catch up, not Ketchup?

Where to begin, well I have proven that I am in the top precentile of worst bloggest ever right now -- haha... soeley because I haven't had the time to sit down and type. I promise I will try a lot harder.

So lets see...I bet you want an update? Well, School is good....almost done with the quarter and then one more quarter left! Crazy how time flies. The other day I learned that I can type 84 words per minute, with only 4 mistakes -- impressive? I thought so.... The internship is going great, I am learning a BUNCH! I would be so happy if this turned into a full time job. I moved out of my first LA apartment even deeper into the "avenues" to live with Spencer until his lease is up -- then the big move down south will happen. Hummm...that is really all that is going on.....Oh today is my dad's birthday...so happy birthday dad!

This reminded me of "If you give a mouse a cookie"...if you give Spencer some headphones....

BF and I up at the waterfall.

Slow going. I honestly have NEVER seen these little guys come out in the rain. I wanted to have one as a pet...Spencer said no, talk about a downer.

Best invention EVER!!! It is about popcorn companies made it so you didn't have to reach in the bag and get your hand covered in butter!

Griffith looked uber creepy the other night.

How I spent my last night before the world was supposed to end...red wine, dark chocolate gelato and re-runs of nip/tuck. AWESOME!

All piled up again. I have moved 10 times since 2005 now. Over it.

Good bye first LA apartment, you were good to me...minus that man upstairs with heavy feet and the people below me who thought it was only appropriate to start their day at 4 am with the TV blasting. It's cool....

Moskatel's has more paint that I know what to do with...AWESOME!

I have to make thousands of flowers out of tissue paper for my next window display. It hurts my fingers.

Went to the beach and took a walk after I got off of work. Talk about a dream. I love the beach.

The sunset was epic. 

So SoCal life is pretty awesome. After my evening at the beach, the next day I ran from Newport to Huntington and back - just want the doctor ordered especially since I was next to the ocean the entire time! I can't WAIT to move down there -- I am honestly going to be the happiest person alive!

The house we are living in right now is really cute. It is small, it reminds me of a typical California bungalow. It is nice to be in a house again verses an apartment. The closet reminds me of camp -- it smells the same -- so bizarre.

Clearly, the world didn't end, just to make sure I called my mom 5 minutes before 6 pm her time and she did the same for me. The guy who thought that was a serious kook. All I could think was 'if this is my last day on earth and I am spending the entire time inside packing while it is nice and sunny out I am going to be wicked bummed'....I lived to see another day.

Yesterday I got a text from a former athlete of mine that made me smile, she said "Nothing is impossible if you are Elizabeth Bud Reeder" -- thank you for the reminder -- sometimes I need that. She told me she was going skiing today at Squaw. Truth be told....I am enjoying my sunshine and NOT having to see snow on May 29th -- Hollllaaaaa! Hope you're jealous Tahoe!

Okay -- so...I promise I will take more pictures and write more! Seriously!

Sending love from SoCal!


Good news, budreeder.com will live on for another year. I just paid for my domain again.

Phew... soooo with that being said...I PROMISE I will write more.

Sending love from socal!


Ansel iPhone

Syd got washed. Her new air freshener smells like raisins.

Haven't had one of these in a few months...

Homemade spicy shrimp tacos with Tomitilla salsa.

Kicks some butt in Scrabble.

Window display for schoool, eh...honestly not stoked on it at all.

They named a chocolate bar after Spencer.

Had a drink at The York.

Consumed a lot of coffee at work.

Not bad Los Angeles Not bad.

Watched Spencer pretend to play baseball. Just kidding.

Had dinner with my old roommate Chelsey and found this. Amazing.

Painted a picture of Marilyn Monroe.    
Homemade bacon wrapped poppers. 
For once I agree with Cal-Trans.