This is NOT a running race

These little legs I have were not made for running, but, for some odd reason over the last few years I have found myself being completely in-love with running at the end of the day. There is something refreshing about it, especially since I have started a real job were I am sans-dowhateverIwant (no more biking whenever, skiing all day and hiking for hours on end). Working at HQ has been awesome because I am able to get my hands on some amazing product that, well...I wear running (and around the house and pretty much all the time except for when I feel the urge to put on a pair of heels). Here are a few of my favorite things:

Oakley - Movement Short 
 These shorts are the bomb (yes, I did just say that) - they inseam is the perfect length - long enough to were you can wear them around town without looking like you are walking around in booty shorts but short enough so you don't look like your are wearing a chamois which I already wear enough during the week. The waist doesn't cut in and make you feel uncomfortable. The movement short comes i really fun colors - it just so happens that I am sporting the pair shown above right now - I just got back from running. If you happen to get them wet (the ocean, sporadic pool dunk...lets be real...sweat) they tend to dry out pretty quickly. Plus, you aren't going to break the bank by purchasing these...unlike other women specific athletic clothing companies - for a mere $28 you are styling!
Oakley - Continuity Bra

I used to swear by Patagonia sports bras, then, I started working at HQ and all of my old(er) sports bras were quickly replaced with this one pictured above. Just like the Movement pants these bras come in a fantastic array of colors. For us flat chested folks this bra kicks some serious tush! It is not constricting; I seem to find that the bottom elastic is normally too tight and uncomfortable on sports bras making it difficult to use my lungs to their full capacity. This bra works great as a little cover up under a big baggy tank too - yes, I wear this as a fashion piece. Whatever.... 
Oakley - Spin Capri

For some odd reason I have always been a fan of capris - no, not like jean capris...but..athletic capris. When I was racing I would wear them under my speed suit so that I did have a lot of extra bulk around my knees and upper calves (if you are a racer or even just a recreational skier you know how uncomfortable extra fluff in your boots can be). Then, when I started racing bikes I was wearing capris over my chamois. Why? I have no clue BUT in my head it worked and I kinda' made it my thing. These days you cannot walk into a grocery store without seeing some glitzed up mom in her Lulu capris - which is totally fine. I am the less glitz-ie version of the lady. Anyways....the Spin capri is awesome - the fabric does WONDERS for my legs and booty. I am convinced that the lines sewn in make my legs look skinner and less 'which way is the gym'. The fabric isn't too light and isn't too heavy which is nice for the odd southern California weather we have here - the fabric has lycra woven into it so this means that when you bend over no one is going to see what color undies you have on that day - you know what I am talking about? (off the subject, but, I once had a roommate that wore normal tights - the kind you wear as a kid or underneath dresses/skirts - as normal pants, they were basically see through. It was one of the grossest things on earth. I tried to tell her one day, but, that didn't go over very well. So, ladies keep in mind....you need to wear work out pants that have lycra in them or something similar we don't need any more cases of peek-a-boo underpants) The waistband is next level! You can basically make these sit as high or as low as you would like, plus, the band adds a nice accent color to whatever you are wearing, chances are I am wearing this with a black top. Inside the waistband there is a key pocket, but, I will openly admit I cut mine out immediately because I found it annoying I do really wish I had some type of useful pocket in these - I might have to create one myself.

Radar Edge
I like sports glasses when I am working out - I have a really hard time buying into the idea of wearing a fashion glass while biking, hiking, running, etc. of course the moment I am done being active I will NOT be caught dead in my 'fast glasses' (that is my nickname for them). Back in the spring Oakley released the Radar Edge which was created to fit the female face - the lens was specially engineered to fit the needs of a women's face....no more of that men's glasses on a tiny face nonsense (although I do find myself sporting the Radarlock lately). The Radar Edge comes in really good feminine colors: pink, yellow and bluegrey. Like all Oakley sport frames these still have all the same features like unobtanium nose pieces and ear socks, O matter frames, 3-point fit, plutonite lens technology, etc.

Asics Hyper Gel 33
After years and years and year of having a major shoe addiction I have finally found a pair of running shoes that I am not trying to ditch or come up with an excuse as to why I can only wear that pair on certain days of the week....My knees have seen a lot for being in extremely youthful and only in their 20's. One has been mildly sliced and diced, while the other is just extremely temperamental - matter of fact, I probably shouldn't even really run because of them...but...I cannot help myself. A few months back I had the opportunity to to go the Asics sample sale, it was awesome! I ended up coming across a pair of Hyper Gel 33's for the amazing price of $15 and my feet and knees have been happy ever since. Honestly, I have no clue why they work so well for me - but - to be able to run without being in a pain is fantastic, plus, they are super lightweight and probably one of the more supportive light shoes I have worn. I am going to be so sad when I run the tread off these puppies and have to find a new pair - Dear Asics, please keep producing the Hyper Gel 33? Thanks!

Motorola Motoactv
This has to be one of the neatest/most pointless gadgets that I have. Don't worry I didn't purchases it - long story short after a long night out with my friend Rachel she magically awoke with it on her wrist and was missing the $5.00 H&M bracelets that she had bought the previous day. Well, the watch was then given to us - I decided to give this thing a go. All in all, it is pretty nifty. I like to see my average pace, distance and total time. There are a lot more fancy settings that I have not yet dabbled with that will/would be really cool to take some time to figure out. Running with this watch is WAY better than running with a phone or some other contraption in order to keep track of my distance - it is slightly big (actually, slightly is an understatement it basically EATS my wrist...but on the positive side...I can see the numbers? ha!). The watch does seem to run out of batteries really quickly, so, I have to remember to plug it in (tip: Kindle and this contraption use the same usb cable).

Oh - and don't forget....drink your chocolate milk when you finish your work out and stretch!

Sending Laaavvvhhh from SoCal


My Kitchen Essentials

I am a cooking enthusiast - I have been since I was a wee-one. I think my grandmother, my mom and dad for this love. One of the first dishes I ever made was when I was about 4 years old in Vermont; it was macaroni and cheese...or at least it was supposed to be. My parents used to keep our flour and sugars in yellow containers - clearly they knew which container held which ingredient, well, at the age of four I did not. After making some elbow noodles I combined some cheese, milk and what I thought was flour. Well, it turns out it was powdered sugar. Let's just say this sweet & savory dish was not even close to divine. I remember having to sit at the table until I finished the sugar pasta that night (and seriously, whoever it was that invented the rule of not being able to leave the table until your plate was clean is slightly cray cray) - obviously I finished it, and I bet I was making 'the face' that I make when I don't like the taste of something - it is a hard to swallow totally disgusted throat reflux action that I still do to this day...yes, 21 years later.

I have refined my cooking skills and absolutely LOVE every moment that I spend in the kitchen. Sometimes I am convinced that the only reason that Spence is still with me is because I cook decent dinners...well, that and because I am totally awesome. I have been so lucky to be gifted some amazing kitchen utensils and appliances over the years - this blog is dedicated to the things I used the most in the kitchen - my staple items. Thank you to everyone that has provided me with these awesome things. 

My King Arthur Flour quarter cookie sheet. I use it for cookies, pizzas, fries, veggies and many other yummy dishes. 

Krups panini grill. This gem showed up only a few months ago, but, let me tell you  - it has supplied us with some amazing dinners and quick lunches. 

Black and Decker food processor. I use this thing for EVERYTHING! Plus, it is really easy to wash and can chop up just about everything! 

I love popcorn. This Nostalgia popcorn maker does the trick a few nights a week - add a dash of truffle oil and a little bit or parmesan cheese, YUM! 

This was our kitchens most recent addition. Not a day goes by without a splash of espresso in our normal coffee. 

And, lastly....the rock of our kitchen the Cuisinart coffee maker. I am so lucky that Spence gets up before me and gets a fresh pot brewing so it is ready to go once I get my sleepy bum out of bed. 

Sending Love from SoCal



7 am Friday morning I pick up my friend Brian promptly after I picked up my Friday morning treat of a muffin and Komboucha from Sprouts. Brian and I caught up and I soon learned that he was heading to Mammoth over the weekend, and the invite had been extended to me to go and ride bikes and get out of Orange County for the weekend. It is always hard for me to decide weather or not go to because it is a really long drive BUT the amount of funny is had up there is out of this world. I told Brian that I would decide and let him know later. 
I asked Spence and he quickly said I Think You Should Go! I think that was his way for saying, please go! I really need a weekend to myself to stretch across the bed and drink beer - but, in the reality of things he was saying please go because he knew he would be studying all weekend. ha! 
So, around 3 I decided to join in on the adventure. I rushed home packed a bag, got some new brake pads for my mtn bike and we were off (truthfully, it didn't go that smooth we didn't leave until about 7 or 8). We got stuck in some killer traffic in LA and then again in Palmdale after we ate some late dinner but after that it was smooth sailing or smooth dreaming for me because I pushed out some serious Zz's on the way up there. We arrived at about 1:30 am and I didn't hesitate to crash in the guest bed up stairs immediately. 
We woke up the next morning pretty early, worked on bikes, ate some grub, watched some shark week and routed our ride for the day. Just as we started to ride it started to sprinkle. We road up the the mammoth road out to the ranger station and then took a trail down about half way. Then we took a trail across the mountain only to be slightly spooked from some thunder BUT that didn't keep us from trudging forward. We made it to the Twin Lake bus stop hut right as the rain started to POUR. We took shelter and waited for the rain to lighten up. Finally it did and we began climbing again. We climbed to the outpost and couldn't find the trail we needed so we started to descend. We took a trail down into town, washed our bikes at Footloose then booked it to Nik 'n Willy's! I don't think I have ever eaten a piece of pizza so quickly. 
We hot tubbed and showered and relaxed then headed to the bars. We made our way down the street in style and needed up at Vons where we picked up some dinner food. Ella made some AWESOME stir fry and we watched some bizarre zombie movie. I was about asleep in the chair when they decided it was only appropriate to scoot across the street to Rafters for another beer and listen to the band. We ended up staying a while, met the band, played some putt-putt at 1 in the morning and then sprinted home. Yep....
The next morning we woke up early and headed towards Bishop to ride the river trail (I think...) we met a friend we had made at one of the bars the night before and set up a car shuttle. The ride was AWESOME, super flowie up top the dirt was EPIC! The bottom section was slightly technical and rocky, I actually took two really nice spills - I have the bruises to show it. My only complaint about that ride was that I didn't get to climb at all, so I didn't really feel like I got the exercise that I wanted. Oh well...
We ran back to Mammoth (figuratively of course...) grabbed our stuff and moved out. The drive home was boring. We stopped in Lone Pine, where I quickly became infatuated with Mt. Whitney and decided that I need to add climbing Mt. Whitney to my bucket list. 

All in all, I am SO happy that I ended up going! I needed a good weekend like that...

Bikes on Bikes on Bikes

Late night cruising


Love Birds

Lucky Pig


I haven't seen scenery like this in a long time. 

Day 1

Day 1



Day 2 

Spence and I wore the same shirt yesterday. It wasn't planned. 


Gift from the South. Spicy spice mixture. 

Sending Love from SoCal!


Cough. Cough. Cough.

I am sick. It's totally not fun - it's not the stomach flu nor is it a cough it is congestion -- yah, okay..maybe I am being a bit of a baby...but, my eyes have been feeling like they are about to pop out of their sockets, I can't breathe out of my nose and my I am just run down.
I eat healthy, I take my vitamins, I try to get the need amount of sleep, and I drink a TON of water. I have ALWAYS had a sinus issue when it comes to air conditioning - now factor in the 110 degree heat we have and my body cannot handle it. I am convinced that that is what is making me sick....

So...what have I done? Well - I took the day off to catch up on sleep and pump my body with the necessary good stuff from medicine to vitamins and liquids. I thought I would share some of the methods I have been testing out this time around...

Elderberry: Alleviates allergies and improves respiratory health. My mom got me hooked on this a few years ago...I put two squeezes in my juice (or sometimes just down my throat) a few times a day. 

Olive Leaf: Full of antioxidants - I take this the same way that I take elderberry. Honestly, it takes like cr*p, but, it must be working since it tastes so horrendous - right? This is pretty interesting stuff, you can read more here

Thayers: What is not to love about lozenges, especially when they are maple syrup flavored? I thought this was a great find. I was actually looking for Fishermans, but that was completely unsuccessful. These are pretty good, I honestly have no clue if they actually do anything but they taste great! 

 Sambazon: Supergreen, super healthy, super packed full of antioxidants! Why not? Especially with kale & ginger in it too?! I honestly think this could be a cure-all. The best part was, I found it on sale at Sprouts! 

Vitamin Regime: I take several different vitamins once to twice a day (depending on what the vitamin is). I have always tried to hop on the vitamin train and now I have finally been consistently taking them for over a year now.

  •  Fish Oil (4-5): Good for you heart & blood and had a reputation of being 'brain food'. There are many other benefits, click here to learn more. 
  • Ginger (4): Helps aid digestion, etc etc etc Learn more here!
  • Licorice Root (2): This is good for digestion too, it also aids against infections caused by bacteria. 
  • L Lysine (2-3): This is an amino acid that your body actually needs. 
  • B-12 (1-2): Way back in the day when I went to Burning Man, a nurse told me to take B-12. Not only would it alleviate a hangover the next day, but also it would help with dehydration. For some reason I have stuck with it ever since. 
  • Biotin (1): I have to keep these blonde locks luscious some how.....Biotin is believed to help hair and nail growth - now, I can't tell if its because I live at the ocean now opposed to high altitude but I think its working? 
  • Iron (1): I take an iron supplement daily because women run low on iron especially at one time in particular during the month - it is just a fact of life. 
  • Trader Joe's Women's Vitamin (1): I have been taking these since I was a freshy at UNR, and haven't stopped. I guess it is a habit now and I am convinced I feel a zillion times better when I take it. 

So, maybe I am a little over the top - but - if it makes you feel good why stop? Spencer says that if I didn't spend so much time buying vitamins I wold have a lot of extra time and money - whatever Doctor.... :)

Sending Love from SoCal.

PS - this took me two days to write and I feel MUCH better today.


Wine Country

Hey friends! 

Long time no blog? I have been slacking lately, as always, I am going to promise that I get back on the blogging train and post a little more regularly. 

This weekend Spence's parents were in town (I love when they come and visit, we always go on the GREAT adventures). This time we ventured to Temecula, CA - our local wine country. One of my new favorite hobbies is wine tasting, as of my trip to Santa Barbara back in the spring. Saturday morning we woke up late (which was amazing), I squeezed in a run while Spence studied...he starts school again tomorrow - and then headed southeast. After a short drive (it was only an hour...give or take) we ended up at our for winery: Falkner. We tasted 4 different wines and were quickly treated to a wine club membership (pretty cool!) then we had lunch at the Pinnacle restaurant, by the way, the Ahi salad is AWESOME! When we arrived in it was blazing hot, but, by the time we left lunch there was a light rain which quickly turned into a down pour. 

We headed down the road to visit South Coast, but decided to leave after we walked in and saw how over crowed the tasting bar was. We then headed to Wilson winery to try their "Oh My Gosh" almond champagne - it was pretty good, and totally different than anything I have every tried. This was the only winery we went to and saw wine barrels which was neat - it made me really want to visit Napa. Once the rain lightened up we back tracked to Callaway, which I thought was the same as a bottle of wine that I bought the other day but quickly learned it was not. I will admit, the tasting room was FANTASTIC, the esthetic was clean, rich and open and the scenery was GORGEOUS! 

All in all we had a fantastic adventure to Temecula, I would love to go again. We finished the weekend off with 20 miles of cruiser riding, breakfast in Huntington and an afternoon at the beach. I would say it was a pretty successful weekend? 

Sending Love from SoCal!



Wilson Barrels.






I currently have 2 out of 3 bikes out of commission. The one that IS working happens to be my cruiser, which is totally okay with me. Thankfully, my knee is finally back to normal and I have been able to run almost daily - I think watching the Olympics has kind of been a kick in the ass.

WAY BACK in July (haha! like 2 weekends ago...) Spencer, Ella and myself took a biking adventure. We rode from Newport to Carlsbad  on our road bikes. We not so promptly left Newps, about 30 minutes late from our original start time. I choked down some oatmeal and enjoyed some coffee before we could leave - the last thing I wanted to do was bonk. Spencer and I shoved street clothes and flip-flops into my camelback so that we were prepared for the afternoon in Carlsbad and the train ride back up.

We headed south on the PCH around 8 am. The traffic was pretty light, which was good for us. It was a little bit of a rough start, I realized that the impact of my chain being thrown into my back wheel the weekend was slightly problematic - a few swift kicks later (by the time we arrived in Laguna) I was able to shift a little bit. As we were climbing up to Dana Point I managed to hit a bump, Ella and I heard this REALLY strange noise and then all the sudden my shifting was back in business! How convenient, right?

I have never ridden passed Dana Point via bike (I have previously endured 70 miles through Camp Pendleton back in February with some crazy in shape roadies) so it was an adventure once we passed through the area I was familiar with and we were just going with our guy instinct just hoping we were not going to end up on the 5. It is safe to say we didn't - there was actually a nice little bike section set up in-between Dana Point and San Clemente. We rolled into SC around 8:50, our original goal was to arrive by 10 am, this way we could take a trip to the Rainbow store and replace our old falling apart flip-flops. After some water and a snake in some po-dunk part of town we decided to keep rolling, just in case we slowed down at all.

It was a pretty easy climb out of SC and we were carrying a pretty solid pace down south. We made it to San Onfre really quickly, then made a wrong turn, but were quickly able to get back on track when we noticed that all of the other cyclists were on the OTHER side of the highway...Ooops. It was pretty neat getting into San Onfre State Park and seeing all the other people out there camping/surfing/cycling/running. We started to slow down a little bit - out of our group (at least at that point in time) I was the only one that had been riding on a daily basis so I was ready to pump out 50+ miles.

We found ourselves slight lost again right before we entered Camp Pendleton, but, thanks to our smartphones and a large group of tandem bikers (yes, there were like 50 million people on tandems) we were able to roll up to the gate. When you approach the gate, you have to give the officer your ID and then roll through - while I was trying to be courteous we created a line and were handing our id's single file so that the guard didn't get over whelmed, a group of huge ego riders camp and pushed their way right in from of Spencer. I thought it was pretty funny, Ohhhh Orange County road riders you never cease to amaze me with your unfriendly attitudes.

We pedaled through Pendleton, which was windy, and brought back the memories of my ride through there earlier in the year and how much pain I was in. ha! Note to self: never go riding with people training for an Ironman unless you are in really good shape and really to pedal your butt off. About a mile before we made it to the main entrance of Camp P, Spencer was stung by a bee that was stuck in-between his helmet and glasses - ouch! Painful! He lived though - we made it through Oceanside and then ventured a little bit further into Carlsbad. At this point I REALLY needed a pick me up - conveniently as soon as we rolled into town It's A Grind was right there - it must have been fate. ha! We joined some black brew and sugary snacks outside. Then headed down to Tamarack Beach where we met Ella's aunt.

While at Tamarack I managed to burn the bottom of my feet because I refused to put my shoes on while walking on the concrete. Lesson learned - especially when the bottom of my feet blistered later on in the day. Gross. We changed into our suits and enjoyed the water - I am happy to say Spencer got in the ocean! Why the excitement? He is scared of open water, thus meaning, he has never been in the ocean down here before. It really wasn't that bad....ha! We headed back into Carlsbad and grabbed some average tasting overly expensive american food to fuel up before we hit the road again - this time in full street clothes looking like total goobers (might I add....it was TOTALLY awesome!). We made a pit stop at a store and grabbed some brewskis for the train ride. Then....we pedaled around Oceanside aimlessly trying to find the train station.

I will give you the short and sweet version of our train adventure - since it was pretty interested. We found the station and learned the buying a weekend pass for $10 (that can be used all weekend) was cheaper than purchasing a one-way ticket. Then, we had to figure out which track we needed to be on, of course NO one knew. Some how we ended up on the correct train - and, yes, I have never been on a train (expect for the metro in europe) so I was slightly nervous. We strapped our bikes in and explored the cabin - finally settling on some awesome seats up top where we were able to be semi-loud, semi-drunk, and see the beautiful scenery.

We rolled back into Irvine station and BLC came to pick us up. Somewhere along the way we decided that doing dinner together after our long day would only be appropriate (we always seem to do dinner when we are all ridiculously tired).

Moral of the story: the ride was awesome. I would really like to ride down to San Diego next, stay there for a night and then take the train back up the next day.

Spence looking European (because he was at the beach with sports glasses on - matter of fact we all looked this way)

Train ride back - ummmmmmmm. 

'I am half way in Newport and half way in Laguna'


Girls will be girls. 

Spence in the ocean. 

The result of dinner, drinks and lots of riding. Gus in fast glasses. 

The beach. 

Sending Love from SoCal

Superheros of Stoke

I always get beyond pumped to see what magic the guys at MSP are going to put together for their yearly movie release. I swear their new teaser went viral (if you have any interest in skiing) in a matter of minutes. I am guilty of watching it multiple times...I may or may not have been justifying it as a 'brain break' at work....ha! 

I am really looking forward to seeing the entire movie this year - I have been ski movie deprived since I moved to southern California - I am hoping since I am at Oakley now there might just be a showing in the theater....just sayin'

Sending Love from SoCal