Totally Awesome!

Fellow Crested Butte-ian, Emma Coburn, just kicked some SERIOUS ass at the Olympic trials for the 3000 meter steeplechase - advancing to London!!!! 

WAY TO GO EMMA! Truly inspirational! 

Sending Love from SoCal


Hold Yewr Head Up. There's a Light in the Sky.

"Hold Your Head Up"  Macklemore

Hold your head up, there's a light in the sky
I know you're fed up, but you must try to survive
Each moment's precious, don't let life pass you by
Keep focused, keep your eyes on the prize
A friend of mine once told me
We have many paths in this journey
They act in different directions
So when you question don't be worried
It's not a wrong one
Beauty can be found in all of them
You'll meet people whose paths intersect
But you don't know how long you'll walk with them
Cos the truth is, and it's so hard, but you'll never know
How long we'll continue with our loved ones down this rugged road
The path veers and it's clear that we must steer alone
I've learned if you can't hold on to that moment that exists--
Let it go
Cos freedom is god
Freedom is acknowledging the mask you have on
And possessing the strength to take it off
Freedom is accepting every step of the path
And when it's hard having faith in the ability to embrace that
That's where you are
And this is it
The same shit that we work towards, but go against in the same sense
My friend hit me to some game and truth unravelled, she said
"the brighter the light, the darker the shadow"
And since i'm on cliche terms, knowing is half the battle
But i don't know
So i just go with what was destined
Life can be a burden or a blessing
The choice is yours to be connected
It's there if you want it, you got it, now let it

Hold your head up, there's a light in the sky
I know you're fed up, but you must try to survive
Each moment's precious, don't let life pass you by
Keep focused, keep your eyes on the prize

I feel like i have nothing to give right now
This is my trial, tribulations, and it must go down
But where's the up?
I'm stuck with the broken smile
No jokin' now, wantin' to grab a swish and smoke this out
The moment of a man choosing what path i will go down
Do i give in, give up, or get up and live right now?
With a split gut pick myself up and spit my style
This is the only thing that can hold my ground
You're born into this world alone and alone you'll go out
All i have is myself and everyone else i doubt
You can only trust yourself and depend on the help of the pound
Inside of the chest that beats with the breath of the now
No sunshine when she's gone, i can only see clouds
No homies can hold me down, the spirit's testing me now
But i can withstand this world, but it seems so foul
Flood of emotions, it's like i'm being held down to drown
Hell's right around the corner, but i can turn it around
You always have a choice, no matter the situation you're not bound
To nothing, no one, you're chosen for this job
This is your life, you can't escape this bitch when it's hard
Just know that it passes, but you'll collect scars
They never go away, but they will make you who you are
This is a beautiful struggle, i share it in song cos
I can't control this, remember: the moment's beyond us

Hold your head up, there's a light in the sky
I know you're fed up, but you must try to survive
Each moment's precious, don't let life pass you by
Keep focused, keep your eyes on the prize
And all my people say whoa.. whoa.. yeah
And all my people say whoa.. whoa..
Hold your head up, there's a light in the sky
I know you're fed up, but you must try to survive
Each moment's precious, don't let life pass you by
Keep focused, keep your eyes on the prize
Hold your head up, there's a light in the sky
I know you're fed up, but you must try to survive
Each moment's precious, don't let life pass you by
Keep focused, keep your eyes on the prize

Sending Love from SoCal. 


Below is a super collection of action shots from the last week that I have collected on my iPhone. Enjoy. 

Action shot of our chicken slider dinner on Wednesday. 

3 sliders on a plate. 

Action shot of some palm trees. Holler Southern California. Fierce. 

Action shot of some ghetto high school I got lost at while trying to find Spant's ball game. 

Action shot: When a golden dinosaur attacks. 

Action shot: Past action BLC takes a crash. Future action the tower tumbles. 

Action Shot: Han's after breaking his collarbone on Saturday and on a bunch of pain killers. 

Action shot: those extra 10 lbs I fallaciously gained. 

Action Shot: Part of my Monday - Friday. Jealous, eh?

GOTCHYA! None of them are really action shots! ha, okay...so I thought it was funny....

Sending Love from SoCal.
Kick Rocks. 

I have been totally dying to watch The Wizard of Oz lately....

Sending my 'melting' love from SoCal


Cup Board Clean Sweep

Finally - the cooking bug has bitten me again! Not to mention a bee today too...well, I guess that is more like a sting, but, whatever!
Spence and I are trying to completely clean out our freezer, fridge and cabinets before we go do another Costco run. Thus, meaning we have to be WICKED creative with what we create in the kitchen, mind you, nothing but magically delicious have come out of this week. So, just to forewarn you there might be a lot of foodie posts - so let me start this blog like this:

1. Spencer is the king of comparing cost per ounce on different foods we eat a lot of. In my case it is yogurt - I buy 4 Chobani's on Sunday night so I have breakfast Monday thru Thursday. Low and behold, yes, I do work 5 days a week but I treat myself to something totally unhealthy on Friday...normally a Cracked Pepper & Sea Salt bagel. This week we realized that buying a larger container of Chobani was cheaper - duh! I bet you are wondering, where is she going with this? Well, the big containers of yogurt only come in bland flavors (at least at my store) - I don't do boring yogurt...sorry! With the money we were saving from the different yogurt sizes we put it towards a large flat of raspberries (which were on sale)! Yum! As soon as I got home I through them in a tupperware and then put them in the freezer. Every morning when I am scoping out my yogurt I also put some raspberries in a tupperware and then mix the two once I get to my desk at work. Okay, so maybe you are saying: old news! But, I thought it was pretty creative. It is cool to try and cut corners with food and try go make something last a litter longer - the best part about buying a monstrous container of yogurt? I have breakfast for Friday and don't need to stop and get a bagel. I guess, caloric-wise, that means I have have a few extra beers that night? ha!

2. Brussel Sprouts: something my dad taught me to turn my nose up at. Well, unfortunately Dad I have found a love for these old little green cabbage like balls. So, to continue with the theme of cleaning every last food particle that we have in our kitchen we had froze some brussel sprouts last time we went to Costco. For about 3-weeks now I have been wanting to use them but it just hasn't been the right occasion - well, finally that occasion came. Last night while we were grilling chicken sliders we put about 12 sprouts in some foil with some un-cooked chopped up bacon, brown sugar, salt & pepper. We burrito rolled the foil and tossed them on the grill for about 30 minutes. PERFECTION!!! It was like vegetable meets molasses meets bacon! Ahhhh!

3. Steak - I am no vegetarian, but, I prefer chicken to beef. I am in charge of cooking almost all the food in our quaint little apartment except for anything that is put on the grill i.e. steak & burgers. The other day Spence blew my mind with an awesome dry rub on some filets - I am sure you are DYING to know what it was, right? cayenne pepper, cinnamon, salt, pepper and cumin! So simple!

4. Legumes - one time last summer Spencer and I tried to go on this "5-hour body diet" it included eating a bunch of legumes, which, I had never cooked before. To say the least, they were disgusting, dry, hard, unflavorful, just plain disgusting - clearly that diet didn't last long. During our kitchen cleaning stint we had some lentils left, so, I found a recipe and well, the rest was history (aka we are making them again for dinner tonight). Check it out here: Yummy Lentils

5. We learned that Lavash chips & corn salsa is better than chips & salsa.

6. When you have a beer & a chicken, why not invite 5 people over and make beer can chicken (and sit around the fire and drink the rest of the beer)? I made the adobo wet rub, that goes under the skin of the bird (hefty amount of salt, lime juice, 8 cloves of garlic finally chopped, 4 adobo chiles with the sauce cut up - mix in bowl. Wiggle your hand under in-between the skin and the meat of the bird and slather wet rub). SO GOOD - the best part is that we are using the left over chicken for 1) paninis 2) going in the lentils.

7. I have also learned that no matter what, Mom's Mac n Cheese is the best in the world (right next to Grandmom's cheese grits!)

We have been making a zillion different discoveries in the kitchen - it has been REALLY fun! I hope that you are inspired to clean out the cup boards!

Sending Love from SoCal


'you don't fall unless you plan to stop pedaling'

Happy Father's Day Dad! 


Degree number two is officially complete. Yesterday, I dressed in (yet again) another polyester gown (which did nothing for my figure) and a glitter covered cap and walked across the stage in the Staples center along with the other Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising class of 2012 (which, Tonian Hohberg addressed us as the graduating class of 2011....Ooopssy). Spence, Jake, Becca & Maria came to cheer me on - and then we headed out to an AWESOME dinner at Mas Malo off 7th & Grande. I sat with Lily and we had a GREAT time catching up and seeing other girls that I went to school with. It lit a fire under my a** when I heard about some of the jobs that scored.....wow, lucky - in turn, I am so proud of them.
I will admit, I was bummed that I wasn't noticed for being a PD (Professional Designation - in order to be a PD, you must already have a college degree). I worked ridiculously hard for 9 months, achieving a program which takes most people 2 years to complete - on top of graduating Manga Cum Laude. Hmmm......
Well, time to start paying back $45,000. 

Lily & I

#2 in the books. Jake, Spence, Maria & Becca. 

Lily and I - love this girl!

Celebrating Spence & John being down with their first year of med school. 

My LA BF. The raddest. 

Shelby, Lily & I. So lucky to have met them. 

More and more glitter and sparkles piling up. 

The BF and my biggest helper while I was in school. Now, our roles have changed respectively.....

Sending Love from SoCal.


1 down, 7 to go

This is a big weekend for us.....

Today Spencer finished his first year of medical school. I couldn't be more proud of him!!! He works his butt off, and is wicked devoted. Way to go bf! <3

To celebrate tonight, I made rack of lamb - recipe courtesy of my dad! It was SOOOOOO good!

Time to graduate tomorrow...... #2 

Sending Love from SoCal! 



I graduate this weekend. Yup, degree number two will be official on Saturday June 16th. I thought that Mary Schmich's "Advice, like youth, probably just wasted on the young" would be appropriate for a blog post. This became ridiculously popular with Kurt Vonnegut read this during an MIT commencement. A certain part of this writing really hits home with me right now....

I was congratulated by a co-worker the other day and she said "you are supposed to be traveling the world right now!" - well, I suppose that is true, but, I can't complain..I have a wicked job for JUST graduating and getting out into the real world.  

I guess I should start wearing sunscreen.....more often.....

Sending Love from SoCal. 

Wear sunscreen.
If I could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be it. The long-term benefits of sunscreen have been proved by scientists, whereas the rest of my advice has no basis more reliable than my own meandering experience. I will dispense this advice now.
Enjoy the power and beauty of your youth. Oh, never mind. You will not understand the power and beauty of your youth until they’ve faded. But trust me, in 20 years, you’ll look back at photos of yourself and recall in a way you can’t grasp now how much possibility lay before you and how fabulous you really looked. You are not as fat as you imagine.
Don’t worry about the future. Or worry, but know that worrying is as effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubble gum. The real troubles in your life are apt to be things that never crossed your worried mind, the kind that blindside you at 4 p.m. on some idle Tuesday.
Do one thing every day that scares you.
Don’t be reckless with other people’s hearts. Don’t put up with people who are reckless with yours.
Don’t waste your time on jealousy. Sometimes you’re ahead, sometimes you’re behind. The race is long and, in the end, it’s only with yourself.
Remember compliments you receive. Forget the insults. If you succeed in doing this, tell me how.
Keep your old love letters. Throw away your old bank statements.
Don’t feel guilty if you don’t know what you want to do with your life. The most interesting people I know didn’t know at 22 what they wanted to do with their lives. Some of the most interesting 40-year-olds I know still don’t.
Get plenty of calcium. Be kind to your knees. You’ll miss them when they’re gone.
Maybe you’ll marry, maybe you won’t. Maybe you’ll have children, maybe you won’t. Maybe you’ll divorce at 40, maybe you’ll dance the funky chicken on your 75th wedding anniversary. Whatever you do, don’t congratulate yourself too much, or berate yourself either. Your choices are half chance. So are everybody else’s.
Enjoy your body. Use it every way you can. Don’t be afraid of it or of what other people think of it. It’s the greatest instrument you’ll ever own.
Dance, even if you have nowhere to do it but your living room.
Read the directions, even if you don’t follow them.
Do not read beauty magazines. They will only make you feel ugly.
Get to know your parents. You never know when they’ll be gone for good. Be nice to your siblings. They’re your best link to your past and the people most likely to stick with you in the future.
Understand that friends come and go, but with a precious few you should hold on. Work hard to bridge the gaps in geography and lifestyle, because the older you get, the more you need the people who knew you when you were young.
Live in New York City once, but leave before it makes you hard. Live in Northern California once, but leave before it makes you soft.
Accept certain inalienable truths: Prices will rise. Politicians will philander. You, too, will get old. And when you do, you’ll fantasize that when you were young, prices were reasonable, politicians were noble and children respected their elders.
Respect your elders.
Don’t expect anyone else to support you. Maybe you have a trust fund. Maybe you’ll have a wealthy spouse. But you never know when either one might run out.
Don’t mess too much with your hair or by the time you’re 40 it will look 85.
Be careful whose advice you buy, but be patient with those who supply it. Advice is a form of nostalgia. Dispensing it is a way of fishing the past from the disposal, wiping it off, painting over the ugly parts and recycling it for more than it’s worth.
But trust me on the sunscreen.


Catch-Up NOT Ketchup

No matter how much you worry about the future its going to happen so let it.

Not a lot going on right now, but in retrospect there is SO much going on and well to put it blatantly it kinda sucks. With in the last two weeks I have been caught off guard with a lot of life changing events. Let's play catch-up, shall we? 
Yesterday I ventured down to Asics for a sample sale. Conveniently, they are located 4 miles way from HQ. So after standing in line waiting to see the goods for 30 minutes my friend Niki and I got in. We both walked away with some shoes - I was able to get 5 pairs, for a total of $75 (yes, they were $15 each) - 3 of the 5 were for the Dr aka Spencer. Pretty neat, I am super excited that I had that opportunity yesterday!  

We got a Keurig at work! We thought we were going to be only of the few lucky departments that had one, it turns out we are the last one to jump on the Keurig train...oh well, we have it now! Looks like I will be getting back to my routine of 2 cups of coffee in the morning :) I will admit I do have mixed feelings on these fancy coffee machines, personally, I would never buy one for the house because hey produce so much excess trash, plus the coffee is extremely expensive - but, I have no problem with having one at work. 

I have been cooking up some amazing meals for myself and the Dr. Like this above...Sweet Potato Quinoa Burgers, if you venture down a few more blog posts you will find the recipe. Last night I gave lasagna cupcakes a try....epic failure in my book but Spencer claims he like them. Whatever....

I have decided that I want to get something similar to this tat. Yes, I want one more small tattoo and then I will be done with inking my body. But, really I think a bike is VERY suiting for me. 

It was a big day at work when we decided to fix our broken mail cart and replace the wheels with colorful ones, we probably have one of the most decorated carts in HQ now. I have every intention in the world of getting the card a bell. 

Tonight have a arranged for Spants and I to go on a late night date to Cucina Enoteca in Irvine. Supposedly, the food is amazing! We haven't been on a date in a really long time - while I was on this " dinner planning" kick I called my two closest girlfriends up in LA and invited them to an impromptu dinner in downtown after my graduation ceremony next saturday - we are either Mas Malo or Botega Louis! YUM!! 

I am STILL reading the Hunger Games. I am STILL on book three, essentially the same place I was last week end I mentioned it. For some reason I am having a REALLY hard time getting through this book. I also started "White Girl Problems" by Babe Walker which is totally outrageous. 

Oh, and how could I forget - last weekend Spants came mountain biking with the group I normally rode with. He did a great job, but, the stuff we were riding was pretty technically and probably not the best stuff to bring a beginner down. Soooooo we took the easy way back to the car. Sometimes I forget how I perceive/classify rides as easy or hard because I have been riding for such a long time. Let's just say he won't be going down Telonics, Art School or T and A any time soon.....

Well, I need a shower - I am covered in grit from riding and sunscreen from sitting at the pool - 

Sending Love from SoCal

Giving Back

When I started work at Oakley I also started this obsession with being about to give back to the community or find a way to support a good thing. I have spent countless hours looking up different charities and making little donations when I can (a college kid can only give so much - and, yes, I am still a college kid until I am no longer $40,000 in student loan debt). Here are some REALLY cool sites that I have found lately that I want to share, and hopefully inspire you to help out --

Pura Vida Website

I came across this bracelet company while I was thumbing through a surf mag at work. I immediately googled it, and was so pumped on what I found - I sent the link to Spencer and later that night we sat together on the coach looking at every single one of their charity series bracelets and deciding which ones we would like to decorate our wrists with. I ended up getting the learning disabilities awareness bracelet (sky blue color) and the one for spinal cord injuries (blue and green) - I actually have a few others on order as of last night too which I will be sending out to a few people in my family. The story of how the company started it really cool, Click here to read it. How innovative! Aside from the charity collection they have a bunch of other REALLY rad stuff on their site too, check out the gold collection! Ahhhh - a fashionistas dream come true! But, of course I am blogging about charity and ways to give back - there are a multitude of different charity bracelets on the site, each one linking up to a specific awareness/foundation - for every bracelet bought $1-$2 is donated to that cause. Every bracelet also has a description of what the awareness is, as well as external link so you can learn more. Not only do these bracelets help a charity, but, the bracelets themselves actually make it so a person in Costa Rica has a job too - seriously, how cool is that?!

Wheels 4 Life Website
Yesterday, I was sipping my coffee at my desk awaiting my ride to the Asics sample sale just down the street from HQ - my inbox pinged and it was an e-mail asking for a signature on a petition to keep the forest service from closing trails in SoCal (Click here to sign it yourself!), it was an e-mail that was forwarded through a few different people - as I looked through the list of people it has been sent to/from I noticed the elusive "Laguna Rads" - an accomplished group of riders based out of the Laguna area. After doing some research I came to find that Hans Rey was a Rad, and ALSO had this AWESOME charity called Wheels 4 Life. Their mission is simple, provide bike for people in developing countries in need of transportation to work or to school, including health care workers. According to the website, W4L has "donated over 3000 bikes in over 75 projects in 20 countries around the world" - as most of you know biking is near and dear to my heart (side note: I went on a ride in Aliso with Eddie today that was totally awesome, slightly overcast so it made the climbing a little more bearable) so I was beyond thrilled when I found this charity - you can donate to the charity via the site. $150 can give a person a new set of wheels in order to take care of their daily activities. Have you ever thought about what it would be like if you didn't have that fancy car out in your drive way that takes you to and from work, the store, friends house, etc? It would be difficult, I cannot even fathom if I had to walk/ride from Newport to Oakley every day for work, bike to work week was plenty for me - so why not help someone out that is in need of a bike? It is so simple! This is a charity that I would LOVE to get involved with. Click here to learn more.

The Girl Store

I came across the girl store one day when I was aimlessly sitting around googling different charities and ways to give back. I was so blown away when I found The Girl Store, I thought it one of the most innovative projects I have found! In America we tend to take what we have fore granted, in other counties people can barely afford the bare minimums (which is VERY different compared to our bare minimums it almost makes our poor look materialist) - many of the children are not given the opportunity to attend school - I realized immediately how lucky I am to have gained two college degrees and attend winter sports school/private schools for my elementary education. This site focuses solely on Indian girls and trying to prevent them from being sold into trafficking, marriage and what other horrendous crimes that may exists out there - The Girl Store answer to stopping these crimes is by giving girls the gift of education. India requires the girls that attend school to have specific uniforms, books, shoes, etc - with low incomes many of the families cannot afford the necessities for education. On TGS you can learn about all the girls (name, age, etc) and what they need in order to attend school. All of their supplies are broken down in to different price categories, you have the opportunity of buying all her supplies or just one in order to get her closer to begin "off to school" - I love this idea! I wish they would do it with more counties!

Flex Watches
So, I have to give the credit to Spencer for finding this one: Flex Watches. A watch company that is home to ten different color watches, which all pertain to a specific charity, where 10% of the cost of the watch is donated. The watches are all $40, and come in two different sizes the normal flex watch or the mini. Fantastic charities such as APDA, First Descents, Keep A Breast, Be Perfect Foundation, Nika Water, and (the watch the Spencer and I both have) Life Rolls On. You can explore all the different charities through watching short videos and reading summaries on the foundations. All the watches have an interchangeable band, so you can support multiple charities! Like I mentioned earlier 10% of the watch net profit is donated to the charity represented by a specific color. Neat? YES!

My aunt Nancy introduced me to Kiva while I was home in New York over the winter holiday. She said she has been gifted a Kiva Card with "lending money" on it. I highly suggest that you go and play around on the Kiva Website you can see all the people around the world whom are in need of loans in order to start their business/career. You can see a profile with information about the person, as well as what their endeavor is as well as how much they have out on loan or how much they are trying to raise, and the statistics as to how they will pay the loan back, and if they have already started paying it back how much they have re-paid. You can Lend in multiples of $25. Eventually, once the loan has been paid back you are re-creditied and then you can turn that money back around and lend it to another person. GREAT IDEA!

I hope that you enjoy these charities as much as I do - and maybe you can even give a little back!

Sending Love from SoCal

Get In My Belly

Sweet Potato Quinoa Burgers 

First off, Kayla, this one is for you :) So, every night the question of "what's for dinner?" comes up - I always roll my eyes and tell Spencer he has to decide - then he normally say 'if you could have ANYTHING you wanted for dinner, what would it be?'. Generally, I answer with as smartass remark: Anything? Chart house. Normally that is turned down, so then I move on to suggesting 21 Oceanfront....that is REALLY turned down and he add 'anything that is reasonably priced' ohhhhhhhh okay - so then I flock to my recipes to arrange a list for the store - the other night I decided to have two of my riding friends over for some vegetarian grilling - don't worry folks...I still eat meat - duh! I came across a Sweet Potato Quinoa burger recipe that I have been wanted to try and it looked fairly easy - it was, and it was DELICIOUS (after some trial and error of course). I will forewarn you all, generally I look at a recipe, and then figure out how to make it into my own that is why my instructions are so short - its okay, go ahead and experiment in the kitchen!

What you need:

-3 Sweet Potatoes - I use the ones that you get at the store and you can nuke for 4-5 minutes.
-1 or 1.5 cups of cooked quinoa (I use a quarter piece of chicken bouillon when I cook mine and a little garlic and onion powder)
- a few cloves of garlic chopped up
-3/4 a cup of sweet corn (you can use canned, frozen or  you can take the time to use fresh corn)
-1/3 cup of flour (whole wheat obviously or almond flour or whatever you need to use)
- 2 heaping table spoons of sunflower seeds
- 1 large shallot, chopped
- 1 can of black beans
- 1 jalapeƱo chopped up
- 1 red pepper, chopped up
- Tabasco, as much as you want
- and any other spices we put cumin, and cayenne pepper in everything

Grab a bowl and add the sweet potatoes, with the skin removed - mash them up a little bit. Add flour and quinoa and mix. Then  mix in ALL the other ingredients. Toss it in the fridge for about 30 minutes and turn your oven to 450. Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper, and give it a little cooking spray. Take the sweet potato goodness out of the fridge and form ball on the baking sheet and then press them flat, they should be about an inch thick. Put them in the oven for 20 minutes, then flip the patties and cook on the other side for 10-15. BAM, you are done! We used sharp cheddar and spicy ketchup and spinach to decorate our veggy burgers - they were SO good! Oh, and when I mentioned "trial and error" earlier, I highly suggest that you don't try to cook these on a  grill. It doesn't work - trust me we tried it.

Sending Love from SoCal!