On occasion Spencer has music that I like -- Butttttttttttttt anything he has that is Skrillex/dupstepish I want to rip my hair-out. I have no clue how he is able to concentrate with that stuff -- but, to each his own. When he is DJing I can just give him "the look" (which is different than "the look" that my mom, Sarah and Ed are familiar with) and he knows to change the song. Normally the response will be "well, what do you what to listen to then?" ha. So the other night he said he has something that I would like -- yah, sure whatevs. Then he put on SuperHeavy who is a group make up of: Mick Jagger, Damian Marley, Joss Stone, A.R. Rahman & Dave Stewart. Talk about a great group -- I have only been able to listen to a few of their songs between Spencer & YouTube, but it is amazing. They are a fairly new collaboration group -- they started in 2009 but just released their music within the last two months. It is a great mix of rock, reggae, and the signature Joss Stone Indie style. Give it a listen!

Sending Love from SoCal


This morning I woke up craving breakfast -- not like Oatmeal, or cereal, or an egg...I am taking pancakes (or a single pancake in my case). Then I was immediately put off by the idea when I realized I didn't have any sugar. darn. I did know there were some waffles in the freezer, but that wasn't going to be the same. I think I was jonsing to use the syrup that Mr. Warren Witherell has sent me as a graduation present (let me get ahead of myself DELICIOUS!). Once I grabbed a chair and rummaged through the cupboards that are meant to for a giant -- there in the back was a bag of sugar. I found a simple recipe on my phone and went to town.
Why is it the parents tend to make the best pancakes? I remember being a little monster in Colorado and 'helping' make the ever varying weekend breakfast in our spacious house on Sierra Vista before the divorce. Those pancakes were always fluffy and cooked to the perfect consistency (I do know that the secret was sometimes just using Bisquick), and they were the perfect size.
Today my pancake was thick, and heavy. I remembered the trick of watching the top of the uncooked side for bubbles and that was the 'go sign' to flip the cake. The bubbles never came, I took a shot in the dark with turning over my breakfast. Once I decided that the cake looked done I tossed it on a plant a long with an oversized, unhealthy slab of butter & then proceeded to drowned the cake in the amber maple syrup. Well, it tasted amazing -- it is a gut bomb. Every single bit I took all I could think about was how long I am going to have to ride my bike today and how long my run should be this evening, and if calorie wise I deserve lunch.

Sending Love from SoCal


Caffeine study

Well, Harvard School of Public Health has amazed me the last few days. Maybe I should just keep on reading all the fantastic food/consumption articles that they put out. Today while doing my normal interneting rounds while enjoying breakfast and a giant mug of coffee I came across an article on the Daily Beast (my favorite news source) about coffee consumption and women, concerning the positive effect on lessening depression in women.

I drink coffee like it is going out of style. I started with the fru-fru Starbucks latte stuff with extra carmel & whipped cream and soon evolved my tastebuds into black as night coffee (I wish I could remember when I had my first cup of black coffee & what my reaction was. I know it has a VERY strong taste to it that a lot of people cannot handle -- I love it!). I blame it on biking -- coffee, or caffeine more of less was always prevalent when I was racing. Cold coffee, warm coffee, coffee after the race, coffee before a beer, coffee with dinner, coffee during the start of a ride (actually, a VERY long time ago when I used to meet my dad to ride 'the triangle' I would drive up from Reno. I would stop and grab a cup of crappy burnt tasting Starbucks so by the time I arrive it would be cold and I could down it. If I was lucky my dad would meet me at Wild Cherries -- the local coffee shop-- and he would have an americano or an espresso waiting for me. I would put it in my second water bottle holder and down drink it before we would start climbing over Brockway Pass. I bet people got a good giggle out of seeing a road rider hauling butt chugging on a coffee at 7-8 o'clock in the morning). I got to the point where I convinced myself I couldn't function without a giant cup of coffee in the morning -- I think that was all a mind game. Coffee is like drinking water for me now (which in some cases isn't good because I opt for caffeine more than tap water).

Anyways, a study was done performed from 1996-2006 with 51,000 women where they stats were taken every two years -- looking specifically at caffeine intake, health, depression, etc these women were said to consume 6-8 cups of coffee a day (which if you think about all the 'vent's' or large's which are ordered at Startbucks that is NOT that much -- although the study did not say what they qualified as a 'cup' of coffee size wise). There were around 2,500 cases of clinical depression which happened during the study -- the study showed that those who drank coffee showed a much lower likelihood of depression. The study showed that the consumption of coffee did not effect men the way that it did women, oddly enough. AND that symptoms of depression remained prevalent when the person was taking non-caffinated coffee -- the study also showed that things like black teas, sodas & other caffeinated beverages (and sugar-filled latte's go under this category too) do not provide the correct amount of caffeine needed to keep the symptoms at bay. Dr. Ascherio, whom preformed the study said that there are link to caffeine which are beneficial for neruodegenerative disorders.

Doctors are not going to start prescribing coffee & caffeine just yet -- more test need to be done. I think this is all pretty interesting, since I am an avid coffee drinker (actually it looks like it is time to go and re-fill). I am curious in the difference caffeine can really make, top that off with some endorphins from exercising and you are set! ha!

Sending Love from SoCal.


I think that Daphne Guinness is amazing. She is a fashion icon. 

Eating right

I am no nutritionist. Luckily, my mother did teacher me right from wrong when it came to dining. I will be the first to say that...yes...I do on occasion enjoy chowing down on Bacon, M&M's and jalapeƱo poppers (not together of course). I try my hardest to consume greens, and proteins and the right kind of grains. I remember growing up, and the short time that I spent in public school we would all be guided into the cafeteria for lunch -- you would join your friends at a table and trade food back and forth. A majority of the time I would have my lunch box at my side; I don't remember what it would be baring -- but I would always get milk. I vividly remember on the milk carton there was the food pyramid -- which really to me didn't mean anything. I remember it saying essentially "drink your milk, because it promotes strong bones!", and sugar is bad. I didn't see the pyramid for a while after there...actually years and years -- once I was in college sitting through my basic nutrition class.

Yes -- at one point I thought that I was going to be able to pull off being a nutritionist. UNR has a great program. Then I realized math was involved and I darted. One of the cool things that was an emphasis throughout the class was tracking your diet (well, for me this was a little difficult because throughout college food & I were either best buddies or not even friends at all), we were instructed to use Mypyramid.gov, which has now changed to choosemyplate.gov. The site basically gave you a run down on all of the good/bad stuff American citizens consume, and made a "special eating plan" for you -- of course this wasn't always correct, and it was very general but it was part of the class and eating healthy with all of the beers people drink in college isn't that bad.

This morning while checking my normal blogs I came across an article about the nutrition & cholesterol in eggs has changed according to USDA and fellow high school classmate GiGi DuBois (who writes great, easy to read articles for the Boulder Nutrition Examiner). One of the articles that really caught my eye was the food pyramid again.....dunnn dunnn dunnnnnnnn!

Harvard School of Public Health released a new take on the direction we should eat (the .gov sites have created a similar idea too. I really like this  Healthy Eating Plate -- It gives you the down and dirty of how you should choose your food fore instance "use healthy oils (like olive & canola oil) for cooking, on salads  and at the table. Limit butter" -- sorry Paula Deen. Harvard puts an emphasis on water intake throughout your day, and less dairy. They also share the hard truth that french fries don't count as a vegetable -- darn! I really enjoy the part about healthy proteins -- her in our humble little Newport apartment I try to limit the consumption of red meat -- I think I was red meat-ed out as a kid. The chosemyplate.gov link above is really interesting and has a bunch of fun facts -- if you have some extra interneting time on your hands it is well worth the click of the mouse.

It was funny a few weeks ago Spencer and I went to The Counter for dinner. On the table they had a small guide to making your own burger. It started with saying "Grain", where you would pick out the bread you want. Then I think it said "meat" or something like that, and then it went back to "vegetables". I thought out loud that this would be a perfect opportunity for them to try and play off the food pyramid -- I know.."play off", bad use of words..but it is the truth. A lot of restaurants and grocery stores hid how bad some foods really are.

Three of the best tips I ever found about eating were in Michael Pollan's In Defense of Food (which I highly suggest reading one of his books here is a little review I did on IDoF Click here).They were something like this:

 1) Shop on the OUTSIDE of the grocery store. That is where the must under processed foods are (think about it...the meat section, vegetables, dairy, bakery, etc) as soon as you enter the aisle you are entering a dark territory where who knows WHAT you are putting in your body.

2) If your grandmother/great-grandmother didn't eat it they you shouldn't either. I love to hear about my great grandmother being a HUGE fan of popcorn. Ironic we have the same name & popcorn is my go to for snacks.

3) This goes hand-in-hand with the one above, but If you can't pronounce the ingredients then you probably shouldn't be eating it.

Let's face it...with the busy life that a majority of Americans live it is hard to eat healthy and cook every single day. Sometimes there is nothing better than getting home and melting into the couch after a long day of school / work -- BUT -- try to get out of that routine. Pay attention to what you are consuming. If you feel like you need something crummy that do it, but don't make it a habit.

Okay --time for me to have something to eat. My tummy is growling.

Sending Love From SoCal.


Shoes have always been my weakness. I LOVE shoes. I like to wear them, I like to draw them, I enjoy everything about them. Shoes can get you noticed. I love Nike hi-tops (and Creative Rec's), I have a thing for TOMS (but not on the level that people down here in Newport do...yikes! I love boots. Riding boots, rain boots, emu boots (yes...although I am soooooo anti that style I do wear boots similar to uggs -- yep, I said it), boots with heals, booties, you name it! 

I go back and forth with liking heels -- sometimes I enjoying being wicked short...until I got a pair of Lita's. Awwwwwhhhhhh -- I wear them with everything. Jeans. Shorts. Skirts. Dressed. My PJ's. When I first got them I cried because I was so skeptical about the style and a few other reasons.... I taped the soles with the idea that if I wore them around and decided they were not my thing I could return them...yah...that lasted long. All of my firsts that own a pair are obsessed too...A major upgrade from my last pair of Steve Madden booties I purchased (although I do still love those too!). 

Lita's. My fav. I would LOOOOVE to get them in a different color, and/or the Foxy. 

Totally in love with these Balenciaga boots. WAY out of my price range -- Sam Edelman makes a VERY similar pair ( I think the Roza & the Lorissa are neat, but I hear they are strictly "Out to Dinner" shoes -- as in, they are so painful you can only wear them out to dinner! ha!)

And of course....the late Alexander McQueen Armadillo Shoe. 

One of my favorite parts about fashion week(s) is the preview of shoes...I feel as time goes on I can peep the details of the shoes even more...They are beautiful! If I ever had the opportunity to design a pair of shoes they would probably be giant....and AMAZZZING! 

Okay...off to bed to dream of shoes...

Sending Love from SoCal.


A word of advice i was given by my FIDM teachers when I left was don't stop being creative, always try to improve your talents. I have been down with school for close to a week and a 1/2 now and I have been dying to get creative -- I just didn't know which medium I wanted to explore. I thought about getting out the water colors, nah. Pastels, nope. Paints? Maybe. And then I decided to grab my bag of markers and go to town. Well...kind of.

For some reason I was consumed by the idea of pin-up girls today. Not the new era ones...but the Norman Keith Collins (aka Sailor Jerry. Yes, like the liquor -- pictured above). Something about his tattoos & sketches really captured me today so I decided I wanted to take the idea of his work and transform it into something of my own, mixed with a twist of Andy Warhol-esque color....odd I know. It probably doesn't make sense as you read this...but in my head it all comes together so nicely. Today I started sketching while the clouds engulfed the coast -- I had the TV on for noise but was not paying attention what so ever. I played around with various papers and paints, markers and colored pencils. It was making -- this type of thing is so relaxing for me. I honestly didn't even realize the time go by -- it was hard for me to stop but I knew I needed to get outside. As I stepped away from my rough first sketch I knew that I could only make it better and better and better. Then the idea crossed my mind of how I can incorporate something I love...shoes! I will admit the finishing paintings/sketches will be interesting.

Art is a wonderful thing. I look at the different thinks I have created, or the different message/emotion that I am trying to portray. Being creative has been a release for me since I was a little girl -- there was nothing better than going to town on my Fisher-Price easel. All through college and through the growth of this blog I realized that writing was another strong way of communicating what the heck is going on in my head -- sometimes things don't makes sense at all...but just typing them or painting or sketching them out brings so much relief. Heck, half of the time I don't even know what I am releasing -- but deep down I know there is something I am trying to share with the world whether it be positive or negative.

I am really looking forward to the upcoming week & the adventure that is ahead. Thank you all for the tremendous support -- I am so excited to take the step into 'big girl' life with my job opportunity and taking a break from the hustle & bustle lifestyle. This is awesome.

Sending Love from SoCal.


Today is another "relaxing" day for me. My job hasn't started yet & school is over. SO in order to find some excitement in my life I decided to re-take my drivers license test!! YAHH! ha, okay, so evidently at the age of 25 you have to renew your license here in the sunny (well actually very overcast today) state of California. Wowzer, I am getting old. With the new exciting life transition I am going through I decided that I mind as well get this fun filled DMV day out of the way and for once not save it for last minute. So far my morning has consisted of taking written practice test for my license (yes, there are practice exams. And well, lets just say when I moved from Colorado to California it took me a few tests to pass...).  I have also been exploring old (or as my sister would say "olden days") music from the 60/70/80's with my handy dandy cup of coffee. I cannot stand the Beatles. Ew, Gross, Yuck. I have NEVER liked their music, I think it is annoying & over played. My favorite part about exploring older music is the video's and the lyrics. So far I have really enjoyed Queen's 'We Will Rock You' hahahha, Heart 'Crazy On You' for the lyrics (the lead singer reminds me of Adele), The Rolling Stone's never get old, I tried to listen to David Bowie -- I just couldn't do it. 

Heart -- Crazy On You

Queen -- We Will Rock You
The Rolling Stones -- Satisfaction 
Eurythmics -- Sweet Dreams

I am sure that my list could go on....but I have to study :) 

Sending Love from SoCal


Which is better?

Since I started dating Spencer I have become a burger connoisseur. Something about Southern California & burgers just seem so right. We had our favorite places in LA that we would visit (Oinkster & Jake's) but now that we are down South a littler further we had been on the hunt for good eating establishments. We have been to two different burger eateries: The Counter & Jimmy's Burger Joint. Like all restaurants they have good attributes & bad -- they are totally greasy and hit the spot. The prices are very similar, and we live in walking distance to both. The plus about Jimmy's is that they have actual Onion rings, The Counter has onion shoe strings which are a MESS to eat. The beer at Jimmy's was a huge disappointment -- we had Hef's and they tasted like soap water. Both places have burger customization options...you can go wild. The service at both is pretty funny. The Counter's people are always SOOO energetic.

Any other burger eating suggestions in the Costa Mesa/ Newport Area?

Sending Love from SoCal.


Social Media

In my mind Social Media is similar to the old saying about guys "can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em" especially when talking about my generation and younger (actually if you didn't already know, most new subscribers of Facebook are woman over the age of 50-something). There are constant updates, and just when you think you have figured out any social media site it is bound to change, from Facebook & Twitter, to Wordpress & Blogger -- the list goes on -- I am sure there are thousands of social sites I am unaware of.
My biggest question is, how do you gage if your company is changing their way of reaching out to the target market to quickly? Do they worry about loosing those who have signed on? After the latest Facebook update that many of us were VERY surprised to find when logging in tonight I think people are starting to get fed up, and over the constant change. As petty as it is to get frustrated over something so simple we do need those simplicities. I don't know to know that my friend Courtney has become friends with someone named Ryan from Iowa that I don't even know and probably never will.
So, why do we use social networks? I feel like the obvious answer is going to be 'so I can keep in touch with my friends', that is what I say when confronted with the question. I have friends all over the world from growing up being an athlete. I admit I use it to look at other peoples pictures and read status updates -- see what people in Tahoe are doing....you know. I feel like there is no privacy on social networking anymore (as much as that might sound like an oxymoron) -- you can set your privacy settings to as restricted as they can be, but then  you are faced with two issues 1) you can't do anything being a part of that network 2) people can still find you & see photos that perhaps you only wanted to stare with friends.
Growing up in an age of technology I think the social media realm is advancing far too quickly. Baby steps, please! And not so often.
Never in my life did I think I was going to go off the popular path of Facebook and veer towards Twitter & strictly blogging. I will be interested to see the other changes that are instated soon -- I did read something tonight and a person had a good point they said 'technology moves at a fast pace, and we need to keep up. But, let us keep up at our own level of comfort'. Maybe I am just getting older and finicky about how I do technology related things...

A trick I figured out from some more reading was...if you are interested in getting the normal Facebook back you can. Scroll to the bottom of any page, on the left where is says the language (English, US) click on that. A menu will open allowing  you to pick which language you want to use. If you go with English, UK than you have the normal everything -- you can go with Pirate too! Spencer and I are trying to make sense of that right now -- funny!

Sorry about my little rant, but sometimes technology just drives me up the wall. I adapted somewhat easily, but I have enough change going on in my day-to-day...let the computer stuff come slowly (sometimes)

Sending Love from SoCal


Am I a Hoarder?

That as been the overall joke in our house the last few days -- we have been having a dinner time marathon watching every season that Netflix has to offer of Hoarders. Some of the houses are repulsive, so me of the dwellings just look like the people are wicked lazy (similar to how our living room has looked a time or two when we have both been juggling late nights and early mornings due to school). All of these yucky houses gave me a kick start to clean yesterday -- now that I am done with school, intern less, jobless, I figured I could use the time wisely to clean out my closet (which I haven't done since May), organize my recipe tear sheets so we can figure dinner out.

One of the larger tasks I had to tackle yesterday was going throw a pile of magazines that were only appropriate to move from LA to Newport so that I could go through them and see if there were any articles worth saving, inspirational pieces, etc. One of the most interesting articles that I found was about energy -- how to boost it, how to save it, and all that fun stuff.

During my last few weeks of school I was so exhausted from the 4:30 am wake ups and the 1-2 pm bedtimes, on top of interning 3 days a week, by the time the weekend rolled around I had completely ditched my outgoing/outdoors morals and become the epitome of a 24 year old laying in bed until noon, then slouching out onto the couch, maybe eating, spending countless hours on  Facebook and twitter, then doing some homework, then going biking or running for a maximum of 10 miles -- god for bid it was too strenuous -- then back to the couch for more homework, maybe a coffee, popcorn, and documentary intermission and a nap, then make dinner and then I would kick into over drive with homework making another close to sleepless night. Not the ideal way to spend your last month of school.

Now, I am in a completely different situation. This is going to be the first time of my life where I haven't gone to school EVER. Weird. I am trying to think of online/CC classes I can take to perhaps peruse yet another degree at a reasonable price..I am thinking French? Spanish? Something? Well, before I get ahead of myself here are tidbits from the article in Real Simple I came across -- with fall upon us I feel as though the sun starts to hid more frequently and we get less and less gung-ho about activites (similar to mud season aka spring, when everyone wants to disappear).


1. LET THE SUN IN -- Open your curtains! Exposure to light stimulates your brain. Light also gets your body out of the Z's mood.

2. LOOK AT SOMETHING YOU LOVE -- Have something you are grateful for next to your bed. I normally have a wall of pictures of my family, friends and meaningful locations next to my bed -- I am having to swap/update some of them so hanging them is on the docket for today.

3. MORNING WORKG OUTS -- effects of exercise in the morning can last up to 6 to 8 hours -- longer if you do both cardio & strength training (ha, strength that sure is a thing of the past for me, no more skier thighs here).

4. SMELL SOMETHING YUMMY -- Try having something with a citrus, eucalyptus or mint in your shower routine. It clears your mind of clutter and wakes you up.

5. CHANGE YOUR ROUTINE -- try doing something a little bit different in the morning.

6. EAT A GOOD COLORFUL BREAKIE -- I have skimmed out on breakfast since my first day at college. It wasn't until Spencer ground it into me the importance of eating something, I constantly complain about my weight and he told me basically if I eat breakfast it will help -- sold! Try to eat colorful things, and no fruity pebbles doesn't count. Try fruits, and veggies, whole grain toast and eggs! A side note: I actually went and made breakfast as I started to type this.

7. VIT-A-MINS! -- Some people claim they are a placebo, other live by them. Vitamin B has done me wonders (thanks to Jill teaching me that trick at Burning Man last year), and licorice root has been good too! I go back and forth with multivitamins.


1. CHALLENGE YOURSELF -- Take the stairs for a burst of physical exercise, do a quick puzzle, challenge yourself emotionally.

2. BREATHE -- Sometimes easier said than done. Sit up straight take a deep breath.

3. DRINK MORE COFFEE -- of course, this was my FAVORITE thing to read. I am a coffee connoisseur. I am always interested in having a good cup of coffee and enjoying the special tones and flavors of every roast.

4. EAT LUNCH -- This has been something I have reminded my mom often. Eating lunch is really important because it keeps you fueled throughout your afternoon. Countless afternoons I haven't had time to have a hearty lunch -- but I do my best to grab something and eat is quickly.

5. TO-DO LISTS -- Make a list of the important things that you need to do tomorrow so you don't forget.

6. HAVE A SNACK -- Make sure that you have a snack that is full of protein, it will help your boost your energy.

7. MOOOOOVE -- Make sure that you take a few seconds to move -- get up from your desk, get away from the computer, shake your legs, MOVE!

8. EXERCISE --  If you haven't had the opportunity to exercise yet, make sure you set the time aside to get to the gym, take a walk outside, run, bike, skip, roller-blade (ha!). An early-evening workout can help you sleep better -- and we all love sleep!

9. COMPLEX CARBS AKA PASTA -- Although your not supposed to eat a bunch of pasta and then hit the hay (unless you want to be a sumo wrestler) sometimes it is the right thing to do for some extra energy. Back when I used to be racing bikes constantly my dinners consisted of A LOT of pasta for the extra energy -- I miss those dinners!  If you do have pasta before bed make sure you allow about 3 hours for it to digest properly.

10. SLEEP -- The most important part. Experts say you should be in a cool environment (65-70 degrees), make sure it is dark, and of course quiet (where we live that is close to impossible -- when we used to live in LA and before that I was big about having soothing music on).

11. READ -- I think this is the classic trick of how to make yourself sleep -- of course when I am reading something I am into that is a completely different story. One night Spencer came in and I guess I was asleep and dropped my iPad on my face! ha! Right now I am working on Tom Wolfe Hooking Up VERY easy to fall asleep to.

12. TAKE A HOT BATH --  If you have a bath tub, or in the case of all us 20 something year old college roommate people -- if you have our OWN BATH THAT YOU DON'T SHARE, take a bath. Lather & Fizz in Tahoe, and Lush have an amazing collection of bath accessories (bubbles, bombs, soaps, etc) that can help you relax after a stressful day.

I think these are all really fantastic tips, maybe you can't do them all because of busy lifestyles, but, I am sure that just adding in a few throughout your daily routine could mean you have a less exhausted day ahead of you! I know most of the tips seem elementary, but try to think of how many of the above you over look and?

Sending Love from SoCal!


Well, I have lived in Southern California for about a year now. Now that I am done with school (for good...or until I pay off this student loan, gimme 10 years -- ugh!), jobless (my internship ended on Friday, and I am busting my behind to find a career) and essentially friendly due to the fact that I have been so busy with all of the other things...I REALLY REALLY REALLY miss the mountains.
If I could just jump in my car right now and drive I would probably end up in Tahoe -- maybe I would make it as far as Colorado. Who knows.....heck, it would give me something to do!

Sending Love and Missing my roots feelin' stuck in SoCAL.


Found that inspiration

A few blog posts ago I was interested in finding an inspirational women. Well, I think I found her...okay so I know a lot of people idolize Jackie O -- BUT, I find her more interesting especially with all of the 'dark secrets' that are being released courtesy of Jackie O's daughter Caroline in Jacqueline Kennedy: Historic Conversations On Life with John F. Kennedy.  Once I finish the Tom Wolfe book I am working on right now I foresee lots of Jackie O reading in my future! Any other inspirational female characters people suggest?

Sending Love from SoCal.


I am COMPLETELY in love with the Marchesa S/S 2012 line. 

Photos courtesy of DailyBeast.com 

Sending Love from SoCal! 

The Little Engine That Could.

Once upon a time there was a girl. She lived in a small ski town in desolate Colorado, in the winter there was one way in, and one way out. Her family has relocated so that she could attend a private High school which catered towards her passion for ski racing. The days were cold and long. She faced responsibilities that a normal high school student would never have to manage, from 'living on the road', to cooking, cleaning, ski tuning, video...the list goes on. School was on the back burner from the months of November until April -- the idea of being self-taught was the way class was conducted. This little blonde haired girl did this for four winters -- traveling all over the United States. It came time for her to apply for college. Many people doubted that she would finish a degree, if she even got into school. She was voted as the person that would end up becoming rich and shopping every day within her classmates -- She know the importance of school and was on a mission to defy the odds. The bubbly little high school girl realized where she wanted to go to school, a public University in the western part of Nevada. At first she was not accepted, she wasn't accepted to a single school actually. After contacting the admission's office, having some amazing recommendations and showing her creative side the girl was admitted to the University of Nevada. She joined her close friend Casey at the school in 2005, where they shared numerous adventures down to the dining hall and endless bowls of soft serve ice-cream. Five years later that little girl wore a black cap and gown and walked along side thousands of other graduates. She had done it -- graduated from college. She had proven to those who said she wouldn't make through school that she indeed could.

BUT, that wasn't enough. The girl was so interested in education. Her passion was always 'anything creative', it could be painting, sketching, or sewing. The day before she joined the University of Nevada, Reno graduating class of 2010 she was on the phone having another admissions interview for yet another college degree. Accepted. The tears flowed. The moment was surreal. In September 2010, the small town girl moved to the big city -- a place that had more than 2 major roads/highways -- where people were stacked and traffic something she'd never experienced. The girl started a program which condensed a two year Associates degree into 9 months -- hard to believe right? With many sleepless nights, grumpy days, band-aid's, printing fees, slow computer programs, hundreds of xacto blades, gallons of glue (literally), she walked off campus on the 14th of September with another degree.

That girl is me.

Today I finished my 9 month trek at FIDM. It was one of the best life experiences I could have had -- I realized today as I walked away from the building I spent what seemed like hundreds of hours in that your education really is what you make it. I heard a lot of people say 'Oh, FIDM was a waste of time..' or 'I didn't learn anything!'. Really? You didn't learn anything? Or did you chose not to learn anything? I am going to miss those late night project cram sessions, the "quarterly cry", and the 50 pound canvass tote and tool box that became my best friend while I was on campus.

To everyone that supported me through my 9 months at FIDM, I cannot thank you enough.
I am so proud of myself, I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would have two degrees. Now, it is time for me to step out into the big girl world and add my skills, abilities and creativity to the rest of the design world!

Sending Love from SoCal!

Happy Graduation FIDM summer quarter grads -- To the PD's that endured that program with me, all those nights we wanted to just call it quits were well worth it, no one will ever understand the course load we carried but some how we managed to walk away.  We did it! HOORAY!


White Rappers

I am a hip-hop fanatic. I like more underground stuff -- but not aggressive nasty underground stuff. I like the stuff that people don't really listen to that much, that I can enjoy and not hear it being blasted over XM radio (for the most part...). Right now I am listening to Grieves on repeat -- Macklemore is closely following. I used to think that Sam Adams was amazing too.

Sam Adams is a good ole' east coast boy -- he is a soccer player, and started recording on his MacBook while in college. His voice is sooo legit. 

I am completely in love with Macklemore (Ben Haggerty) -- like waaaooh. He is a Seattle based rapper that is amazing -- I could listen to him for days! Gosh, everything cool is happening in Seattle and Portland theses days. I am a huge fan of "Can't Hold Us", I honestly wake up in the morning and dance around to it (when I am not waking up for school at 4:30 am) -- his lyrics are so innovative and his beats are so fresh (Ryan Lewis). Plus....I think he is a stud. 

Grieves. Another Seattle based rapper. I somehow came across one of his songs, and was interested so I goggled more about him -- and the first thing that popped up on google was a picture of him in Aspen with my elementary school friend Sage. ha! A few weeks ago his "On the Rocks" seemed to be the theme song of my life. I downloaded his stuff and listen to is on the way up to school in LA. I love walking down the sidewalks jamming to it -- I feel so powerful, like I am listening to the most legit music ever, what are you listening to? Brittany? ha! I am completely in love with his voice -- actually the first time I watched "On The Rocks" I didn't think it was him singing...and as soon as I realized it was I was sold! 

These guys get me through my endless days in Newport. 

Sending love from SoCal. 

Syrup snob

My mom has one of these, I always wanted to try the different grades in this SPECIFIC collection.

A question that I am constantly asked is "where are you from?", I always answer with "Do you really want me to explain?" Normally they say yes. First I explain that my family lived in Jacksonville (just literally up the hill from all the devastation that just happened to Vermont from Hurricane Irene). "Oh so you're from VT?", "No, well kind of". The closest hospital was in Massachusetts -- so technically I am from Mass -- but I lived in Jacksonville until I was 6. They we moved to Aspen, Colorado, eventually settling in a house down valley up on another hill (or mountain) on Sierra Vista. After my parents divorce we moved off the mountain, and then eventually relocating to Crested Butte, Colorado -- only of the most beautiful places in the entire world. There is something so mythical about it -- I will never forget going there for the first time, coming down Kebler onto Whiterock Ave and seeing all the PERFECT little colorful houses, with people on their cruiser bikes with baskets, blooming flowers everywhere -- it was like I was in a fairytale. From there I moved to Reno, and back to Crested Butte a few time. Then I finally moved up another hill (or up the highway) to Truckee. I liked it there. I liked living near the lakes and the amazing summers that I shared with friends. After graduating college I moved to Los Angeles. It was so much different from the slow-going lifestyle I had lived for 23 years. Then I moved to Newport Beach -- So far I am not a fan of this place, nothing has really worked out in my favorite since. So, just think this is what I have to explain to a person when they ask where I am from. If I am feeling lazy I just turn to the answer "Colorado" or "New England". Where am I going with this rant?! Well, I had to actually BUY syrup last night. Normally, I have a surplus of it in my fridge -- no longer. I only like eating white cheese, and drizzling real maple syrup -- call me a pain. Milk does not come out of a cow yellow, it comes out white. Maple syrup comes out of trees and is boiled, there is nothing added to it -- Aunt Jemima is not syrup. 

Spencer and I make breakfast for dinner every now and again. We always start it off with waffles while we wait on the bacon, eggs and hash browns. Last night I felt like I roamed the isles at Ralph's (which is EXACTLY the same thing as City Market and/ or Vons in my mind) looking for syrup -- I was afraid that all they would have is that aunt jemima crap. Low and behold they had the "real" stuff too. BUT, it is not even real. It is from CANADA! It totally doesn't taste the same, way to fake sweet -- but, I knew we needed syrup so I sucked it up and paid $9 for the Canadian sugar water. My parents always had real syrup in our fridge where ever we lived (thank goodness), when my mom and Ed moved back east it was was comforting knowing that when we would go to Farmer's Diner in Quechee we would have the real deal. You can taste the difference in Vermont verses New York verses whoever else thinks they can make syrup -- there are all sorts of different grades. Have you ever been to a sap house? It is the most amazing thing on earth. The smells, ohhh my goodness! 

I will admit I had more of the faux syrup (and by fake I mean canadian) again this morning. 

Sending Love from SoCal. 


Today has been one of THOSE days....

1. I thought I sold my iPad -- the person who bought is is now returning it. I was banking on that money. Ugh.

2. I had my announcements printed out today and they totally didn't turn out the right way -- so when you receive one PLEASE don't judge my designing capabilities. I will opening blame this on technology.

3. Fingers crossed I don't come across any other problems today.

Maybe I should just go back to sleep? I could totally drink a soda right now, you know what that means....BADD DAY.

Grumpy Love from SoCal.

I am in LOVE with this photo
Photo by Alexander Neumann

PT's blog -- Mom & Pop Shops

Today while aimlessly wasting time on Twitter I came across my friend PT's blog. It is AMAZING -- and it really represents him to a T (in my opinion). It makes me want to hunt down all these amazing businesses that he blogs about. I totally dig that he talks about food -- one of the loves of my life! I met PT through my best friend Vance (Matt) and randomly started bumping into him alllll over the place, he is a great person! 

Sending Reno/Tahoe LOVE from SoCal 

Annie Lennox

So, tonight my boyfriend informed me that as he was growing up his parents preferred to listen to talk radio and Dr. Laura (?) -- clearly I was raised a little differently. I remember the nights and car rides that my mom and sister would take were we would CRANK Annie Lennox, Paul Simon, even Madonna from time to time (wingy, wingy, wingy). I so glad that I was raised on music -- although I have NO musical talent (unlike my sister who stuck with piano lessons and has taught herself guitar).

Sending Love from SoCal! <3


"Knee Deep" Zac Brown Band & Jimmy Buffet

Never thought I would be listening to Jimmy Buffet after the endless Saab rides I used to share with my dad up to Aspen Country Day School jamming to "Cheese Burger in Paradise".....
“I don’t think we’re afraid of love, no. I think we’re frightened by the thought that we might actually be happy. It’s as if we were pre-conditioned, and battle-ready to get our souls trampled upon, heart betrayed and mind torn. So the moment we can’t see the pain, we bail. Because we’ve become disenchanted with the happy endings.” -- AJ