The company I work for is so BAD ASS, 'nuff said.


Sending Love from SoCal



I love shoes - it is a horrible habit. My closet is exploding with different rubber soles; from ten-ies to 7 inch heels and Hunter rain boots. Every pair of shoes I purchase, or, come across I like to think as justifiable. Although, I will admit I do have a horrid case of shoppers remorse every now and then, but honestly, who doesn't?

I have one pair of flip flops that I bought as a replacement for another pair two years ago that I wear literally everyday. I made the mistake of taking them to lake Mead with me last 4th of July - they quickly became water shoes. I guess you could say they are pretty worn in right now...I hate having to admit that especially since I am anonymously known for my 'water shoes'. Truth be told, I lost the other pair of flip-flops over a drunken debacle with with a bike, a dark cool fall night in the mountains and a drainage ditch - come on, admit it, you have probably had a night like that at least once in your life?

My other go to pair of shoes, are my Jeffery Campbell Lita's. They make me 6 inches taller - and like I belong to the band KISS - minus the face paint, chest hair and ridiculously long tongue. I have two pairs, both black, one with spikes...one without. I love them - and can dress them up and dress them down. Yes, I did justify something like a 10th of my tax return from 2010 towards purchasing these bad boys (I totally made that percentage up). I wear them to clubs, to dinners to coffee with girlfriends, to the office to meetings to places as simple as the grocery story -- and yes, I do drive in them; true SoCal living right there. Syd and I are perfectly synchronized while commenting with these cloggers on.

I admit it....I own a pair of Uggs. Okay, well, they are not Uggs - they are Emu's TOTALLY different WAY more justifiable - ha! And, no - I do not wear these atrocious boots with jean skirts or shorts. I solely wear them for comfort from my apartment to the grill - seldom you can find me leave the house with those bad boys on (literally, bad boys - who the heck decided that those were fashionable?). The moment these things start smelling like feet they are finding themselves a new home in the trash can. Spencer never seems thrilled when I emerge out of our bedroom with these brown beauties on.

I am still waiting on my pair of red soled Louboutin's. I also fully admit to "owning a pair of Jimmy Choo's" is on my bucket list - hey, a girl has got to dream.

My latest pair of kicks have belonged to my mom (in the picture above). I swooped them at the Reeder camp the last time I was there - years after my parents divorce I was able to track down these shoes and I believe a random pair of Carhartt's that were WAY to small for me. On occasion I like to taunt my mother with the fact that I still own some of her clothing that she worn daily when she was the same age as me - clearly that shows the the pieces she would purchase were totally durable if they can last this long. Lucky for me, my mother and I have always had about the same size foot. I took these little flats to Burning Man with me, after they had sat in my closet for years. They became CAKED in playa dust - but, with a quick wash they were new again - not to mention totally comfortable. Yet another pair of shoes to add to my impractical shoe with no support list. I found out these cost my mother $5 from the hippie store in Wilmington, VT 28 years ago. Yes, these kicks are older than me....and if you do the math I think they have cost her a total of .1 cent a day or something silly like that. They are awesome to say the least...When Spence and I took a random inner-city vacation to Chinatown in downtown last year I saw these puppies all over the place - I desperately wanted to get a new pair but, it wasn't time yet - these are not falling apart yet like my Minnetonka driving shoes (yes, that is my other go to pair of kicks).

Okay, enough about shoes - I would hate to overwhelm myself tonight so that I don't make a good shoe decision tomorrow morning.....

Sending Love from SoCal.


Simple Man



Butch Clancey Remix

I love music - I have never been musically inclined what-so-ever. Sarah lasted months in piano lessons, where I only managed to last maybe a week with the dreaded Mrs. Graybar (in reality she probably wasn't that bad, but, when you are par-taking in any event at the age of 13 you can make anything seem bad because you are rebelling). I think I had "Three Blind Mice" on lock. I have always been very impressed by those who can sit down and jam away on the piano - way to go! I know that somewhere down the road I am going to be wishing I would have stuck through my 30 minute lessons in that tiny music room in the back of the gym at BES. 

Something I really love about music is when you put on a pair of headphones and what you hear versus if you were to just listen to the song on speakers. Trust me, it is different. Spence and I have headphones & earbuds sporadically around the apartment. My mom got me hooked on this, and, luckily I have compiled a pretty stellar collection of headphones over the years. 

The thing about music that makes it really cool is that certain songs can live through so many different eras and generations - for instance....Simple Man (I would use the Beatles as an example, but, I am one of the many in my generation that cannot stand their music - sorry Ringo Starr). I absolutely LOVE when songs are remixed and made into their own (again) - we are talking Adventure Club-esque / Delta Heavy. Can you tell I am poking around the inter web tonight trying to find some new jams for my car ride to FHR in the morning? ha.

Of course.....Lynyrd Skynyrd will never get old, nor will the stories of my parents growing up and listening to them in high school & college.....

Sending Love from SoCal



Welcome to the family, bicycle. I decided that it is time for me to embrace coastal living by purchasing a cruiser last night (I bet you are thinking, wait...I thought she already had one? You're completely right. I did, but, when I moved from Northern California to Southern California I couldn't fit it in the truck sooooo I sold it to a friend). For a mere $88 I now will be rolling to the beach in style with all my friends! I just need a few upgrades: basket, streamers, cool steam caps. ta-dah! I am so excited I took it for a roll around the block last night, she pedals like a champ.

Here is to many miles on the cruiser - but, today, I will be spending about 70 miles on the bike. Riding from up here down to Carlsbad with my girlfriend Ella and Spence. Wait, two saturdays in a row that I am up before 8? What on earth is going on?!?!?!

Sending Love from SoCal


Tour De Pink

You know what is cool? Supporting good causes....like YSC (Young Survival Coalition). Tour de Pink is right around the corner, and there is a GREAT group of girls (and 1 guy) riding 220 miles for  women whom are under 40 who have breast cancer. Oakley's Pink Pedal Pushers are trying to raise $10,000. This year I have opted out of riding with them for personal reasons, but, I was fortunate enough to join a few of the riders on a pedal to day through Foothill Ranch.
You can donate to the team at Pink Pedal Pushers. They will be putting on REALLY fun events around Oakley to raise money up until the ride in October - I will keep everyone updated on the exciting fundraisers you can come and join!

Sending Love from SoCal!


Home again, Home again.

Scooted up to Tahoe, aka my old stomping grounds, for the weekend. Got to spend some quality time with my dad, on the bike and in the altitude! It was awesome, seriously! It made me think 'why the heck did I leave?' but then again....I have landed a great job and another degree by branching away from small town life. Altogether it is a win-win situation.....

Spence suffering while climbing Donner Pass. 

The most beautiful place in the world. 

My favorite place. I loved walking in after I hadn't been there is almost two summers and the lady going "Wow, its been a long time! Where on earth have you been?"

Best part of the weekend. 

Here are some other highlights: Paddle boarding on Tahoe, which Barb was a fantastic instructor - Beyond helpful! Swimming in Tahoe. Jumping off the dock in Donner. PBR on the docks. The surprise Bialetti that Barb & my Dad gave Spence and I (it was a GREAT way to start Monday). In-and-Out. Friends. Bears (yes, there were bears). Jaliscos. Truckee Bagel. Hwy 89. Truckee PD - JUST KIDDING! Cold air. Laughing. Smiling. Quality time. Sleeping....

Thank you to everyone who made this weekend possible!

Sending Love from SoCal!


Things I Am Currently Think About

Not a whole lot going on here in Newps - lost of downtime aka Pinterest/internet blog reading time (plus, totally neglecting my blog). Here are things I am currently obsessing over....

Pastel hair. 

Indian Head dresses

Skulls (this shouldn't be a surprise) 




Bicycle tats.
Sending Love from SoCal.



Me to Boyfriend "MMmmmm these strawberries taste like heaven...."

Give boyfriend a bite "I hope this isn't what heaven is like because my teeth are cold..."

Ah, yet another memorable moment of Spliz.

Sending love from SoCal