was slightly technical and rocky, I actually took two really nice spills - I have the bruises to show it. My only complaint about that ride was that I didn't get to climb at all, so I didn't really feel like I got the exercise that I wanted. Oh well...
We ran back to Mammoth (figuratively of course...) grabbed our stuff and moved out. The drive home was boring. We stopped in Lone Pine, where I quickly became infatuated with Mt. Whitney and decided that I need to add climbing Mt. Whitney to my bucket list. 

All in all, I am SO happy that I ended up going! I needed a good weekend like that...

Bikes on Bikes on Bikes

Late night cruising


Love Birds

Lucky Pig


I haven't seen scenery like this in a long time. 

Day 1

Day 1



Day 2 

Spence and I wore the same shirt yesterday. It wasn't planned. 


Gift from the South. Spicy spice mixture. 

Sending Love from SoCal!

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