Who needs keeping up with the Kardashian's when you can try to keep up with me? ha.The last week as been pretty hectic. I had finals, I had my internship and Spencer and I had to move all of our crap once again. (I keep hitting Apple + Z, when I make a mistake on here. Clearly Illustrator has gotten to me today).  
I have officially completed 3 quarters at FIDM. It seems like a lifetime...but then again it is hard to believe that I am slowly encroaching on having another degree under my belt and it has been just over a year since I earned by Bachelors. I was beyond pumped to get my first day of finals over with on Monday. It was just finding out my grade for one class and then installing a window display for the other (which I still can't decide if I am pleased with or not). Monday night consisted of cramming in final projects, baking pizza and just generally being over the quarter. I finished the project which was due at 8:30 with the intentions of finishing the one due at noon in my 8:30 class and then the project that as due at 3 was supposed to be finished in my noon class. Well, that was a big fat back fire. I had everything finished for the first two projects. One was printed out and turned in, the other still needed to be printed. Lucky for us FIDM students there was a virus on the thumb-drives at school. Mine just so happened to get it when I was trying to print out the project which was due in 15 minutes. After the IT guys claimed they cleaned it up, I hooked back up to a school computer to find out that it (and I am using 'it' because I am not sure if that would be considered the virus or the IT guys -- whom are all very nice) had deleted all the info. I literally sprinted from the Annex to the normally building (in a Maxi dress) to tell my partner about our latest crisis (we had also tried to print in a lab but the printers where down -- typical finals week). We decided it would be best to explain to our teacher what was going on. Thank goodness she is the most understanding person on earth and so she let us leave presentations and go 'do what we need to do'. I then started uploading everything to google doc. 2 hours later, I headed over to the Annex to try and print again. All four printers broken. At that point I was over it. I went to go explain to my teacher what was going on -- again, very understanding she said get it to her within the week. I gave her access to see that the project was done and then decided that I would deal with the rest of the catastrophe later on, because at this point I needed to finish my 3rd project and study for my final that I had in 30 minutes. My friend and partner for my last class project, Adrienne, showed me some really cool Photoshop tricks that  honestly saved my life when it came to crunching out my final project. I then proceeded to my comp graphics final with the intentions to print out my project there, and of course....the print was done. At this point I wanted to throw every single computer in arms reach out of a window and onto Grand Ave. My teacher graciously went and printed out my project for me as I took the final. I was done. Let me tell you, a glass of wine never tasted so good. 
The rest of the week was pretty relaxed considering I still had to deal with printing and binding my marketing project, getting the glass out of my foot that I stepped on LAST weekend, and moving into another vacant room -- I cannot even start to explain how much of a luxury it is going to be once we move into a NORMAL place again and we have SPACE! This room bouncing is something I would picture my younger self doing...maybe like 5 years ago....yikes. But, to make up for the moving we have a pretty awesome sun deck right outside of our bedroom which has made for a good place to relax. 

Spanc' is still waiting to hear back from UCI. So, my fingers are still crossed -- you should cross yours too! 
I have been learning a bunch at my internship and I absolutely love it. I never thought I would be creating half of the stuff I have come up with! 

Final window display. Vera Wang inspired.

Tuesday was a soda day. If you know me, you know that means I am stressed.

Signed, sealed and delivered...after 48 hrs of printing problems. 
The room we are staying in reminds me of an old person home.

View from the deck.

Enjoying an Austria brewskidoodle.


Our mission to find cinnamon rolls occurred on Saturday. Clearly, we found them...

AMAZING bakery in Altadena.

I have seen a lot of pretty flowers lately.

There is a lemon tree outside our house.

Sweet tat, eh?


We enjoyed some New Age on the beach.

Sunday = baseball day. TYP.


And another...

And another....

Dinner in the driveway.

Spance being spants.

I let Spencer win in Battleship. Its so ridiculous.

OH I forgot! So far I have 4 out of 5 A's! Still waiting for grade 5 to be posted.

And I am NEW YORK bound in t-minus 72 hours!!!

Sending love from SoCal!


MoCA, Art in the Streets

So -- MoCA has had this exhibit for a few weeks featuring a bunch of street art (graffiti) by all sorts of well known artists. Spencer and I have been really into watching documentaries about the art so I was super excited to go to the exhibit this afternoon (after a nice walk around Eagle Rock this morning). We met my good east coast-LA relocated friend Rebecca and dove into the exhibit -- here is some of the stuff we saw....

Spray paint


Part of the craziness

ha..story of my life when it comes to illustrator


More Banky....

and more...

and more (loved this....)

and more...I agree with him...

This was weird....


This was rad! It was a shadow room...

Shepard Fary



Some cool work....

WeHo Jesus


It sparkled



The BF and I

What it looked like
So overall, I would give it a 7 out of 10. There was some really cool stuff and then some really weird stuff -- super glad I went though. Next--Tim Burton!!!

Sending Love from SoCal


LA eatting adventures

I love to eat. I always complain that I am fat, at the end of the day I am just joking. Over the long break that I had from school and my internship Spencer accompanied/guided me to some of the most delicious eatery adventures LA has to offer.

Our first memorable stop for the weekend was after our run to the waterfall. It was ridiculously hot, we were both starving by the end of it -- I wanted a sandwich, Spencer proclaimed he had just the spot -- okay, so he did indeed. This place in Glendale called Mario's -- most amazing set up/pizzazz about it. It is an Italian joint located off Glendale Blvd (Near Chipotle &  Trader Joe's). You take a number...at some point they will call you, you place your order off of their extensive menu (or a deli item -- hot or cold, sandwich or noodle dish, etc), they make it, you pay for it and then you can either enjoy it there or you can take it with you. While we were waiting for our number to be called I got lost in the endless rows of REAL Italian food -- noodles, EVOO, wine, gelato, deli goods. It was amazing. Plus, my sandwich was pretty good too -- I was nowhere as adventurous as Spencer I stuck to a normal turkey, ham & swiss (after I ordered I learn that they have avocado, darn. Next time!)


The meat counter

A row full of Olive Oil! 

The next day since it was crappy weather out it seemed only right to start off with breakfast. I didn't care if we made it or if we went on an adventure to get it. Spencer suggested this place called "Pat & Lorraine's" where he had been a month or two ago with our friend Ozzie. I was sold when he said the biscuits were giant. We split an omelette filled with bacon, spinach, and avocado and swiss! YUMMMM!!! Interesting fact about Pat & Lorraine's....some of Pulp Fiction was filmed there! Pretty neat, I guess I need to see it now.
After grubbing on some amazing food (I wish I would have taken a picture) and convincing the bus boy to give us to go cups for our coffee as well as topping it off we dropped off a birthday card for my dad at the post box and headed towards Pasadena. We both were (well I still am) on a mission to find new running shoes. We walked the streets of Pas and hit up Footlocker, Spanc found a pair of kicks  (he has been wearing them EVERY day) -- they are orange so they match EVERY SINGLE item of clothing that he has (Occidental's color is orange...and something else...). The man that was helping me kept using the word "comfortability" that is a new one to me.....but I didn't find any comfortability in any of the shoes I have, so for now I am sticking with my close-to-treadless Nike Free's.

That afternoon we got EXTRA adventurous as we took off for downtown LA -- okay, yah...I go there every week...but...we went to China Town! How extreme of us, I know. So I will admit, I had a little bit higher hopes that what I saw. Every single store had the same exact cheesy/cheap item for sale in it. We only spent an hour there. I did find some pretty legit Buddha's there though -- I have to wait to buy anything until I am not living out of boxes in my boyfriends living room.
LA's Chinatown

Action shot. The cat was waving its hand.

We stopped an got some Pellegrino from F & E. It such did quench my thirst.

The next day our adventure consisted of another hike/run which we had not conquered in a few months -- the Lake street hike to Echo Mountain, where the "White City" used to be located. After dodging the gearloaded "I hike once a year, but I have my ski poles and 3-level zip off pants)" we made it to the top and decided to explore a little more. We could have swore the last time we were up there we saw an observatory, but we later found on it had been blown to smithereens in 1928. Creepy that we thought we saw it, eh? The cure for our food craving we headed back to downtown to this legendary french dip spot called Philippes, a place so good Spencer proclaimed he would love to franchise one. It was quite the experience. I drive by this place daily on my way to school, it never looks busy from the outside...little did I know everything happens on the opposite side of the building. You walk in and are greeted by synchronizing lines a floor below you. Ladies dressed in 1940ish attire line the inside of the counter slinging the french dipped sandwich of your choice, occasionally running to grab some macaroni salad from another assistant. It sure is, 'all for one and one for all' in there, people want there Philippes we found out quickly, as a plump lady whom started behind us slowly edged her way to the front with a $20 bill in hand -- a little kid shouted at his grandmother inline "don't for get we want ice cream too" -- I have never seen anything like this before. The whole system is set up cool.
The lady making our sandwiches.
The food is a perfect size, not tooooo big, but not toooo small. It held us over for a few hours. I love salty food, so having a french dip definitely settled my craving. Then we headed back over to our FAVORITE Chinatown, and went on a mission for Boba. Boba is an ice milk/tea concoction with tapioca in the bottom of it (my friend Kaitlyn and I used to go and get them every Tuesday in Reno).  The Lollicup in downtown totally kicks butt when it comes to overwhelming you with flavors -- the man working there probably thought Spencer and I were foreign or something until we were able to spit out some words from being so amazed by the choices and the nice and helpful service we were being given-- the drinks ended up costing us a whopping $5 together and there was enough boba in them to enjoy a piece with every sip. Today I tried the one near the Armada office -- epic fail...they only had 11 flavors, time to pick up your game Lollicup Costa Mesa!
I got raspberry, He got Vanilla.
We ended up making a really delicious homemade pizza that night. We were trying to creates something like a fajita, but it ended up more like a Mexican pizza -- okay, so I don't know if there is really that much of a difference. It was delicious...as always. We accompanied it with Nip/Tuck and wine. I almost have Spencer through season 4 of Nip/Tuck....just a few more days and he won't have to watch it ever again.
We spent Monday at the beach with my friends Becca and Jake. Of course we went to Lemonade -- one of my favorite eating establishments in the Los Angeles area. We sat on the beach, soaked up some rays, did some people watching, called it a day. They we went to Griffith, ran to the mid-way (my legs have been killing me after my long long long run last week -- which I am going to try and do again today)then we went to this thai place no more than a block away away from where we live called Thai Eagle Rox. IT WAS SOOOOO GOOD! We had red curry, Pad Thai and spring rolls (okay, so the spring rolls weren't that tasty -- but everything else was). It was fairly affordable and wicked fast. We took our food home so that I could get some homework done, but restaurant was really neat -- every cool environment. I want to go back here! Yummmy!
Thai Eagle Rox

Weird things in the sky.

Lily pads remind me of Washington D.C. 

So -- pretty exciting. Today I also signed up for my last quarter of classes at FIDM -- ALMOST done, actually 105 days to be precise. So, that will be 2 college degrees in a little more than a year. SWEET!

Well, time to get back to work :)

Sending Love from Socal!