UNR and the NFL

University of Nevada, Reno -- Wolfpack

Wayyyyyyyyyyyy back when I was a freshman at UNR I was at every single home football game that there was. I loved the rush of standing in the student section, with all the energy and Nevada love there was. You could feel the bleachers rumble & the crowed roar after anything involving the Wolfpack happen -- good or bad. Sophomore year I remained a loyal football go-er too, rain, snow, you name it -- if there was a football game...I was there in my Nevada apparel with all the other students. My sophomore year is when I was introduced to a few of the guys on the team, mainly because they were also rushing for frats -- they were at all the shindigs around campus, they were in a bunch of my classes. You could never miss them around school because they would always be decked out in navy sweats, and the largest guys around. One of them I was lucky enough to get to know particularly well because he was dating my roommate, and best-friend of the time, Kate. He was always over at our house, we had a family photo and everything. I dubbed him "Mochi", he didn't approve....I thought it was funny.
The last few years I didn't see him around very much, probably because I moved up to Truckee and stopped going to football games.
I was fortunate enough to go to the biggest rival game of the season (FINALLY) this year, UNR v. UNLV! It was fantastic to be around the all my fellow Nevadans, watch some football and drink some beer. Randomly, I ran into Dontay in Awful Awful at 3 o'clock in the morning on New Years Eve. ha!

University of Nevada, Reno has definitely made a name for themselves in football. Over All-Star weekend here in LA I saw a girl with a UNR shirt on, I got all excited and asked her if she went there...she said, no, but her brother did and he was on the football team. That automatically made her awesome! It is really cool to see the kids I used to go to school with make into the pro leagues! They deserve it, they work REALLY hard!

Dontay recently joined the Bangals. He is unbelievably fast...running a 40-yard dash in 4.4 seconds, and has a vert jump of 42 inches.  He is pretty legit!

Good luck Dontay!

Sending love from SoCal!


The new step

So, I know a lot of people are wondering how the first week on the internship is.....well....it is AHHHHHMMMMAZZZZZZING!

I started with Armada on Wednesday, I had a very warm welcome. (I walked in and one of the guys said "Bud, I have a message for you....Matt Manser says hi! -- Matt is a good friend that I met years ago at SIA and he now works for Atomic in Austria). Everyone in the office is wicked nice. I have been introduced to the outcome designs, they are incredibly innovative.  It is so nice to be back around snow sports people after being disconnected for close to 8 months. The office is really neat; they recently moved into a new location in Costa Mesa. I have my OWN desk -- awesome! There is a pipe for skateboarding, and even 1/2 of a airstream trailer! ha!

I have been busy with little projects that have been cool, lots of research and learning. Although they are small, they are very rewarding to finish; I finally feel like I am doing something apposed to my job in Beverly Hills. Just what I wanted. So far it is a lot different than my involvement with Nordica apparel a few years ago.

I was nervous about the commute (until I move down to Costa Mesa), but so far it has proven not to be a problem. I can actually make it down to Costa Mesa, which is about 40 miles away, faster than I can get to Beverly Hills for my "real" job.

I am very happy that I decided to go with this internship. It was a big decision.

Another big thing that happened tonight was I was able to meet Spencer's parents. They are great! We went out to a little Italian place in Pasadena. I look forward to seeing them throughout the weekend.

Well -- time to divert my eyes from a computer screen for a bit! Back down to Costa Mesa tomorrow!

Sending love from SoCal!


Design runs in the family.

I have been busy at school trying to get an Andy Worhol/Sunglasses window display made. Below is what I did today -- all hand painted. Nifty, eh?

My mom has been killing it with CAD, I love seeing all the rendering she has been able to do. It looks beyond fantastic! Way to good!

Now I have to go and struggle with a photoshop project that I have due tomorrow...ugh. 


Lemonade (one of my new favorite lunch places)


Dodgers v. Cardinals

FIDM got new macs! YES!


Toy playing


So yet again I have become horrible at b(LAH)ing -- sorry! I started school 2 weeks ago, all of my classes are neat, I am having to working in a lot of groups (not so enjoyable, but its got to be done). I spent A LOT of time working over "spring break" and finally was able to get Saturday off to enjoy the awesome state of of California. I went to the beach, I saw old friends (from Tahoe, very random), when to a Dodgers game and all sorts of little odd ends stuff.

I start my internship with Armada next week. I am beyond excited....nervous...but excited!

I will try to start getting back on to the normal blogging gig...

Sending love from SoCal!



I secretly have had M&M's and a quesodilla today. I have a lot on my plate right now (only figuratively as of this minute -- I literally licked my REAL plate clean already) ; normally I am not one that turns towards eating, if anything (until I moved to LA) I used to not eat. Well -- I hope I don't stick to the high fat binge that I went on today -- hahaha.

I have been given one of the most amazing internship opportunities, working with a company that I have thought fondly of since I stopped ski racing. Everything has really fallen into place, and I have been the incredibly lucky with all the support I have been given from friends and family alike. Unlike my internship with Hello Drama, this one requires a lot of "in office" time, which I am excited about, it also requires me to be around for 3 days, thus, meaning my actual works hours are going to be cut dramatically. I depend on those hours to make money so I can have food, and of course gas to commute to all the necessary places (work, school, etc). One of the biggest on going questions is, 'how am I going to do this?'.....well, I haven't really gotten there yet....but I know that I will figure it out someway or another. I have already figured out a lot of stuff in my young years...I know I have this on lock.

Don't you think it is kind of ironic how internships work? You delicate a bunch of unpaid time with the hopes that you will eventually become a full time, salary paid employee. The stick in the wheel is, since you dedicate free time there is no time to actually get paid for work (although, I cannot complain about this -- I am quite excited about my situation). We all need money to live, but in order to get that money we have to give up our luxuries and buckle down. WOW..... 

With all this being said...I have taken the internship and today I after thinking I handled matters in the utmost professional way at my "real" job, I go to find out the kind words which were spoken to me this morning where secretly a cover up for the evil thoughts that were evoked from me being granted a step in the right direction.

With all this hype about internships I decided that I had to find out more about the importance of one. Some schools they require you to have one, others they just let you float through. A lot of jobs these days are requiring internship experience, and obviously that has been the road I have decided to follow. A reoccurring word that I see when reading about internships is "success", we all want to be successful. Tonight while I was talking on the phone after I found out some 'disturbing' news about something a co-worker had gone behind my back and said, the word 'success' was brought up -- I want to be so successful. I want to make a name for myself, clearly that is not achievable by staying at a job like the one I am in now. In order to be successful you have to start as the low man on the totem pole -- this also means you have to work for little to no money at all -- its a harsh reality. My mom says everything I am going through right now is just part of being in my 20s. I say....its stupid and I wish I could skip over it....

On the Interweb site for BYU business school they have some types about why internships are helpful, it was reassuring to look over the types and realize I am making a good decision that is going to help me leaps and bounds in my future.
  • Gain real work experience
  • Set yourself apart
  • Continue your learning
  • Test the water
Here is an interesting excerpt that I found on a NYT article:

Internships can provide an important edge, she said. ''You'll be able to demand more and get farther faster when you do graduate,'' she added. The training also helps build your comfort level with the working world, reducing the chances of falling on your face later.

There are so many things that I want to do with my life -- and I guess that this is one of the many stops that will lead me to the next greatest thing.  Okay, so whats the big deal? Why am I complaining so much about an opportunity to get ahead in life? Well, because I am nervous. I have been told my entire life -if you are not nervous about something, than it isn't worth it-. I agree. I get nervous in a lot of situations, I have grown up in a surrounding where I am always second guessing myself, and over analyze situations -- not the best trait, but not necessarily a bad trait either.

Below are some articles about internships that I found just searching the good ole' world-wide-web....

The Importance of Internships
BYU - Marriott School
Working; The Importance of Internships

So here is to taking the next step in my big girl life (I might need a hug or encouraging e-mail/phone call every once in a while -- bummed out moods may be a slight side affect).

Sending love from So Cal!


A good addiction...

I have become absolutely addicted to the TV show Weeds. Since Spencer got NetFlix on the Xbox we have been watching a lot of documentaries. Now that I have nothing to do besides work since school is on break I started watching Weeds. It is SOOOOOO funny! What a great way to spend a crappy weather day....ha! I am almost done with season 3.....

I've had two...

I have been in college for almost 7 years now (scary thought, eh?). Out of those 7 years I have had one teacher that has truly impacted me. It wasn't a person I encountered while I was at the University of Nevada, Reno for semester upon semester, but rather a teacher, J,  whom I only had for two quarters while at FIDM. No one else had been able to communicate with me, and flourish me with so much information other than Brad from Crested Butte Academy.

Brad and J are very alike. They both can scare the living bajesus out of you -- but you know they mean well. Brad and I always butted heads from day one of his English classes at the Academy -- boy did I think he was the worst teacher and classroom leader one could get stuck with. As I grew up a bit I really started to respect Brad and how difficult he made my life. He knew that I was capable of doing things that I would never try -- thus pushing me to the point where I would go home and cry my eyes out for hours to my mom saying "I can't do this. This project is so stupid. He is a horrible teacher!" now, as I look back close to 6/7 years later I am so thankful that I had him as a teacher -- even though he did make me memorize strange old passages of I believe Beowulf in Anglo-Saxon (yah, I never used that again...). Brad was always very mysterious, as young high school kids we always sat around and tried to figure out what his past was -- we never did. He drove an original tan suburban that was literally the first model every made. He was always accompanied by his dog Falco at the later part of my education. Once I saw a picture of him with a mullet, and he loved sharing his story with us about getting punched by Bob Barker. He helped me get into college -- and I feel as though I was able to surprise him last year when I let him know that I was actually graduating from the adventure I had started 5 years before. When I graduated from CBA, he informed me that he would also be moving to Reno to teach English. Oh great. I prepared myself to walk into my first day of English class at UNR and see Brad sitting there -- it haunted me. Well, that wasn't the case, I walked into my first college course to find a nerdy looking young man that taught me absolutely nothing but was highly impressed at my ability to write and suggested that I skip over a few of the required English classes at the Uni -- at the point I slowly started to realize how fantastic of a teacher Brad was.

J has a similar story. I was at my first quarter at FIDM, it was my second day on campus I had a course called "Survey of Visual Communications", I had absolutely no clue what the class entailed. I walked into a giant studio room with tables and other odd end projects decorating the walls. A petite blonde woman sat at the end of the room right in front of the whiteboard. Exactly on the hour she started class -- from the first words out of her mouth I could tell that this was not joke. Then I automatically thought, oh great -- how long is a quarter? She sure was fierce. I was so scared it wasn't even funny. I had no friends in the class so there was no one to turn to and say "is this real?". After she handed out an entire ream of paper to each student with projects, requirements and other odds and ends we left class. I seriously had no idea what I had gotten myself into. As the quarter moved on I slowly started to realize how valuable all of her knowledge was. I wrote a paper for her, she gave me a bad grade. I was livid -- I don't get bad grades on papers, I tried to coerce her to change the grade. That didn't happen, she stood her ground, just as I was trying to stand mine. Throughout the quarter she would sternly talk to us about taking class seriously, and using all the resources that we had at our finger tips. Our final project was to create a bag (yes, the bag that you have seen pictures of on here before). I wanted mine to be different, unique, not the normal square, I wanted it to move, and incorporate the other required elements of the project. My goal was to make an accordion like side, covered in gold lemay fabric. The first try didn't work, the second try didn't work. I has spent close to $100 on fabric and supplies. On one of our last class labs, I watch J separate the board that I worked so hard on scoring, and the gold lemay that cost me $10 a yard. I lost it. She was trying to show me how to fix the problem I was having, I didn't care at the point. All I could see was my project coming apart. I stormed out of the classroom crying. After class, J and I spoke. She delivered some words of wisdom to me, saying all though I want my project to be perfect, sometimes you have to take shortcuts to meet deadlines -- I didn't want to take a shortcut. I know I didn't realize it then, but, now I do; J had a way of communicating to me. After the trials and tribulations of "the bag" I walked away with an A in class, but even more I walked away knowing that I had J again the following semester, and I was excited to learn even more from here. I hard heard stories about how hard her Drafting classes was, her past students used to come into our survey lab room first quarter and scare us about how difficult drafting is. I wanted a difficult and challenging teacher, I wanted to learn and soak up as much knowledge as possible. Day one, wasn't bad, same with day two. Then the first project came back and I had a bad grade, the second project came back and it was another crappy grade. I started to worry. I understood exactly what the projects were asking, but I was just making stupid little mistakes -- I would pay an immense amount of attention in class and take note after note after note. I tried to participate like crazy, and take advantage of extra credit. Although my project grades were not stellar, I proved I knew what I was doing when it came to the midterm (or at least I thought I did). Then finally, after the stress of final projects hit me like a bullet the melt down came. J then reminded me again that I knew that I was doing, I was just trying to do things to quickly. After the reminder I got my thoughts together and put my all into my final projects. It paid off. This was J's last quarter at FIDM, when I heard the news I was pretty bummed -- although I think it is amazing that she is trying to further her education in my favorite state ever.....Colorado. J was one of the most inspiring and driven teachers I have ever had. I am so fortunate to have randomly signed up for survey with her. I wish that I was able to finish off my last two quarters with weekly classes with J; she has shared so much knowledge with me I still am amazed.

So Brad and J, thank you. I know I have not been the easiest student to deal with. You both have taught me so much, and made me realize that I can learn and do anything!

Cheers, to the best teachers I have ever had!

Sending Love from So Cal!