Simple Man



Butch Clancey Remix

I love music - I have never been musically inclined what-so-ever. Sarah lasted months in piano lessons, where I only managed to last maybe a week with the dreaded Mrs. Graybar (in reality she probably wasn't that bad, but, when you are par-taking in any event at the age of 13 you can make anything seem bad because you are rebelling). I think I had "Three Blind Mice" on lock. I have always been very impressed by those who can sit down and jam away on the piano - way to go! I know that somewhere down the road I am going to be wishing I would have stuck through my 30 minute lessons in that tiny music room in the back of the gym at BES. 

Something I really love about music is when you put on a pair of headphones and what you hear versus if you were to just listen to the song on speakers. Trust me, it is different. Spence and I have headphones & earbuds sporadically around the apartment. My mom got me hooked on this, and, luckily I have compiled a pretty stellar collection of headphones over the years. 

The thing about music that makes it really cool is that certain songs can live through so many different eras and generations - for instance....Simple Man (I would use the Beatles as an example, but, I am one of the many in my generation that cannot stand their music - sorry Ringo Starr). I absolutely LOVE when songs are remixed and made into their own (again) - we are talking Adventure Club-esque / Delta Heavy. Can you tell I am poking around the inter web tonight trying to find some new jams for my car ride to FHR in the morning? ha.

Of course.....Lynyrd Skynyrd will never get old, nor will the stories of my parents growing up and listening to them in high school & college.....

Sending Love from SoCal

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