Cough. Cough. Cough.

I am sick. It's totally not fun - it's not the stomach flu nor is it a cough it is congestion -- yah, okay..maybe I am being a bit of a baby...but, my eyes have been feeling like they are about to pop out of their sockets, I can't breathe out of my nose and my I am just run down.
I eat healthy, I take my vitamins, I try to get the need amount of sleep, and I drink a TON of water. I have ALWAYS had a sinus issue when it comes to air conditioning - now factor in the 110 degree heat we have and my body cannot handle it. I am convinced that that is what is making me sick....

So...what have I done? Well - I took the day off to catch up on sleep and pump my body with the necessary good stuff from medicine to vitamins and liquids. I thought I would share some of the methods I have been testing out this time around...

Elderberry: Alleviates allergies and improves respiratory health. My mom got me hooked on this a few years ago...I put two squeezes in my juice (or sometimes just down my throat) a few times a day. 

Olive Leaf: Full of antioxidants - I take this the same way that I take elderberry. Honestly, it takes like cr*p, but, it must be working since it tastes so horrendous - right? This is pretty interesting stuff, you can read more here

Thayers: What is not to love about lozenges, especially when they are maple syrup flavored? I thought this was a great find. I was actually looking for Fishermans, but that was completely unsuccessful. These are pretty good, I honestly have no clue if they actually do anything but they taste great! 

 Sambazon: Supergreen, super healthy, super packed full of antioxidants! Why not? Especially with kale & ginger in it too?! I honestly think this could be a cure-all. The best part was, I found it on sale at Sprouts! 

Vitamin Regime: I take several different vitamins once to twice a day (depending on what the vitamin is). I have always tried to hop on the vitamin train and now I have finally been consistently taking them for over a year now.

  •  Fish Oil (4-5): Good for you heart & blood and had a reputation of being 'brain food'. There are many other benefits, click here to learn more. 
  • Ginger (4): Helps aid digestion, etc etc etc Learn more here!
  • Licorice Root (2): This is good for digestion too, it also aids against infections caused by bacteria. 
  • L Lysine (2-3): This is an amino acid that your body actually needs. 
  • B-12 (1-2): Way back in the day when I went to Burning Man, a nurse told me to take B-12. Not only would it alleviate a hangover the next day, but also it would help with dehydration. For some reason I have stuck with it ever since. 
  • Biotin (1): I have to keep these blonde locks luscious some how.....Biotin is believed to help hair and nail growth - now, I can't tell if its because I live at the ocean now opposed to high altitude but I think its working? 
  • Iron (1): I take an iron supplement daily because women run low on iron especially at one time in particular during the month - it is just a fact of life. 
  • Trader Joe's Women's Vitamin (1): I have been taking these since I was a freshy at UNR, and haven't stopped. I guess it is a habit now and I am convinced I feel a zillion times better when I take it. 

So, maybe I am a little over the top - but - if it makes you feel good why stop? Spencer says that if I didn't spend so much time buying vitamins I wold have a lot of extra time and money - whatever Doctor.... :)

Sending Love from SoCal.

PS - this took me two days to write and I feel MUCH better today.

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