I love shoes - it is a horrible habit. My closet is exploding with different rubber soles; from ten-ies to 7 inch heels and Hunter rain boots. Every pair of shoes I purchase, or, come across I like to think as justifiable. Although, I will admit I do have a horrid case of shoppers remorse every now and then, but honestly, who doesn't?

I have one pair of flip flops that I bought as a replacement for another pair two years ago that I wear literally everyday. I made the mistake of taking them to lake Mead with me last 4th of July - they quickly became water shoes. I guess you could say they are pretty worn in right now...I hate having to admit that especially since I am anonymously known for my 'water shoes'. Truth be told, I lost the other pair of flip-flops over a drunken debacle with with a bike, a dark cool fall night in the mountains and a drainage ditch - come on, admit it, you have probably had a night like that at least once in your life?

My other go to pair of shoes, are my Jeffery Campbell Lita's. They make me 6 inches taller - and like I belong to the band KISS - minus the face paint, chest hair and ridiculously long tongue. I have two pairs, both black, one with spikes...one without. I love them - and can dress them up and dress them down. Yes, I did justify something like a 10th of my tax return from 2010 towards purchasing these bad boys (I totally made that percentage up). I wear them to clubs, to dinners to coffee with girlfriends, to the office to meetings to places as simple as the grocery story -- and yes, I do drive in them; true SoCal living right there. Syd and I are perfectly synchronized while commenting with these cloggers on.

I admit it....I own a pair of Uggs. Okay, well, they are not Uggs - they are Emu's TOTALLY different WAY more justifiable - ha! And, no - I do not wear these atrocious boots with jean skirts or shorts. I solely wear them for comfort from my apartment to the grill - seldom you can find me leave the house with those bad boys on (literally, bad boys - who the heck decided that those were fashionable?). The moment these things start smelling like feet they are finding themselves a new home in the trash can. Spencer never seems thrilled when I emerge out of our bedroom with these brown beauties on.

I am still waiting on my pair of red soled Louboutin's. I also fully admit to "owning a pair of Jimmy Choo's" is on my bucket list - hey, a girl has got to dream.

My latest pair of kicks have belonged to my mom (in the picture above). I swooped them at the Reeder camp the last time I was there - years after my parents divorce I was able to track down these shoes and I believe a random pair of Carhartt's that were WAY to small for me. On occasion I like to taunt my mother with the fact that I still own some of her clothing that she worn daily when she was the same age as me - clearly that shows the the pieces she would purchase were totally durable if they can last this long. Lucky for me, my mother and I have always had about the same size foot. I took these little flats to Burning Man with me, after they had sat in my closet for years. They became CAKED in playa dust - but, with a quick wash they were new again - not to mention totally comfortable. Yet another pair of shoes to add to my impractical shoe with no support list. I found out these cost my mother $5 from the hippie store in Wilmington, VT 28 years ago. Yes, these kicks are older than me....and if you do the math I think they have cost her a total of .1 cent a day or something silly like that. They are awesome to say the least...When Spence and I took a random inner-city vacation to Chinatown in downtown last year I saw these puppies all over the place - I desperately wanted to get a new pair but, it wasn't time yet - these are not falling apart yet like my Minnetonka driving shoes (yes, that is my other go to pair of kicks).

Okay, enough about shoes - I would hate to overwhelm myself tonight so that I don't make a good shoe decision tomorrow morning.....

Sending Love from SoCal.

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