There I go again...

Slacking on posts. I have been pretty busy here in LA. School is going really well -- Spencer got accepted to UCI. We found a place to live. Finding a job in the OC is next on the agenda.

Knowing that I will be graduating in September from FIDM I decided that I need to start getting some ideas of other, I guess you could call them hobbies, things I can do. So far I have come up with two ideas:

  • Teach myself another language 
  • Start another blog

I am hoping that my list grows rapidly. I can also turn to my bucket list to get things done too -- once I unpack everything I am hoping to find it again.

Some of the most EXCITING news that from this week would be: I get to start riding bikes again! It has been since I left Tahoe that I went out for a good long pedal. Granted, Spance and I went out on our roadies a few time. But I can't wait to get back out on Sparky II and romp around on some dirt. It is going to be blissful!

Sending Love from SoCal.


The End.

"'It’s just hard after all the years of hearing the snickers that Burning Man has become too commercial, or that it jumped the shark, only to see it actually happen.” Choking back tears Harvey concluded, “We had a good run though, didn’t we? Even the Dead had to quit at some point.'"
 The news was just released that 2011 was going to be the final year that the Man will Burn. Yesterday google & facebook was flooded with the news that the playa had been sold out -- over 60,000 tickets. I thought to myself 'okay, I will find a ticket some how...if not I can always go next year'...well, that can't happen. I of course do not have a coveted ticket -- I would do honestly any thing to have a ticket and know that I would be able to spend time with my BM family just one last time. BM was a huge learning experience for me, I became friends with people that I never thought I would love in a million years. I watched some of the most amazing sunsets & sunrises, I lived on tequila, water, champagne, and cheezits. Baby wipes became my new shower. The saying "dance like no one is watching" all the sudden was true -- I was able to be myself. It was amazing. 
Oddly enough, yesterday I was speaking to one of my friends and I said it is a bummer that there are so many people going this year. It has become over popularized because of the music scene. No longer was it people that wanted to experience the true culture of Burning Man, but now it was just turning into a Coachelle. 
 I really wish I could go this year. I am happy to say that I was able to cross burning man off my bucket list -- and I will have memories and stories for years to come. The playa is a fantastic place. Thank you for your invention Mr. Harvey.  
OR...is this fake? 


Make Everything Okay Button

With all of this talk about needing a magic wand...or a magic button to make every thing better with the stress of 'growing up' upon me.... my friend Sarah posted something on her Facebook which made me giggle. It is called the "Make Everything Okay Button".Very smart -- just what I wanted to see!

Check out the link below:



So suiting

Fleetwood Mac 
"Go Your Own Way" 


Loving you isn't the right thing to do
How can I ever change things that I feel?
If I could, maybe I'd give you my world
How can I, when you won't take it from me?
You can go your own way, go your own way
You can call it another lonely day
You can go your own way, go your own way
Tell me why everything turned around?
Packing up, shacking up, is all you wanna do
If I could baby I'd give you my world
Open up, everything's waiting for you
You can go your own way, go your own way
You can call it another lonely day
You can go your own way, go your own way

You can go your own way, go your own way
You can call it another lonely day (Another lonely day)
You can go your own way, go your own way
You can call it another lonely day

You can go your own way
You can call it another lonely day
You can go your own way
Patience, understanding and acceptance are a few of the many gates to happiness. Your personal happiness is often out of your control but possitive or negative you are always an influence on those around you.


On the Rocks

Today during a break from a tedious project  of making barcodes I discovered Grieves. I love him. In a strange way he reminds me of Atmosphere.

I ain’t no scholar, I don’t write no books
I don’t spend my money on the last girl honey
Cus she hates my guts.
I paid my rent late, so my landlord's angry
And all this shit keeps piling up and trying to hang me.
I Give my love in on the run, on the run, on the run
So don’t you try to slow me down and walk around yeah
Sick of trying to strum along with your love song
So leave me leave me here to pour another drink on the rocks


All of this will hold you
Down on to the ground until your crawling on the gravel like a regular guy.
All, all of this will hold you down on to the ground
Until your drowning in your sorrows with a bottle of rye.

I ain’t got no savior, I ain’t got no time,

I know i'm stuck with a problem that will come through and swallow up my last dime.
All I wanted was some peace and quiet, to take me out of here
Find More lyrics at www.sweetslyrics.com

Before I start a riot.
Lost my reason, I done lost my way
I done sat here for hours and heard all the songs in the jukebox plays
So keep your sunny days away from here
and I'll pour the liquor down and smile while I say.

Life’s been on the rocks I’ve taken

my last shot at holding on to
Life’s been on the rock’s I’ve taken
my last shot at holding on to


All of this will hold you
Down on to the ground until your crawling on the gravel like a regular guy.
All, all of this will hold you down on to the ground
Until your drowning in your sorrows with a bottle of rye... Like a regular guy

Spence is out of town for the evening so I am sitting here alone in our "room". I must admit it is pretty boring -- although I have decided to explore the depths of my computer and read some old word doc's that I wrote (of course containing my creative writing that I would love to publish someday). It brings a good full smile to my face. 

Sending love from SoCal 

(Don't worry carmageddon isn't going to get me-- hehehe)


Ansel iPhone

This week has sure been a whirlwind of emotion. Stack the idea of graduation, Spencer going to med school, no place to live, no mattress, and having to find a big girl job and well....I explode. I have been running almost every day so that has helped a lot, I have consumed more soda than I normally do in one year -- I guess it has been interesting to say the least. But, like my mom always says "take it one day at a time -- and -- everything is going to work out". (Spencer is currently teaching him self how to remix songs, I must say I am impressed). Luckily, yesterday we were able to get back on to our normally weekend routine of hike, breakfast out, random errands and then baseball today -- so, that was a nice breath of fresh air. It is really crazy to watch all of my friends (and myself) starting to grow up and all go our own directions, it makes me semi-miss my teen years of ski racing (gosh, and I thought that was stressful & strange). Life sure is a journey -- and I appreciate every single person who has been there for me lately!

So, with all that being said....here are some photos from this week....

To celebrate Spencer's birthday we went to Bottega Louie. It is some of the BEST Italian food I have EVER had in my entire life. We had all sorts of amazing things, but I just LOVED the portobella mushroom fries -- and I had awesome clam linguine, of course it doesn't come CLOSE to Mista' Chase's Clam linguine yumminess!

It was a 7-11 coffee day the other day at work (with 2 vanillas)

I could miss this Cali sunsets.

I FINALLY experienced Roscoes Chicken and Waffles. I took a nap afterwards & only finished a quarter of my plate.

My mess of technology right now. I REALLY need a new computer. :(

Had some margs with Becca, Jake & Spence the other night at Pita Jungle! Yum!I totally suggest the Broil Chicken Pita, there is this garlic sauce on it that is INSANE!!!

Rocket Fizz in Old Pas has EVERY kind of soda & old school candy one could dream of

That is ALL taffy!

Sending Love from SoCal! 

If this were to go under, It's a risk I'd take

A perfect song for me right now. I am a huge fan of lyrics. 

The XX "Island" 

I don't have to leave anymore
What I have is right here
Spend my nights and days before
Searching the world for what's right here

Underneath and unexplored
Islands and cities I have looked
Here I saw
Something I couldn't over look

I am yours now
So now I don't ever have to leave
I've been found out
So now I'll never explore

See what I've done
That bridge is on fire
Going back to where I've been
I'm froze by desire
No need to leave

Where would I be
IF this were to go under
It's a risk I'd take
I'm froze by desire
As if a choice I'd make

I am yours now
So now I don't ever have to leave
I've been found out
So now I'll never explore

Sending A LOT of Love from SoCal


Okay, so after reading some of Kelly Cutrone's Normal Gets You Nowhere today at Spencer's game I decided that I want to become obsessed with some type of influential American woman -- Not in some weird way, but more in a appreciative way. Kelly mentions her interest in Elanor Roosevelt, I all the sudden realized there are so many amazing women out there that have done AMAZING things for this country and perhaps it is time for me to find a 'mentor' through one of them (living or not). I am not interested in someone like Oprah, or Hilary Clinton (although I do think she is quite an interesting character) I want someone cool to look up to maybe Florence Harding, personally I think Annie Oakley is pretty neat (but not exactly the type of person I was looking for) or Lucy Ware Webb Hayes, or what about Victoria Woodhull? (I bet many of you were unaware that she was actually the first women to run for president).




Although I am getting ready to go back to school tomorrow for my last quarter at FIDM I am trying to make myself read. I love reading and there is NO reason why I should be slacking -- I could clearly spend less time on the internet and more time...well, on my iPad. My iPad which I was gifted for my last graduation has become my new favorite toy (again) I learned how to take notes and highlight on it finally so I am cruising -- that is the reason I hesitated with using it for reading previously. I do miss having books just to have them, verses digitally having them but I think I will live. PLUS it is going to make my next move (where ever that is going to be a little tiny bit easier).

I just finished my idol, Kelly Cutrone, book If You Have to Cry Go Outside and now I am working on Normal Gets You Nowhere. I will let you know how they both are once I finish NGYNW.

I am also working on Mika Brzezinski Knowing Your Value which Ed gifted to my mom while I was in New York. So far I am about halfway done with the book and I LOVE it. Talk about inspirational, but it also gets you in check for the 'do's and don'ts' of the work place. I'll update you on it as soon as I finish it!

But I am open for other book suggestions right now! Leme know -- I am thinking about tackling Intern Nation by Ross Perlin next, a book I wish I would have known of months and months and months ago.

Sending Love from So Cal!!!

4th of July

 So...my 4th of July was WAY different than any other I have ever 'celebrated' (4th of July falls under one of the holidays I am guided not to go out on kudo's to my dad). On July 2nd (Spant's birthday) Spencer's alarm sounded at 2:45 am, just shortly after we had fallen asleep. It was time to head to Lake Mead with Spencer's athletic trainer from college and a few other people. I fell right back asleep in the car, and woke for a gas station stop to fill up on a Tiger Bar and a scalding cup of coffee -- I read the rest of the way (on my iPad which I have FINALLY figured out how to highlight and take notes on). We rolled in to the Vegas/Henderson area and met with the other couples that were joining us (a previous Oxy basketball player, his girlfriend and his brother and wife). Before we even gotten to the lake the birthday boy was challenge to chug two beers in order to make a repair on the trailer ha! I was stoked to see water & boats since I haven't been around them all summer (after going to 3 summer straight of boats and lakes). The high that day was 117, the water temp was 77 -- I wasn't prepared for those temps at all as we backed the boat off the trailer. We had to tow the other boat behind us the marina for a jump, in that time another boat managed to hit us (the other driver clearly had no idea how to drive a boat. They left a nice dent in their boat, leaving our close to untouched. Tip: you don't gas it when a boat is coming towards you in neutral, you push off of them. duh!).
We headed out on the lake, about 5 miles in we stopped for a swim. The other boat had a 6 yr old yellow lab with them, Kobe, who LOVES swimming and over the years taught himself have to use the swim ladder! Impressive! We got back in the boats and heads another 15 miles (towards Temple Bar, AZ) and deliberated over a camping spot. Finally we found one and got set up.
Highlights from the trip:
  • Spencer learned how to wakeboard
  • We didn't sleep because we found out that A) reclining seats are NOT comfortable and B) sand is not good to sleep in, even after you have had some tequila. 
  • Gourmet camping is the best (we had the most AMAZING breakfast, lunch and dinners and desserts out there!) 
  • It is hot!!!!!!! 
  • We went cliff diving. It was safe. We checked it with the depth checker. 
  • Bug bites are the pits 
The ride back was hard because a storm moved in. We actually left a lot early than we expected because of the wind and choppiness. I felt like my brain was slamming against my skull. BUT, we got back all is one piece. I managed to load the boat onto the trailer (even though I didn't do it exactly perfect like I wanted to) which I had NEVER done before. Now we are really back in LA....boooooo

Sending Love from SoCal.
Spencer the Stud.

Home Sweet Home for a few days.

Thanks to Mista' Chase I was able to get back to the East coast to visit my fantastic family. I haven't seen my mom in over a year, so it was sure time for us to spend some quality mom & daughter time together. I was able to see my grandmother & aunt before they left to go to North Carolina (jealous!). Sarah joined them. That left my mom time to explore and catch up. I was able to see all the fantastic landscaping jobs that she has done all over the greater Rochester area and I was able to spend time with my dad's side of the family which was nice. Here are some random pics from the trip....

3 am west coast time in Dulles. Rochester & Reno...two places I wanted to be.

Tied my mom some flied.

The best dessert at Grandmom's


Sunset on the canal.

Giantor & the best mother ever.

Three Beagles Cafe
 TBC is a little place that my mom and I found while driving through Bushnell's Basin. The interior is super nice, they have lots of choice and the best part is -- is that they have accommodated their menu to Vegetarian's, Vegan's and those who need Gluten-free products. Have no fear they still have chicken & turkey! The sandwich menu is next level -- I had the Chautauqua and my mom had the Saratoga. The sami's are a good size, and the prices are good. They also have an extensive coffee menu, as well as a bakery selection.  I highly recommend this place in you are in the Rochester area!
One of the houses my mom is working on.

Fish hatchery..

Rochester Public Market.

Banxie at the farm.


Barn at the farm.

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Homemade Pizza. My white sauce, fresh pepper from the public market, mushrooms sauteed in white wine, fresh mozzarella, arugula, chicken and roasted potatoes.

California Rollin'
 On Saturday my mom had lined up a museum adventure, we started with The Memorial Art Gallery where we saw 'Fiber Art'. It was pretty cool -- I wish I could have taken pictures so that I could explain more about what the exhibit was, but it was essentially a collection of woven, sew and other ways to manufacture goods in art form. Once piece in-particular that I remember was a recreation of American Gothic all made out of different spools of thread (986 to be exact -- it was conjured up by Devorah Sperber). Then for lunch we headed just across the street to California Rollin', a sushi place that my cuzzie had recommend. The atmoshphere was a little odd, but the food and lunch specials were AWESOME. 3 rolls for $12! Let me leave you with this....I ate so much by the time we got to our next stop I almost had an incident in the well groomed gardens. BUT -- CA Rollin' has a deal that happens every day -- I suggest you check out their menu. I highly suggest the Roman Roll (Salmon, Spinach, Portabella & Pesto!) and the Dancing Diablo (topped with Dinosaur BBQ sauce!!!). After watching the comic nerds play games while we ate we headed to the Eastman Kodak House just down the street.
Once of the rooms had almost all the, if not ALL, the camera's that Kodak has ever made, it was SO FRIGGIN cool! We adventured into Eastman's actually house and I was amazing at the luxurious accommodations he lived in.  HAha...A highlight of our visit there was when we heard loud organ noises flowing throughout the house we ran down to see if anyone was playing but to our surprise their was no one their. Haunted? Maybe....After the music was stop and go for about 5 times you could tell that other visitors were starting to get confused too. My mom and I headed downstairs to poke around when I found the person behind the jams...ha. All the music had been previously recorded and was being played again to perhaps make the visit to the house more realistic since Eastman was a fan of music (He is an interesting person...I suggest you google him).
Eastman Kodak House.

Prisoner wine.
 This was a wine that I was introduced to last summer and have not been able to really find it at all in CA -- oddly enough, where it is from. For my price range it is fairly expensive. After a visit to the new Lisa's Liquor Barn (which is HUGE!) We came home, popped it open and were semi-surprised by the deep taste it had (I swear it wasn't like that before?) I FINALLY was able to have cheese grits that night and beer can chicken. It was supposed to be my last night -- I wasn't ready to leave the next day.
After dealing with crappy weather and a pointless trip to a rock store up in irondequiot (I actually did get to go to the HOUSE OF GUITARS! Which was AAAWWWESOME -- I wish I could have spent more time in there) the next morning we finally thought we had found some time when we got back to Fairport we thought we would bring the kayaks out for a paddle. I was extra excited because I had never had the opportunity to do so. So we loaded them, any one watching must have had a good laugh because we looking like monkeys trying to figure out how to get their ginormous things on top of the car. We drove a quarter of a mile, only to be forced back home by a big gray cloud. We got the boats of right in the nick of time. I was bummed I didn't get to go, and I could tell my mom was too. THEN a text message came through from the airline I was on saying my flight was delayed, due to the delay I was going to miss my connection and that just so happened to be the last flight to LA that night. With a simple phone call to United/Conntinential/No one really knows right now I was able to change my flight until the next day. Literally, the moment I changed my flight the sun came out and we were able to go and paddle. Talk about luck! I even got to have a white hot for dinner! The next day when I got on my flight I was very motivated (and sad to leave my mom) to figure out a way to get back east once I graduate from FIDM in September. I spoke to my mom, I spoke to Ed, and I spoke with Spencer that day about how I need to figure some stuff out. On my flight from Newark to LA I sat next to a new nice (and inspirational) man named Dave. I honestly, couldn't have asked for anyone better to sit next to -- he opened my eyes to a lot of neat thing (like Victor Wooten  and a few wines to check out), like life stories and guidance. It was nice to talk to a person who was not bias and could just feed me the facts straight.

Now I am back in LA -- I start school again on Thursday (tomorrow, yikes!) I am full of drive right now to figure out my future (well, at least for the next few months. I would hate to rush something and then have it fall through). I am starting to think that maybe I have worn my welcome in California for the time being. LA will always be here -- that is until a giant earthquake comes....ha! So...we will see what happens of the course of the next couple months. Exciting!!!

Sending Love from SoCal.