Well -- I have officially become a horrible blogger again.
Actually, I have become a horrible social networker. To tell you the truth, I kind of like it. By the time I get home from work I am so exhausted and force myself to go the gym the last thing on my mind it longing on to my blog & Facebook. But -- I am going to try to get back into the grove.

Here are highlights of the last few weeks for me:

-I turned 25. Yah, over the hill.
-I saw one of my BFF's and he complained about how I don't update my blog (so there Wilson..updating..)
- Syd is still syd. Talk about a gold digger...between my parents and myself we have poured more money into the car that it was purchased for. I want a new car -- end of story. Frankly, I deserve one to.
-I have been a cooking animal -- cilantro lime pesto tacos, goat cheese roasted chicken macaroni, braised tofu...
-Spencer's parents are truly amazing, they are making it so I am able to travel east for christmas for the first time in two years. Wow, I have no clue how to re-pay them.
- I have become highly addicted to the TV show Lost -- which is on Netflix.
- I learned that Big-O is a Big-money stealing company.
- I decorated my office with photos of people who mean the world to me.
-I started a tumblr -- but, going back to the social media thing..I don't really use it.
-I have been mountain biking!!!!! One of the few things I am overly pumped on right now.
-Made some friends -- really really pumped on this.
-Spent my birthday in Venice with my bestie (s)  from LA.
-I am working on an art project for a charity foundation (bridge to skate), pretty excited about that.
-Decided that I am going to walk at the FIDM graduation in June (well I am like 72% sure).
-Donated blankets to homeless people -- it was so rad to see how happy they were.
-Donated food for the less fortunate so that they can enjoy Thanksgiving.
-Got a popcorn maker for my birthday, WHICH I have been using EVERY SINGLE day. AWESOME!
-Become a SoCal gym junky -- that is only until daylight saving again.
-Got my own insurance for the first time in my life -- I ALMOST pay for EVERYTHING myself.
-My neighbor got evicted, which is GREAT for me -- finally some silence.
-IT has been POURING here today, which means the mtn. biking trails will be AWWWESOME!

So, pretty boring. Right? I am trying to get some apps on my phone (like 3 months later so I can actually take rad phones again) and then there can be some more Ansel iPhone.

Sending Love from SoCal.



I have ALWAYS been fascinated by colors.
One of my favorite books is Tony & Tina's Color Energy

Freshman Yr. Highschool

" I Alone" by Live 
Throw back to Highschool



I found this the other day while I was looking for some inspiration -- The ABC's of work essentially:

ACCOMPLISHMENT -- We all need to feel like we are getting things done & reaching worthwhile goals.

BELONGING -- We need to interact with others in such a ay that our relationship with them influences our definition of who we are.

COMFORT -- We all need to feel some degree of security so that we can relax and be calm and safe.

DEPENDABILITY -- We all need a certain amount of predictability and regularity in our on going life.

ESTEEM -- We need to feel reasonably good about ourselves.

FINANCES -- We all need enough funds to lead a fulfilling life.

I am not sure if there are more -- but I thought these 6 words were great, they are an excerpt from Resilience at Work by Maddi & Khoshaba. I would love to eventually read more of the book...soooo it will be added to the long list of books to read that I have piled up.

Sending Love from SoCal!