Lemonade (one of my new favorite lunch places)


Dodgers v. Cardinals

FIDM got new macs! YES!


Toy playing


So yet again I have become horrible at b(LAH)ing -- sorry! I started school 2 weeks ago, all of my classes are neat, I am having to working in a lot of groups (not so enjoyable, but its got to be done). I spent A LOT of time working over "spring break" and finally was able to get Saturday off to enjoy the awesome state of of California. I went to the beach, I saw old friends (from Tahoe, very random), when to a Dodgers game and all sorts of little odd ends stuff.

I start my internship with Armada next week. I am beyond excited....nervous...but excited!

I will try to start getting back on to the normal blogging gig...

Sending love from SoCal!

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