Warrior Dash

At the beginning of the month while I was away on a work trip I got a really excited phone call from Spencer saying that Groupon had a deal ($35 for $75) for the Warrior Dash, that was happening in Lake Elsinore at the end of the month. Because of his pure excitement I decided I would join, and the fact that I all the sudden love running I thought I could do pretty well.
THEN - I started researching what this dash actually consisted of: mud, barbed wire, 20 ft tall obstacles and swimming I automatically became hesitant - but at that point there was no turning around because my registration had already been paid.
After a night out in Newport last night - for yet ANOTHER March birthday I managed to sleep in until 9 and crawl out of bed like a zombie - then we filled up on bagels & coffee and headed towards the inland empire (which is so yucky, it reminds me of Grand Junction but worse). We met up with our friends (3 other boys that Spencer went to college with and played baseball with), signed in and waited for our start time (3:30) - people were dressed to the 9's in costumes, Spencer and I went for a more logical approach of old shoes, and crappy clothes.
We started - the boys took off. I made my way behind them making sure to watch my pace, but, also making sure they stayed at a visible distance (it was really helpful they were all wearing Oxy colors, orange, so I could easily pick them out of the group). We ran for a mile and a half, at that point I had passed a majority of the girls. The first obstacles, which was a mess of old car tires, confirmed that I was in the lead for the girls in my heat. I was running really well - but all that was on my mind was A) I don't want to knock out my teeth on an obstacle (this is a day-to-day concern of mine) B) where is the mud I saw people covered in? And can I avoid it? C) I better not break a nail.
I noticed I was getting closer and closer to Spence, after a few more obstacle I caught up to him and shared the news that I had broken a darn nail (good thing I had plains to pamper my toes and my hands the following day - after spending years in ski boots it seems only appropriate to pamper my feet - it is like me saying "thank you for letting my shove you into hard-plastic boot subzero temperatures and cutting off the blood flow. Let me repay you...", then I blew past him - them I could see the other two guys ahead of him. As I started to near the finish people started saying "there's the first girl" that statement alone gave me the little extra charisma that I needed to finished. Then....it was the water - talk about a mess of people. I just shoved people out of my way - started to walk across the bridge and was informed I had to swim - fine. I swam out instead of doing the bouncing of the lake floor method like a lot of other people were doing....just then...I saw...the MUD. Ugh, seriously? I delicately maneuvered through and at that point I had caught up with the other boys - anddddd into the finish! I was SO pumped - especially to learn I was indeed the first girl in my heat to finish! Spencer came in a few minutes later and then we went and cheered on Noel.
I had a blast. I would love to do another event like this again soon - and actually it turns out there is one in Irvine in April! Perfect...
Time to get my second wind, we have ANOTHER birthday tonight...

Sending love from SoCal and a warrior ;)

I just found out I placed 182 out of 9700+ people today (both men & women), 7th overall for all ages of women and 5th for my age group of 20-30! I'm so pumped!!! I can wait for my next run!

Techno, not the music

So, finally I realized that lack of posts was because I have been under the impression that I cannot post from my IPhone and IPad -- well, it looks like that isn't the case anymore! :) I don't know why I find it so difficult to open my computer and type somedays (maybe its because I've been staring at a monitor all day...).

Headed to the Warrior Dash with Spence - Wish us luck!

Sending love from socked in & drizzling SoCal!


Excuses, Excuses....

Okay....last night I didn't blog because I fell asleep.

Tonight, I am just completely caught up in watching the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo - it s excellent! I have been a movie watching fein lately....so not like me! Maybe after the movie I will have time blog about "My Knoaky"...

And...California, maybe I please have my sunny and 75 degree back yet? Thanks.....

Sending Love from socked in SoCal.


Make You Drool

I love cooking - I am sure that if you are reading my blog you are well aware of that by now. I started mixing up concoctions in the kitchen way back when I was dressed in my Oshkosh b'gosh overall in preschool. Any opportunity that I have to cook for people I will gladly take advantage of the situation (actually I get semi-preturbed when I cannot cook, although I do enjoy a meal out at a nice restaurant).

With Spencer off enjoying spring break I decided to take that to my advantage and brew up all the things he doesn't care for on a menu (but I do) i.e. fish & mushrooms, believe it or not those are really the only two things that we disagree on when it comes to food. I really didn't mess around tonight: Maple syrup salmon, goat cheese and baked garlic stuff portobella mushrooms, wild rice and asparagus with a glass of white. Do you want to hear the best part? I cooked it all while I was listening to chick music (Rihanna, Drake and Jason Derulo) THEN I watched The Descendants which in my opinion was an absolutely AMAZING movie - I could probably watch it again (tonight). The only bad part about making dinner is there was no one to do the dishes :(

It look like tomorrow is round two of salmon (I bought enough for two nights)

Okay, time to finish my tea and crash.

Sending love from SoCal!

Don't get Crazzzzy

Mah Girls. 

Mahhhhhria (insert cat lady voice) 


This will be the closest I get to owning Bvlgari ....ever...

Mah main squeeze. 
Spence (which I was informed the other day to NEVER spell his name without an 'e' on the end of it....whatever...I spell it how I want. Personally, I prefer Spants) went to LA for one of my best friend - and her roommates birthdays! It was a blast - we went to little dive bars all over Santa Monica. We got some great pictures that night, thanks to Camera+ (my FAVH app ever)! This weekend Spants and I are gearing up for the Warrior Dash and another birthday bash. I love staying busy on the weekends...and enjoying my youth - but, until then....this youthful life needs to get some shuteye.

Sending Love from SoCal!


Brussels Sprouts

Gosh, I was doing so well with blogging once a day until yesterday - Darn! Speaking of yesterday, it POURED here! Right when I thought the rain would stop, it would start raining again. Spants and I hustled back down here from LA to make his baseball game which oddly was not cancelled until 5 minutes after he was supposed to be there (luckily, because of my procrastination skills we didn't make it down the the garage until he got the text saying no ball). So, what does one do when baseball is cancelled and it is raining? Really, there is only one answer: Sleep (and watch movie teasers). It was an amazing day to catch up on some Zzz's and eat Brussels sprouts - something I have NEVER done before. 
Spencer had e-mailed me a pizza recipe the other day saying he wanted it for dinner - it was a Brussels Sprouts Bacon Pizza (Click HERE to check out the recipe). Of course, I winced at the idea of eating these little iceberg lettuce wannabes - in my entire 25 years of live I managed to avoid eating these little green balls...for no REAL reason. So....on Sunday I did it. The pizza was delicious - I enjoyed the sprouts so much I actually cooked the left overs tonight. For those of you who haven't cooked Brussels Sprouts either, try this out: 

In a bowl mix together 2 tablespoons of Balsamic Vinegar and 1 tablespoon EVOO, Salt and Pepper. Add the Sprouts and make sure they get covered in the Oil/Vinegar mixture. Pour out onto a baking sheet, toss them in the oven at 450 degrees and cook them until the outside turns slightly brown (I would tell you how long, but I got side track with reading the news so by the time I gave the sprouts some attention they were slightly blackened). I informed Spencer with a  mouthful of food today that "I would probably eat these again" -- also, Brussels Sprouts have anticancer properties, so, EAT UP! 

Spencer is going to do man stuff the next few days i.e. camping/back packing - guess what the first thing he packed in his backpack was? His rain jacket. Smart, right? NOT! I made a comment, and he informed me that he was just trying to put all of his stuff in the bag for now....righttttttttttt. What on earth do boys pack for camping anyways? 

Okay, time to get back to my documentary about China right now - I am captivated by the part lizard part bird on the TV right now....

Sending Love from SoCal!   


Lickity Split



J//J//3L, don't question my order. 

We Will Protect This House. 

Mustache March

Laguna Riding. 

I deserved this. 

Taking it back to the old school. Circa 2005, PK looks like a hooligan. 

So - I am heading to Venice for one of my very best friends birthday tonight, she joins the 26 year old club! Yikes, we are aging....
Today I went for a killer ride in Laguna with some of my Oakley pals, it was swell. The scenery was unreal - I admit I completely take it fore granted. Today, and interesting question was posed about living in Tahoe verses here -- that was a hard one to answer. I thought about it a majority of the climb that we had up to the next trail we rode....After abruptly spurting out the answer of 'I'd like in Tahoe' I ate my words and decided I am pretty satisfied with living in this odd land of Orange County.
The last couple days I have had an obsession with dinosaurs. They are expensive to buy, just a little FYIzzies, I spent $7 on 12 of them - they are all almost painted gold (because they are gangster!).
Spants went to Mexico today, evidently they don't have cell phone service in Mexico - I decided he was kidnapped by the cartel. But, he just text me. I guess he is coming home.

Well, time to go get sassy and "put my lips on" (in the words of my amazing grandmother).

Sending Love from SoCal.


A Bike History

Biking and I have always had a love/hate relationship. I like to think I was bred for the sport - with the years that my mom spent mountain biking and racing, and the years and thousands of miles my dad has put down on his road bike and racing.
My first bike was a red and pink strawberry shortcake bike - it was awesome. I'll try to dig up a picture of it and share at some point. It has a hard plastic seat and training wheels. Then of course I up-graded big time to a purple Rocky Mountain right before we moved to Colorado - that still had training wheels but I made a huge up grade with real brakes on my handle bars - none of that pedal backwards stuff. Come to think of it the idea of riding a two-wheel is extremely terrifying at 5 years old. Once I out grew that bike (yes, believe it or not I did grow at one point in my life) I got the coolest yellow Giant with a red fork -- yah baby, suspension! I remember riding around with my mom in Sierra Vista - there was one time we had to go through a cow pasture and the only logical thing for a 10 year old and her mom to do heard cattle - that same ride I found some porcupine quills - they quickly became helmet décor (which if you had ridden with me, you know I still decorate my helmets. Now with rhinestones and good luck pigs though). At some point in middle school I decided I was way to cool for biking and stopped - pshhh biking? Who needs that, especially when you have a  horse which does all the work for you?
We moved to Crested Butte and it was decided that biking was all the sudden kind of cool again - more or less I wanted a new fancy object to show off. My mom brought me to a ski shop where they were selling their previous seasons rental bikes - there she was, my black KHS (which is still in the family today)...it was that bike that really got the ball rolling for me, of course if this sport conflicted with A) Prom B) meant I was going to get muddy C) I just had painted my nails D) Volleyball E) had to ride with the boys I was not interested. So, after forcefully joining the mountain bike club at school I became pretty darn good at coming up with excuses as to why I cannot ride that day. Finally, the club leader figured it out and those little "I have to study for my Spanish exam" (which, I probably wasn't even in Spanish class at the time) no longer worked. I went on my first ride - it was a blast. The weather was crappy, I was getting caked it mud - I was with my school buddies, all the sudden I was sold. I started riding every now and then - it was cool. I love riding around acting and trying to look like I knew what I was doing. Then, I all the sudden loved going out on long rides alone, hauling-a** and just the feeling of going biking.
Soon my ski coaches had me biking for dry land because of my wrists (the weight room was not my forté especially after the multiple cracks and sprains and tears I managed to do to my wrists at the youthful age of 15) then the idea of a bike race was tossed in the pot. After huge hesitation I put on my bike jersey that cold Crested Butte summer morning and went to race other girls on bike - I won. I LOVED the sport that day. I started traveling all over the states for races, and well...from there is was history (that history consists of spending a majority of my summers pedaling, buying 2 downhill bikes, 2 road bike, a beach cruiser, trying to be better than the boys racing and camping, and trying to find new sponsorships that would keep my love for biking going).
Of course, I few bike up grades later, some grueling & painstaking rides and races and being subdued to multiple injuries I have become a recreational rider - I decided this 2 summers ago while I was recovering from knee surgery. So, above I mentioned I had a hate relationship with biking too? Well, normally those times come from mechanical issues, when it is too hot or cold, when I just ride like a junk show and well....when I trick myself into thinking that I don't like the sport - but, deep down inside I could never hate biking. After the slice and dice on my knee there was all the sudden something so nice about hoping on my bike after a day at the lake (yes, I was actually working...) pedaling up into the mountains, enjoying a beer away from society and taking in all the beautiful things I was surrounded by - it was also phenomenal personal time, and my friends all the sudden wanted to ride with me, they weren't worried that we were going to end up on a power ride, although, I do love to put the pedal to the metal on climbs. I am so thankful for everything I have learned from biking and how that translates over to life. I didn't ride for almost an entire year when I moved to LA for school, being realistic I didn't really have time to either. When we made the move further south to Orange County I was able to get back out there and find my peace of mind. It was amazing - now I am out on my bike a minimum of 3 days a week. I have made some amazing friends over the last couple of months that I have been down here...all because of bikes. I am so thankful.

So, every now and then Oakley has these amazing employee only mountain bike races which I have previously shared with you. Well, today one of the guys that I ride with shared a video that he made of the last race - you can watch it by clicking HERE! It is pretty awesome that we are allowed to go out and play on bikes in the morning and then be back at work in the afternoon, I don't know very many places that let you do that....

Gearing up

Pretty freaking cool! 


Sending Love from SoCal


My Pillow is Calling....

Wouldn't this be nice? I guess that is what Saturday and Sunday are for....I am exhausted today. I am finishing my wine & tea (odd mixture I know - and, NO they are not actually mixed together...).

Sorry for the short post....

Sending Love From SoCal



The star is where Beach Hut is, if you look to the upper right it says "Oakley"

So - one of my very very best friends just posted something about going to Beach Hut Deli (only one of the best deli's I have every been to....right behind Johnny McGuire's). Mind you, I am not much of a sandwich person, but, when the opportunity is right I dive in. There is a Beach Hut Deli right near my old house in Reno (technically I guess it would be near all the old places I used to live at in Reno seeing that they were less than 3 miles apart). I used to go there with my pals enough a brewski and a sami and be in a happy place - the food is always so satisfying. 
After I saw his post I grabbed my handy dandy MacBook Pro turned on the inter web and googled "Beach Hut Deli" and checked out the locations, I saw "Brentwood" for some reason it did not resonate with me that I live NO WHERE near Brentwood (AKA bay area) - but, when I looked at the map I got EXTREMELY excited because I saw "Oakley" - I thought to myself: Holy cow! How did I not know that I worked SO close to a Beach Hut?!? Clearly, my blonde powers had taken over my thinking process - then I decided to zoom out and I was sadden to see that Oakley is a town, and Brentwood is near Oakland/San Fran. Oi......... That is what I like to call a "chocolate blonde" moment. Looks like I won't be  having Beach Hut any time soon, bummercitytown! 

Sending Love from SoCal


Mah Favah.

Everyone has to have at least 1 piece of clothing that is their favah (favorite). Mine? My vest....Thanks for asking (well, I guess it would be more like wondering). It can be 90 degrees and I sweating and I will still have this thing on. I sleep in it...I always put it on before I walk out the door - it is almost like the replacement for the Lange hat I used to wear (for those of you who knew my love for that hat, this vest is extremely similar. Scary?)  Sue (my aunt...and yes, I happen to have two aunts named Sue) bought it for me via Christmas years and years ago - I picked it up at the Alpineer in Crested Butte. I had never owned a vest before, but, I knew it was time. I remember it was expensive (for a college kid - then again, any cold weather gear seems to be expensive no matter your income). I wore it on and off again - at some point during college in Tahoe it became my staple piece (I could wear it coaching in the winter and life guarding in the summer). My vest, like Bucky, has made the venture to LA and down south to Orange County - I wear this thing ALL the time. I've had to patch it (thank goodness I had black fabric). Have I mentioned my horrible wrap with down products? Once, after just receiving a indian blue & black Northface down jacket that I yearned for so badly during my 8th grade year - I decided it would only be appropriate to wear it while baking cookies...I reached into the oven, bumped the sleeve against the metal rack BOOOM feathers & my tears everywhere. I was so upset. Of course...my mom fixed it right up. That jacket lived a long time...through zippers and ski races and all the way down to my sister and her affinitive love for the jacket.
My vest goes with everything: shorts, jeans, sweats, dresses, bathing suits...you name it...I can make it work - at the end of the day I don't care if I look like a fool because I am comfy.
What is yewr favah  piece of clothing?

Sending Love from SoCal.

(oh, don't worry...I am wearing my vest)


Girl Talk & Cookies

I decided that it was only appropriate for me to showcase my amazing baking skills and get crafty in the kitchen tonight - Chocolate chip pretzel cookies are in the oven, 8 minutes left. For some reason I throughly enjoy brining in baked goods in to my co-workers, as well as feeding them to hungry med school students. Oddly, enough Spencer brought this article to my attention this evening: Your Pushy Coworkers Might Be Making You Fat (personally, I would like to add on to this title and say Your Pushy Coworkers Might Be Making You Fat, or perhaps this is a sign you should hit the gym -- just a thought). I, myself do not eat my baked goods - nor am I interested in eating them. I always just ask "Do they taste good?", chances are the person says "yes".
My mom says that I should have a cooking show, boy would I love that. Cooking, like art, comes naturally to me....I guess you could say. Spencer says that I should open a pizza restaurant - that would be neat. Personally, I would prefer a coffee shop, so I could nestle up in the corner of a big comfy chair, sip on a nicely brewed black coffee during the day while enjoying a book and listening to what the customers are gossiping about.

Gossip. Girl Talk. Call it what you what. I tried to explain to Spencer tonight, that I have a very "dry sense of girl humor" - he didn't get it. I am sure I am the only person that understands what I mean, but, in my head it makes sense and that is allll that matters, right?
Have you ever noticed how girls carry on a conversation with people? It is pretty funny. Let me put it simply, when I leave work I tend to turn my brain off, that is unless, I have errands to run, bills to pay or place to be. When my brain is off one can only expect the most amazingly pointless comments to be blurted out, fore instances...in the checkout line at Sprouts tonight I carried on some serious girl talk with the cashier (this one particular girl and I always seem to have quiet eventful conversations where a lot is being said, but of course in very few works -- and we both feel very satisfied) - Spencer and I were buying a chicken, a kombucha, and a box of cuties --

Cashier: "Oh, these were on sale last week. I wish I would have bought some!"
Me: "I did. They weren't as good as normal..."
Cashier: "Oh, what was wrong with them?" 
Me: "They were filled with air pockets! It was so weird"
Cashier (at the same time as me): "weird"
Cashier: "Well, next time I will give you free ones" 
Me: "Wow, Thanks!" 

That probably made no sense...but, to me it did. They she proceeded to ask paper or plastic, I said none...thinking that since I was at the health food/eco friendly/ green store it was only appropriate to say "no bag", well in all reality...that was just plain silly. Spants and I got in the car and he just looked at me and said "What was that?", "What was what?" I replied.... "What happened in there? Air pockets?" - insert blank stare - "Yah, they were weird, I could have explained them in a different way but that would have just been really inappropriate". After sometime passed I then confessed to Spencer that I wish I was a Thesuraus so that I could have come up with a bunch of other words other than "weird", and of course I started to list them off for him. 

What happened tonight reminded me of all the fun times I had in high school were my friend Phillipa and I could just look at each other and basically know what we were thinking - clearly, it is a girl thing. 

Ohhhh cookies are done! 

Sending Love from SoCal! 


I have been a slacker.
Therefore, I am making a goal for myself.... are you ready?

I will blog every day for a month (I am hoping this carries over to just continuous blogging - similar to how I used to find the time to write all the time).

Okay - so...let the typing begin.

Sending Love from SoCal.

Backyard SuperD

It is windyyyyyy out right now, wow! I wouldn't be surprised if a palm tree came flying through my window - seriously! Last night, you should have heard the rain...it was insane! I've never experienced anything like it - complete opposite of what I am used to,  in the mountains you don't hear the snow falling.

Two fridays ago (March 9th) was another Oakley Backyard race. Are you wondering what that is? Two every talented mountain bikers and dedicated O employees put together a sporadic race series which encompasses all the trails around FHR, only for employees. It is awesome. Last time it was a true test of your bike handling skills, as well as your endurance as we haul butt down joplin to luge. The most recent race was a little different - it was a super d (a cross between downhill & cross county). I was on the fence about it after I rode the course -- way to much climbing. And, for once I openly admitted that I don't set myself up for failure (that has always just been a silent comment for my brain only). Then...the course changed and I felt a little more comfortable with what we would be riding. My goal for this race was to get as many O women involved - my efforts didn't really pay off, but, maybe next race they will. Luckily, there was one other lady there that had decided to come play -- she is awesome and I really hope I can ride bike with her more often.

Friday I showed up to play on my bike - we did the normal climb and stared promptly at 8:40 (I think?) I was the 3rd person to go. It probably would have helped it my resuspension would have been "unlocked"for the first downhill - and I was wondering why the heck my bike felt so funny! ha! I climbed a grueling hill and went down another fun (actually my favorite on the Oakley trails) and then back up towards the headquarters - from there I had no clue where I was going, so after following the orange paint and tape, falling over a few times, running my bike and playing a little Q&A on where I was supposed to go I finished. 22 minutes. Not bad...I know I could have been faster.

Almost to the end (right after I flipped over)



Amy & I 

I love biking. 

Sending Love from SoCal - Enjoy your Sunday!


Wine Tasting

Let the tasting begin. 
I have never been wine tasting. Strange right? I have lived in California for close to 7 years now (that is strange in an entirely different way - YIKES!) and have never made it to Napa, or Temecula, or SLO, or any other place that has miles and miles of vineyards. I am a wine connoisseur - I think I picked that up from my mom's family (although, I have found myself bellying up to the bar lately and ordering whiskey with coke and an entire lime - sorry dad I just can't do that stuff plain yet). When I used to be in Tahoe, cooking for a party of one every night I would get as adventurous on different wines as a lifeguard budget would allow.

I have strict rules about how I will consume my wine:
1) It has to be in either a stemless glass or a ball jar - I am really good a knocking over real wine glasses. This rule is cancelled out, if I am out at dinner and have no choice.
1.5) If I feel like using a straw, that is perfectly acceptable.
2) $10 rule. I live in California, therefore there are plenty of fantastic wines that I can get without breaking the bank. It has to be a REAL special occasion for me to go over the $10 limit (fore instance, the other day at Saarloos & Sons - it was unreal!).
3) Don't waste the wine unless it is gives you a 'thizz face.

While in Santa Barbara the other day I was lucky enough to go wine tasting. My colleagues and I climbed onto a renovated trolley - which took us back into the Santa Ynez area. First stop was Fess Parker Winery. Yes, as in Davey Crockett -- equip with coonskin caps and smokey tasting wines. After a long night of hydrating with wine the night before I wasn't really interested in the idea of tasting more wine and I was determined to go on a run before dinner since I oversleep in the morning - but, I took advantage of the situation and tried the 10 different wines on the list.
Coonskin cap wearin' 
Of course I saved my glass from every winery to commemorate my first wine tasting experience. One one has shattered so far. We hopped back on the trolley and headed down a bumpy road, passed some road bikers (at that instance I wished I was biking) and headed to Zaca Mesa. I was obsessed with the lights that they had around their tasting area, as well as the counter top - their Mesa Reserve Syrah was really nice - unlike everyone else I promised myself and my bank account that I wouldn't buy any wine while I was on the tasting. So far it was working out pretty well.....
White pants and animal print shoes. 

We loaded back onto the trolley and headed towards Los Olivos for one last wine tasting experience - this one seemed to be more on a whim, no reservation - no real agenda - Just piling 20 Oakley employees into a cute little cottage that was decorated to the 9's. We were at Saarloos & Sons. I went crazy taking photos of everything because I was so capitative by this little place - We were told that the owner had to say it was okay to allow so many people to taste without a reservation, he agreed - I am so happy he did too! From the moment I entered I was super interested in the labels of the bottles, they were old photos - which I later found out that each had a story behind them such as his grandmother, grandfather, etc. They owner wrangled our group into a side room where everyone quickly took notice to his (Keith) Oakley prescription glasses - it couldn't have been better timing to hear someone talk so passionately about our brand. Keith shared his wine and his stories about who Saarloos & Sons was and what the winery was about. No tasting notes - although, when describing one wine he did bring in some "tasting notes", if you will, in comparison to (to put this in a PG way) a classy date, and a not so classy date - best description ever!
On the mantel

Sitting on my counter - Red: Extended Family. Wine: Hers. 

I could go on for ever about this place. Every wine was truly amazing, from the first taste of "Brielle" to the Black Flag port that I hesitantly tasted (I am not a big port person, too sweet). On the weekends they have cupcakes - you can do wine and cupcake tasting! How perfect - I want to bring all my girlfriend back up here to share this experience with them. Something that Keith said that I have kept in mind is: wine, is like love and should be experienced not explained (okay, so that isn't what he said exactly, but it was something like that). I absolutely adored how passionate this man was about his business. I highly suggest a trip to visit Saarloos & Sons.

So, my first wine tasting experience was a success -- I may now be a sucker for tasting.

Sending Love from SoCal.

b(LAH)g Catch-Up not Ketchup

Hey there old friends -

Boy have I been busy. I had the pleasure of going to Vegas two weeks ago for a convention, then this week I was blessed enough to join the marketing team for a few days at the Bacara Resort in Santa Babara. I learned so much - it was a very insightful trip. I will admit, I am pretty zonked right now. I was supposed to be adventuring to San Diego today to visit and old family friend, but, due to the weather and being purely exhausted I am sitting on my couch drinking coffee (I am not complaining). I figured it was time for some b(LAH)g-ing catch-up (not ketchup).

First...some Ansel iPhone for you:
In my opinion, this is one of the best movies (chick flicks) I have seen lately - Maybe I am bias since Pearce worked on it. But still totally worth seeing. 

Every weekend I try to cook myself a REAL breakfast. Clearly, it was pancakes when this picture was taken (gosh, I can't even remember which weekend that was because I am all over the place). Pancakes remind me of being a little kid in our first house in Colorado - I tried to take the cue's on how to cook the perfect pancake from my dad - but mine are ALWAYS burnt or undercooked. Boo :( 

I may be an extraordinary baker and dinner maker - but, I cannot fry an egg if my life depended on it...that was until my mom talked me through it via text message last weekend. Now, I have it under control. I thought eggs were something you were supposed to learn how to cook first? 

I received a package with the most amazing gift in it - a dress that my grandmother had in the 1940's. I LOVE it! I can't wait to find a sunny California weekend to wear it! 

First, let me point out my nails. Yes, cheetah print. Second, I was proud that I had an extra dollar in my purse to buy a scratch ticket (it is a Friday thing in the office). 
Jenga. Friends. PBR & Cupcakes. Talk about a GREAT night. 

Zinc Cafè after biking. Bliss. 

Okay...I guess I will say here. My room at the Palazzo was a pretty great surprise! (yes, it has different levels)

I really miss it there. Not for the snow, but for all the beauty that Tahoe possesses. You don't realize how lucky you are until you leave...same goes for Crested Butte.  

Caffeine. Vitamins. Drinks. 

I am proud to share with you all that I am now growing green onions on my TV stand - hey, I can't have a garden outside so I mind as well take advantage of the small patch of sunlight we get inside every day! 

Backyard Super-D - Successful. 

I made Brian and Ella a "home gift" aka their own set of Jenga. 

I was really confused when I woke up last Sunday. 

Fess Parker Winery. 

'Tis the season. I love spending my Sundays watching Spant's play baseball. 

I found this online, it made me laugh. 

Ed sent me this picture. Nothing special right? WRONG. This is the Armada CR jacket that  I worked on while I was interning for them. It is so cool to see something that I "made" become real - someday I will be able to design again. 

Have your snow. I have my bike & am getting tan. Warren once told me that tan people are happy people, I couldn't agree more. 

Sending Love from SoCal