Home again, Home again.

Scooted up to Tahoe, aka my old stomping grounds, for the weekend. Got to spend some quality time with my dad, on the bike and in the altitude! It was awesome, seriously! It made me think 'why the heck did I leave?' but then again....I have landed a great job and another degree by branching away from small town life. Altogether it is a win-win situation.....

Spence suffering while climbing Donner Pass. 

The most beautiful place in the world. 

My favorite place. I loved walking in after I hadn't been there is almost two summers and the lady going "Wow, its been a long time! Where on earth have you been?"

Best part of the weekend. 

Here are some other highlights: Paddle boarding on Tahoe, which Barb was a fantastic instructor - Beyond helpful! Swimming in Tahoe. Jumping off the dock in Donner. PBR on the docks. The surprise Bialetti that Barb & my Dad gave Spence and I (it was a GREAT way to start Monday). In-and-Out. Friends. Bears (yes, there were bears). Jaliscos. Truckee Bagel. Hwy 89. Truckee PD - JUST KIDDING! Cold air. Laughing. Smiling. Quality time. Sleeping....

Thank you to everyone who made this weekend possible!

Sending Love from SoCal!

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