Currently I am obsessing over:

-The Hunger Games (yah, I know I am a little late on reading this).
-50 Shade of Grey (go ahead, poke fun...but you know every Women is reading this..)
-Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwichs for breakfast
-Creating a budget for myself
-Hip Hop, I am taking a break from any dub-step like music after the Vegas adventure.
-Sparkling water - this is weird because I really dislike carbonation.
-Lavender Febreeze
-Evenly tanning my front and back
-Drinking exactly two cups of tea at night.
-Perfecting my pizza making skills, yes...SKILLS. I got skillzzzzzzzzzzzz
-How I am going to decorate my mortar board for graduation on the 16th.
-The amount of debt I am in.

Sending Love from SoCal

Rebel without a cause

Memorial Day Weekend. Oh of the few holidays my father engrained in my head as a "don't go out on" weekend - while I was in college I was either busy bike racing or getting ready to open up Chambers. Well, this year I did something drastically different.....yep....rebel! I went to Vegas! Spencer, myself and  and another couple piled into a car on Friday and headed east to my home-away-from-home state, Nevada. Which, as a side note, I had to teach everyone how to say Nevada the correct way, oy, it's NeVADa, not NeVAHdaH. The traffic was atrocious - but, we made it there...and safely.

We checked into the Venetian and got our 20-something maturity, or I guess you could say immaturity, going. I went shopping for a dress....because I decided I needed to dress the part in Vegas i.e. short and tight dress - all the sudden I was kicking myself for sucking down the In-and-Out that we decided on for lunch. I hadn't "done" Vegas like this since I graduated from my undergrad (it was my graduation present to myself, with one of my closest high school friend and my best friend from college). We slept in, we ate fatty food at 3 o'clock in the morning, had some of the nastiest drinks ever, drank straight tequila, saw Benny Benassi TWICE,  we wore loads of make-up and fake lashes, got sunburn and lost in seas of people,  learned that Steve Angello is a dodgers fan, we drank out of flasks and danced our hearts out. The most important part was that we were smiling and laughing the entire time.
We did it all, Marquee, Tao Beach, XS - by the start of day 3 I was SO ready to go home after a delightful, and late, breakfast Spencer and I hopped in the car (after waiting 45 minutes for valet to fetch the car and our luggage) and headed west towards the beach....towards home. We made it with some hours of sunlight to spare, we ended up sitting at the pool and enhancing our tans. It was GREAT! I think I can wait around 6 months to a year before I go back....

I was obsessed with this wall. 

Thank you. 

Sending Love from SoCal


Bike to Work Week

Last week marked my first bike to work week. I thought I would do 2 maybe three out of the five days and drive the rest. As if 50 miles in a car a day isn't long enough....why not do it on a bike? I have been pounding out about 140 miles a week for the last 3 weeks -- so I was confident that I would be able to hang for a while - I guess I surprised myself come Friday when I had knocked out all 5 days, completing 268 miles of pedaling. Yep, 268. There were a handful of other employees that rode the throughout the week, like my friend and biking pal for the week Hans (who happens to live .5 miles down beach further than me - that .5 miles added up when it came to the cumulative miles of the week). Every single day we took a different route up to work, it is amazing how many alternative ways there are up to Foothill Ranch. I would like to make a goal of trying to ride my bike either once or twice a week - actually today I drove to work and as I was sitting in traffic on the 405 Northbound after work I was thinking 'wow, it would be really nice to be on my bike right now'. The best part is, that it only took me about 20 minutes longer to get home on my bike verses driving my car. I am sure you are also wondering if I have a killer bike tan? Yep. I do (well I guess did, I hung poolside all weekend to even everything out). I am so glad that I pushed myself to ride the entire week - it was so cool to be called up...and of course...beating the boys :) 

Sending Love from SoCal 

Back Bay
Cinco De Mayo ride with Amy

Top 3 riders of the week - it was close!


Mother's Day....


Happy Mother's Day. 
My mom RULES! 

Sending Love from SoCal. 

catch up, not Ketchup.

William causally stretching at the pool. 


Home made Empenadas. They were legit. 


Pine Ridge. Jessup Cellars. Franciscan winery in our bellies this weekend. Saving the Mondavi, Stags Leap and Saarloos & Sons for a special occasion....

Poor Jasper......time to pick up a new fish at PetCo. I am thinking it is time for a blue Betta. 

Spencer's favorite food -- quinoa patties, with sautéed spinach and gorgonzola sauce. Having a girlfriend that likes to cook must be rough..... 

Bike to work week starts tomorrow - I will be putting in about 46ish miles a day. Wahhooooo! 

Sending Love from SoCal



Marina & The Diamonds "Starring Role" 

Santigold "God From The Machine" 
(Can we talk about how long I have been waiting for some new jams from her?!)

Sending Love from SoCal


Sweet rollerblades dude! 
Has anyone else realized that a lot more people have been rollerblade lately? Well, if you haven't -- I have. I actually like to count them and take pictures when I am out on my bike. Sometimes these guys get going so fast - they are fearless. I would be worried that I would catch my wheel on something and face plant into the cement. I am still curious, why on earth are they out rollerblading in bike chamois? Does that help them go extra fast and make them more aerodynamic? Do tell.....

Just crusin....

Yes, they are drafting each other. Really working over time. 
Okay, so I will admit I would TOTALLY dig some classic roller-skates - like the leather booties with the four gigantic skateboard like wheels on them, generally they come in bright girly colors. Well, it turns out I found a cheetah print pair online - only a mere $200! I have no clue what on earth I would use them for, but, I think they would be a great addition to my shoe collection. I mean, who DOESN'T need roller-skates? Before you know it I might start fall into this razor scooter trend again.....okay....not really....

Sending Love from SoCal


Why Hello. 

After a close to a month of b(lahhh)-ing almost every day - I quickly feel off that train and got sidetracked by my Kindle and complete ignored my goal of writing every day. Surprise? Probably not. But, I may be glad to hear - budreeder.com will live another year, I just renewed my domain last night. 

Not much has changed. 15 days later I still thoroughly enjoy taking pictures on my phone, of the exact same location - at about the EXACT same time of the day. I still like to call them Ansel iPhones. 
After work ride. Legit. 
After agitating my 'good' knee running a few weeks ago I forced myself into road biking every day after work. I have a simple 22.5 mile loop that I try to do 4 days - then I get out on my real bike on Friday. This past week I managed to pedal my little legs 138.8 miles. Pretty decent I would have to say....
Actually, pedaling after work has become a great decompression - making sure I can get out and put the rubber on the pavement has all the sudden become one of the most important parts of my day - so, I guess what I am trying to say is that I don't dislike road riding as much as I thought....

oakley interplanetary headquarters. 
Yesterday (Saturday - Cinco De Mayo, pre-margaritas) I headed to my home away from home (FHR, where at this point I feel like I should just have a cot under my desk) to do some pedaling with about 150 roadies - a mix of fellow bike enthusiasts/Oakley employees, Rapha folks and local shop teams. It was awesome - I am so happy that I had the opportunity to go. Of course, like always I showed up completely disheveled: running around in socks, my blonde locks flying in every single direction possible, downing my burning hot 7-11 coffee, jersey semi-on, things falling out of my pockets. Wait, where are my sunglasses? Ohhhh on top of my head (yes, it was one of THOSE kind of mornings - at least I was performing beautifully....)  A quick trip to my desk to drop of my keys allowed me just the right about of time to look presentable. ha!
The area around work/the roads are completely new to me, I haven't ventured passed Glenn Ranch and Bake - so I was excited to see what this ride had in store for me.
Long story short - I didn't flat. I didn't crash. I had enough water, was craving a slurpee (how typical), and didn't get overly exhausted until the last little hill up into FHR. Yesterday was one of the coolest experiences ever and also, one of the best days I have had riding in a really long time. All the people out there were so passionate - friendly - we shared a common interest: bikes - there were smiles for days - and great stories and friends made. I had a blast! I am so blessed & thankful that I am able to be a part of events like this. When we arrived back there was mexican food and Tecate for days...I also managed to fill my car with enough pretzel crisps to avoid going to the grocery store for at least the next 6 days...ha!

One of the coolest moments of the day was just before I left to head back towards the beach - I was headed to say bye & thank you when Blick announced that his son, Tyler, and the rest of the family were headed over. Tyler is a smiley little boy whom has been diagnosed with leukemia - his sister, Kira, and him jumped out of the car and greeted our group with a warm "Hey guys! Whats Up?" clad in a my knoaky tee shirt and of course some killer Oakley's - it was awesome to watch them curiously walk around and explore the Infinite Hero race car, only to be lifted inside by their dad to look at the array of different switches and buttons. I shared an "elbows" with him just before him and Kira were whisked away to check of the inside the Rapha bus. It was absolutely amazing - such a fantastic family. Check out I Ride for the Kids, a great site that the Blick's have put together. 

I couldn't of had a better Saturday - Thank you to everyone that made it possible. 

Sending Love from SoCal.