Sistema food storage

Okay -- I have an odd obsession for cooking ware, shoes, red wine, my coffee cup(s), and M&M's. The latest COOL thing I (or shall I say we...more like HE(Spencer) found) -- Sistema food storage containers. He is notorious for leaving Tupperware where ever he goes; just like me with my glass cups. When we moved I went through the plastic and narrowed it down to about 10 pieces. Perfect -- we are very space challenged here in Newps. But, low & behold he comes back from a trip to Ikea with a 20ish pack of containers -- those have since been stored in a cupboard so high I have to be wearing heels, or jump in order to reach them. While at our favorite grocery store the other day (Fresh & Easy) we came across these Plastic Containers which we've been fascinated by when they were first put on the shelves wickedly over priced....
Well, once day while participating in Sunday Funday with Becca & Jake I saw that $6 "perfect yogurt container" was on sale for $2. I quickly swooped two of them. Spencer later dubbed them "blue for boy, green for girl" -- that has actually been a theme of my dinning ware since the first meal I fed him close to a year ago now (WOOOOWWWWZER!).
So, what's this big deal? Well, these are the neatest most amazing plastic containers on earth! They are from New Zealand -- they are not your typical Ziploc. Sistema makes all of their products out of recycled plastic. The one I have dubbed the 'perfect yogurt container' is round and can fit about 2-3 cups of food in it -- BUT, it gets better -- they are divided AND it come with the appropriate (and color coordinated) flatware! Let's face it, there is nothing worse than soggy granola in your yogurt in the morning! With the Sistema you can separate your food until you are ready to eat!
So -- the story gets better! All of the sudden we happened to come across the salad/lunch containers on sale the other day! Don't you worry, we now own them. Same story, separate your your salad from its toppings -- there is EVEN a spot specifically for just the right amount of dressing (there is nothing worse than a soggy salad!), a fork, a knife -- you are in business!

If you are interested in investing in some awesome plastic containers try to find where Sistema is sold near you, I guarntee you won't be bummed -- plus they look totally awesome and they have proven to be WICKED durable!

Sending Love from SoCal!


Burning Man 2011

Sadly, this year I was unable to find my way out to the Playa. I know there were quite a few people in the same vote as me -- total bummer. I was really looking forward to it -- but, exchange for a dust filled, showerless week I am busting my butt with final projects and in return I will have gained another college degree. I GUESS that seems like a semi-fair trade.

Last year this time I ventured out on to the dried up lake bed with two girls I never really got a long with -- but the end we left close friends. I learned a tremendous amount about myself. There is something about being out in the middle of nowhere, in the dark, in a dust storm with no cares in the world. No monetary worries, just a lot of support, love, happiness and full of adventurous spirits.  

This year Burning Man sold out. I am happy about it, but at the same time I am not. That took away from those people planning on buying tickets from the gate like they have for years. It means that Burning Man really is taking a turn for the mainstream world. Burning Man is supposed to be for everyone, but, is there a line that should be drawn? (especially with those who decided to sneak in -- I know several myself. One word: Karma) But....I guess the more the merrier, but make sure that the same moral tidings are instilled in everyone (no money transactions except for your ticket, coffee & ice, take out what you brought in, etc) -- I am interested to hear what it was like this year.

Here is a link so you can see a livestream of the Black Rock City. It is amazing -- so beautiful. I hope that all of my friends and my playa family are being safe out there, but most importantly having the time of their lives!

Sending Love from SoCal


Random Thoughts.

1. Dierks Bentley "What was I thinking"...just listen to it. It mentioned corn fields. Something about corn fields and country music bring back silly memories. Oh, Yerington Nevada -- Night In the Country, I miss you sooooo!

2. Jeffrey Campbell Lita's (or Foxy's) YOU WILL BE MINE! I want them more than I want Louboutin's ...now that is A LOT!

3. 20 sleeps until I will successfully have degree numero dos

4. There is an off ramp on the 710 (to the 405 S) that reminds me of the beach (aka, Outer Banx)

5. Hire me?

Sending Love from SoCal


willow lamp

I have always been a fan of lights -- whether there is a really neat/innovative fixture design or just manipulating curtains to get the most use out of natural light. I was just peering around some other blogs when I found the photo's below. The light fixtures are called "Willow Lamps" by Adam Hoet; the lights are all made up out of ball chain (semi-ironic, seeing that I just used ball chain as an element in one of my final project designs for Advanced Digital imaging! ha!

Well -- the portfolio site is almost up. I have been working hard trying to get my resume out to the big girl job world.

I had a great weekend catching up with tons of friends via in-person, e-mail, text and phone calls. It was refreshing! I miss all my Tahoe friends boatloads!

 Sending love from soCal.



Recently I became obsessed with Trendland.com -- I was looking for editorial shoots featuring the staple Little Black Dress, when I came across this info filled site. After a long day at school the last think I want to do is think...so although I should be proof reading my cover-letters that need to go out tomorrow morning I am aimlessly going to blog about a very interesting thing I found...glasses. No big deal, right? WRONG on so many levels! They are made out of hair! Yep, you read that right -- glasses made out of human hair -- talk about a renewable material?! (that is semi-ironic that this product is green because of my Lifestyle's class it is centered on sustainability and my teacher wears black hornrimmed-esque glasses daily). These amusing pieces are created by a UK bases design company, Studio Swine. They also make sunglasses (which in my personal opinion they look like Tory Burch -- that isn't a bad thing). Pretty neat, eh? I would love to be creative enough to invent a crazy product such as these glasses -- time to put my thinking cap on!

Sending Love from SoCal


Back to the basics.

Since I have moved to Newport I have been lucky enough to ride my bike close to 75-100 miles in the last week. It has been so relaxing to get back on a bike. When I moved to LA I got really into trail running (actually when I was living in Olympic Valley I started getting into trail running). I pedaled about 4 times since I moved South in September -- now it is time for me to get into it again.

PLUS, today I received the most amazing phone call from two of my favorite friends Dave & Priscilla whom moved from Tahoe to SLC the same time that I left Tahoe too. They are the cutest couple on earth and so friendly and loving. I really hope that they are able to find reasonable airfare and come visit. I love how friends prevail, even through long distance.

OHHHHHHHHH -- and, how on earth could I forget!?!?! I got a fish today. It is a betta. It's name is Jasper. He is blue. I tried to get another pearl goldfish but the lady at Petsmart wasn't buying it after I told her that I didn't keep my fish in a 20+ gallon tank that was conditioned. She then informed me that those type of fish can live for 30ish years. Sorry, but I don't need to keep a finish until I am 54 -- I at least plan on upgraded to a dog by then....

Sending Love from SoCal.


I am totally in love with this.


A distant alarm sounded, it isn't my phone but I automatically and urgently jump out of bed. There is no way it is time to get up already. Light has yet to peer into the apartment. I check my phone, 5 am. I have thirty more minutes -- back to the comfort of our bed. 30 more minutes until the 'real' alarm sounds. Back to sleep. Every minute of sleep is precious on Thursday mornings. After 9 hours of class I suddenly become a couch potato for the evening.

Beep, beep, beep. That was my cue. Time to open my eyes for real. No more dream time.

I stumble through our unpacked room -- quietly tripping of the extra bed frame and bags filled with homeless belongings. The flooring changes from carpet to tile, I know I have made it to the bathroom. I close the door and hope the boogieman hasn't decided to call this home while the lights are still off -- with a quick switch of the lights I am blinded by white light. I turn the shower on and fidget for the perfect temperature.

Once I think I have found it I slowly crawl in -- testing the water with my toes before I submerge my body. I am immediately brought back to memories of Crested Butte. The freezing mornings. The steam with would fill the maroon and white trim painted bathroom that my sister and I shared. The distance from my cozy king sized bed, across the cold tile in the winter. The morning greeting from my mom drinking her tea and making breakfast before we headed in town. The silence of the house, until it was time to hustle down to the car -- Sarah's heavy foot steps down the wooden stairs (which hasn't changed). The burning sensation of the water on my skin. It is has to explain unless you have experienced subzero temperatures in the morning.

Here in Newport Beach it is different. No sibling to burst into the room to brush her teeth letting all the warm air out; no reason to yell "Sarah close the door!". No need to figure best method to stay warm -- perhaps a quick hop back into bed before dressing in long underwear layers. Now it is just a boyfriend fast asleep and a humid, non-airconditioned room. Polar opposites.

Day old, cold coffee and a dried out blueberry muffin awaits me in the kitchen. Homemade fast food.  I quickly toss my school supplies for the day in one of my many over sized bags. Folder, pen, calendar, sketchbook, computer, charger. Out the door, 6:30 am.

Small sprinkles of rain greet me as I walk outside. Syd is awaiting me in the parking lot; covered in dew. I climb in, cool inside. No need for heat -- but turning on the de-frost is a must. I whip down the windows quickly so I can guide myself to the gas station. Fill 'er up. Time to endure the 405 traffic.


Some of  you know today has been a rough day for me, and I thank you tremendously for all of the support I have been given as well as the open ears and arms. What goes up, must come down -- but, not for long. There is only a bigger and better opportunity out there for me. Actually, chatting with my Portfolio teacher today, and an e-mail received later on really made me realize that getting a big girl job can/will be a challenge, but with perseverance it will come. It is time to show people what I am made of.


Sending love from SoCal.


A numbers game.

T-minus 35 days until degree #2 is complete. 
Then what?


catch up, not Ketchup?

Lunch break at FIDM.

Last hike up to the top of Griffith

Me and my Maria

Dinner and drinks at Malo to celebrate moving with mah girls....and Jake.

Bucky. He needs a bath,  I believe that would be the 3rd one he has ever had.
We have enough spices....I think.

HD in the OC.

Our view....yuck.

Dad, he knows how to work a screw driver.

Hansom. I am lucky.

Cutest couple.

Finally, a kitchen table.

...and other fancy things like a book case.

Becca came down today and we experienced Sharkeez today. 

Well, we are in the OC. We are almost unpacked, now we are down to the small things that you can't find a home for. Today I was able to explore Newport (and the poolside) with my good girlfriend Becca --we had coffee talk and then we went to Sharkeez, had a marg..it was awesome. Spence and I had curry for dindin. AWESOME.

Spence had his white coat the other day, he looked soooo hansom..I am beyond proud of him. His parents were here for the ceremony -- it was fantastic to catch up. They are great people.

Today Spant's and I went on a road ride to the school. I loved being back out on a bike, I am going to look for a women's riding club around here I think....

I am starting 2 new blogs. About 3 years ago I wrote a blog about resolutions, and new years....there is no reason why I can make a resolution right now to write now. So...there it is..I am going to do my best to write as much as I can (now that I have internet....granted I have a FAILING computer...I will make it work).

Sending love from SoCal.

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