"we're cured when we see ourselves the way a stranger does in moments" Freud

'We are all blessed to be alive. Let’s act like it.' 
- Sloth (aka Timmy Ham, one of the most creative & passionate people I know)

"The greatness of man is not how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively" - Bob Marley

Sending love from SoCal. 


Greetings blog readers -

Forgive me for getting off the 'blogging every day train' -- I am currently side tracked by the E.L. James trilogy. Seriously....all I want to do it read - I think I am reading this book in world record time.

Also, I am constantly forgetting my password....sooooo instead of changing it...I just ignore that and not log in -- I know. Poor excuse.

Okay, dinner time...laundry time...and yes, you guessed it...reading!

More blogging when I finish the third and final book.

Sending Love from SoCal


Pumping Through Mah Headphones

What have I been listening to lately?

Eyes On Fire (Zeds Dead Remix) - Blue Foundation

We Didn't Start the Fire - Billy Joel (I think I am ALWAYS listening to this) 

When I am Small - Phantogram

So Good - B.o.B

Skinny Love - Bon Iver

107 Degrees - Citizen Cope

Midnight City - M83

Sink In a Hole - Marc Andre Belliveau

Heavy In Your Arms (Mister Black Remix) - Florence & The Machine

No Light No Light  Spector Ryan Gosling Remix

Time to go running (ha, I was updating my shuffle as I posted this....) 

Sending Love from SoCal


Pardon Me While I Contradict Myself

Edward Burtynsky

So my previous post was about how I miss the snow - please, sit back and relax while I hugely contradict myself. I find the above photo so magical - I bet you are thinking 'Okay, it is a bunch of highways'. Well...this happens to be to one of the really unique parts about being a city person right now -- I don't know why I am so captivated by the concrete jungle - quiet frankly I find it disgusting when you take the time to really critique your surrounds BUT at the same time there is just something I can't pin point about Los Angeles. I have changed a lot since I arrived her 2 Octobers ago - talk about small town girl in the big city. Of course, I have currently downsized again for the time being (yeah, there really isn't anything special about the OC expect for the fact I can ride my bike).

LA Cityscape @ Sunset (not the street, the real thing)
Plus, I can find whatever I want without having to order it off the internet - talk about a big change from high school! The sunsets here are beautiful -- thanks to all the smog that we have...but...seriously, they are! I live literally 5 minutes from the beach now....I never go. Maybe every once in a while I will stroll down and watch the sunset, I might be lucky to see Catalina. I can get my nails done for under $100. The food in LA kicks some serious butt. But, I do miss my mountains....and um..fresh air. So, this place really isn't that bad after all. Come for a visit....I'll show you around. I guess this place really is the "city of dreams".....

TuPac - To Live & Die in LA

Sending Love from SoCal

5 days.

I used to define myself as an avid skier. Matter of fact, looking back on my college years I lived the ultimate ski bum -- cram in as many classes as possible in the fall, then take all online classes through the spring semester, maybe one or two during the summer. Clearly, this way I could live up to the lifestyle I was brought up in :::: Skiing. Then,  I was a coach. That was rad....well, until March 10th, 2010 when my knee and I didn't exactly see eye to eye. But, heck....that landed me in a pretty awesome place. I guess now I am a recreational (story of my life) skier, gosh, maybe even a "weekend warrior"....nah.

Squaw, CA. 
Drum roll please - in the last 24 months I have skied 5 days. Yes, you read that correctly FIVE DAYS! Talk about a big change - I guess this year it didn't really impact me very much seeing that there was no snow to be found in the greater Tahoe area (and well, Colorado.....you are still on my mind). Instead I have been filling my days with running long distances and pedaling my butt off.

Breck, CO.
So, I have decided that there are a few ways that I could eventually get back to skiing every single day:
A) Retire at the age of 25 
B) Eventually find a job that relates to skiing and brings me back to the snow
C) Win the lottery 

Boreal, CA.
Clearly my vote is for A & C -- or a mix of both. Well, on the positive side.....at least I have a killer tan right now :) 
Spring shredding at Squaw, CA. 

Sending Love from a Place it DOESN'T Snow aka SoCal


Today was a big day for me....

I made my first REAL student loan payment (yikes....) 

9 years, 11 months and 20 something days until this ONE is paid off....

Oh boy.....

Sending some iffy love from SoCal



Yep, that is right -- I am talking about Chia! You can't tell me that at least a some point during your youth you didn't have a Chia Pet. I had several throughout my childhood - if I remember correctly. Frankly, if I could afford a REAL Chia Pet BUT the original Joesph Enterprises $225 per pet is a slightly on the steep side for me right now (give me about 5 more gets and maybe I will be wealthy enough to have a small collection). Okay...so obviously I am not just here to rant about wanting to own a designer pottery planter, I wanted to shed some light on the new diet/nutritional craze (that yes, I have jumped on the bandwagon months ago).
I start every morning with a glass of cranberry juice (sometimes orange juice depending on the current selection in the fridge) with a few tablespoons of chia seeds -- if I am really on top of it I leave a mixture of chia and juice in a container pre-made, but in reality that has happened twice -- anyways, this morning ritual has become truly become...well...part of my daily routine and if I don't have my chia my day is completely out of wack. At the end of the summer my mom let me in on this "chia" thing...saying that it was used for a source of energy years ago, so of course I looked deeper into it -- here is what I found (thanks to mindbodygreen.com) :

Chia has three times the amount of antioxidants than blueberries, 3 times as much iron than that which is found in spinach, chia is a huge source of fiber (yes, it promotes regularity), twice as much potassium than a banana and twice as much protein as and other seed, bean, grain, etc.

I have found that is a great "on the run" food - and a awesome way to get the energy that I need for long days...you know being a big girl now. I actually keep extra chia in my desk, along with almonds, True Bars (which happen to have chia in them too), tea and dark chocolate. I buy it bulk from Sprouts and I have seen it slowly popping up at other stores around the area too. So, if you are looking for a extra pic me up try it out - drink it, eat it, sprinkle it on some food! I dare you....

Sending Love from SoCal


Simple Saturday

Today is a simple Saturday. We (yes, Spence and I - for once he let me come before studying!) went for a ride up near Oakley. Spence is still getting the hang of mountain biking - is a phenomenal road rider - so we take it fairly slow...but...it was just what I needed! It is pretty hot out today, do you can only imagine how rewarding the decent was after a 4 mile climb.

We grabbed some grub at Mustard's Cafe (honestly it was one of the best portobello/eggplant sandwiches I've ever had - I highly suggest it if you're randomly in Foothill Ranch). I sat on the deck and worked on finishing the Rum Diary by my favorite author Hunter S. Thompson - my goal was to finish it by tomorrow so I can watch the movie Sunday - success! Now it is time to find a new book to breeze through on my kindle.
My other goal for the weekend is to go back to work on Monday 3 shades Bronzer and 2 shades blonder....I have been soaking in the sun - I love it; this is the weather that keeps me in California.

Well, that's all for now

Sending love from SoCal


This has been the only thing on my mind ALL DAY! 

I am exhausted -- hearing that 86% of my friends and family have tomorrow off is not making walking up at 6 am tomorrow morning any easier.....

Sending Love and Zzzzz's from SoCal


Chocolate Milk

One of the major perks of dating someone like Spencer, who happens to be extremely health (okay...to an extent) and studying to be a doctor,  is he has all these little health tips up his sleeve...well, most of the time....and his views on eating I find some interesting. For-instance, he doesn't like that I take vitamins because studies show that they can cause cancer.....but, a deeper look into this shows that it is only certain types of vitamins (don't fret, I don't take those). He thinks that all diets are bad, except for the 5-hour body diet.....I am still confused (we tried to do this together and I couldn't give up chocolate that long). The list could go on...one of my favorite tips & tricks he had for me was drinking chocolate milk after a workout.

Hello, I am not 5 years old anymore. Chocolate milk? Seriously? Then....Secretly, I would sneak in glasses of the chocolatey goodness after the gym and before he would get home. I mean, it has to be working if Spence is into drinking this chocolate-y goodness whenever he left the gym. After my secret chocolate milk test,  I noticed that I wasn't getting as sore, nor was I as tired (this also confirmed that I was not lactose, after I had convinced myself since high school that I was :: Goodness....). After we started going through a gallon of milk in a week and I was demanding that we had Ovaltine in the cupboard at all times he was able to put one + one together and realize that I had become a chocolate milk addict - truthfully, I can feel the difference in my legs if I don't have milk after I get back from my nightly run - and I REALLY feel it the next night.

Studies show that chocolate milk helps aid muscles recovery at a similar rate as gatorade or all the other supplements I used to take when I was bike racing! Amazing! Something I found interesting while reading about chocolate milk verses sports drinks was "bicyclists who drank Gatorade and chocolate milk after exhausting their muscles, shows that those who drank chocolate milk were able to recover quickly and last just as long while bicycling to those who had Gatorade". Chocolate milk drinkers can built more muscle and shave more fat than a person who consumes one of those fancy overly expensive "get lean and gain muscle" crappy tasting shakes from a place like GNC. 

I wish I would have known about this when I was bike racing. Do you know how much happier my legs would have been the day after a major race?!

So, how does chocolate milk help aid muscle recovery? Not only does milk have water in it, so you rehydrate... it also has vitamins and protein (which just water does not have) which allow the body to cheer up and replenish the 'good stuff' that you have used up and/or sweated out during exercise. Another positive thing about chocolate milk is the sugars and salts that it has -- certainly enough to act as an electrolyte for the body, which can re-stabalize your body so it can start the recovery process without having to pick and chose between which sugars are good and bad (like in sports drinks) -- chocolate milk could be seen as the natural recovery drink I guess? Almost....? Commmon.......

Out of pure excitement I called my mom the other day and told her about my discovery - which really was nothing new I came to find out - she said that people had been talking chocolate milk after workouts and extreme exercise for a really long time. Ohhh....hum. 

Well, time to stretch....

Sending Love from SoCal

(PS I have no clue why this post is so weird with all the white highlights...ugh..)



I love little surprise gifts, and, I love little surprise gifts that having meaning to them. I have always loved the idea of TOMS shoes (one for one), then they expanded with the idea of sunglasses. Every now and then you see other companies doing little one off things - but, I will admit nothing is as cool as the one that Blick gave me the other day: MyKnoaky (which is means 'Knock on Oak'....which really means stands for the classic saying: Knock on Wood). German cyclist, Andreas Klier - on the Garmin-Barracuda team - decided that he needed kill two birds with one stone...essentially...he created an organization for every little wooden triangle sold, 1 tree would be donated via Plant for Planet (which is an entirely different cool blog topic) -- this also gives the cyclists an opportunity to have a piece of wood on them at all times (mounted to a bike, helmet, etc) so when they really do say "knock on wood" that term can all the sudden become semi-literal. 
I have to figure out where Myknoaky is going to be mounted...road bike? Mountain bike? Helmet along with my rhinestones and lucky pig? 

Sending Love from SoCal



Currently I am having a love affair with Balmain's A/W 2012. Friggin BEAUTIFUL! WOW! Seriously, check it out, it will make you drool! 

Sending Love from SoCal 

These are a few of our favorite things.....

Rogue Bacon Maple Ale

A few months back Spence and I were looking at the Rogue beer site (which is a very eclectic brewery out of Oregon) - you see, we have this affinitive love from their Mom Hefeweizen, and we can NEVER find it. While we were poking our heads around their interwebsite and learned about the potential purchasing location of our favorite beer we came across several other flavors that we drooled over -- only to find that one in particular we would have to order via mail. I bet you are thinking, 'really you need a beer from that place, that badly?', why yes - because it is a bacon maple ale! Indeed you read that correctly, bacon (like what you eat with eggs and hash browns), and maple (like the syrup that I have sent to me out west because no one makes syrup like Vermont!) mixed into BEER! The flavor is based off a donut at VooDoo Doughnut (which is has now been added to my bucket list).
Well, today was our day...as we walked into BevMo! to grab a bottle of Bear Flag Wine Spencer insisted we go look at the beer (this occurs in any store we go into that carries beer and he will stare and explore for 20 endless minutes). The peptobismol pink bottle both caught our eyes and he immediately grabbed two bottles for $13 each...his justification was "this could be the ONLY time I get to try this. And I know I am going to like it!" I just said whatever get it...and walked towards the cash wrap....
He just popped open the bottle and the smell was insanely amazing -- it was those maple glazed doughnuts Sarah and I used to get when we would venture to City Market with my parents, oh the memories! The smokey flavor (which was the bacon) was a little overwhelming at first -- but, it grows on you!
End of story...I am glad he bought two bottles!

We are entertaining tonight -- time to get the chicken out of the oven!

Sending some Sunday Love from SoCal!