Sarah Stickers

After the news of Sarah came, I automatically wanted to give back. She impacted me so much, I felt as though it was only appropriate. Sites such as Give Forward: Sarah Burke popped up (raising enough essentially overnight to pay back her medical bills), as well as Shreddy Times & Sticker Pack offering ways to support Sarah's family, memorials and foundations in her honor...also linking back to the Giving Forward interweb site. 

I immediately jumped on being able to order some stickers from Shreddy Times (Thanks Michelle!), what a great idea -- they come in an array of different colors, and as I saw from social network updates they have been hard at work sending out stickers to those whom have made donations. "Each sticker cost $5.00. The price of the envelope and stamp comes to 47 cents. Each sticker bought will donate $4.53 to Sarah’s fund." 
Sticker # 1

Sticker # 2
I added an "I ski for Sarah" to my desk area the other day at Oakley, and I have never been so proud for people to stop by and ask what it is for / what it means -- I love sharing how Sarah impacted my life. Thanks again for being such a fantastic role model, hero, and showing me that any goal I set is obtainable! 

Sending Love from SoCal. 


I miss

In the last year and a half my life has changed a lot. I have completely given up the lifestyle which I grew up in (skiing), packed up my belongings headed South and pursued another degree, found a great internship which lead to an adult job...and well...now I call the beach my home. Don't get me wrong...there are a lot of things that I miss tremendously -- I have actually been thinking a lot about this lately and here is what I have come up with... Enjoy.

I miss:
My fantastic family & the beach

Pretending I know how to square dance...

 Having enough space to painting

Skiing with mah dad on Christmas day


Donner Lake

My amazing mother

My sidekicks Christina & tr(ashley)

Banx. Who has more energy than I do....

Em, and our late night "cheers" and bed parties. 


Working at Chambers Landing

Playing connect the dots


College football

Mike Wilson: a person that shares my sense of adventure x 20,000

Burning Man, and the friends I made. 


Court. One of the toughest girls when it comes to injuries that I know! 


Spencer Reeves, and...doing handstands


Mashing on my Downhill Bike

Watching Spencer play baseball

A good game of scrabble

Hiking in LA

Racing (yes, the competitive side of me is coming out)

Golfing and making a fool of myself

Waking up to the first snow of the season

I semi-miss chopping wood. Not the stacking part....

Becca & Maria, even though they are only 40 minutes away. 

Drinking endless margaritas with friends

X-games with Kev

Video chatting with my American turned Austria..Matt

Of course there are a zillion other things that I miss, but these were the first things that came to mind. 

Sending love from SoCal.


Sarah Burke

My heart is heavy -- I can't even muster up the right words to explain how I feel. Yesterday, heaven acquired a new member to their ski team: Sarah Burke. She impacted my life, like many others dramatically, she is a hero, an icon, a friend, a legacy. She had the biggest heart, and one of the most welcoming and comforting smiles, she always made me laugh. She did more for the world of women's freeskiing in her 29 years of life, than most people even do in a lifetime. Every instance that I was able to spend time with her on and off throughout the winters I was always starstruck, she was Sarah Burke the person who paved the way for women's freeskiing -- but, after the nervous would go away I quickly realized every single time that she is one of most genuine people in world. Her heart truly was made of gold.

Sarah, thank you for being my inspiration and my hero and a role model to girls everywhere. Thank you for showing me that any goal I set is obtainable. Thank you for lighting up the room with your smile, and being so open and sincere. Thank you for being you.

I, like many others will miss you greatly. Thank you for showing me anything is possible, you're amazing.

Until we meet again.

Sending Love from SoCal to Rory, and the rest of the Burke family.


Hidden in a folder called 'purty'

Oddly enough I just found this in my unpublished archives...I thought it was only appropriate to share...

I have been lucky enough to go all over the place to beautiful locations. I was just playing around on my computer tonight when I came across a folder labeled 'purty' I opened it and this is what I found:

Lyme, New Hampshire -- River Road
Las Vegas, NV -- Sky Bar
Las Vegas, NV -- Circle Bar (Thank you Robbie Sell)
Santa Cruz, CA -- Panther Beach

San Fran, CA -- Golden Gate

Kittery, Maine
Truckee, CA -- Boca Res
Lyme, New Hampshire -- Home
Truckee, CA -- Boreal Ski Area
Outer Banx, NC -- Bodie Island Light House
Truckee, CA -- Northstar

Truckee, CA -- Heaven                                   
Tahoma, CA -- Baby Beach

Donner Pass, CA -- Train Tunnels              
Yerintgton, NV -- Night in the Country

Mogul, NV -- Train Tracks
Outer Banx, NC -- Pompano Ct. 
Kittery, Maine -- Beach
Woodstock, VT -- covered bridge
Crested Butte, Colorado -- Home. 
Outer Banx, NC -- Sand Crabs
Salt Lake City, UT -- Make Out Point
Salt Lake City, UT -- Sushi
Duck, NC -- Army Corps Pier
Santa Cruz, CA -- Panther Beach
Crested Butte, CO -- Near...Devil's Punch Bowl
Somewhere in Maryland
Crested Butte, CO -- The most beautiful place on earth!