sauce faces. 

Last night I had a craving for wings. Spants and I did a little googling and found this place not tooooo terribly far away called Alondra wings. We didn't really know what to expect or where the place was. It took me a while to realize I could just look it up on my phone...DUH! It was SO SO SO busy. We did to go. We ordered 21 wings. 8 Hot, 8 spicy honey barbecue, and 6 thai chili. All of them were ridiculously good and spicy. I think it was about $19 for all of them, not tooooooo shabby -- of course -- Firehouse's in CB still are a better deal and taste next level good, I miss wing night. This will do. Wings are not a clean thing to eat. Of course I managed to get sauce all over my face and my lips were burning from the spices for a REALLY long time.

Welp -- we have a new place to add to our places to eat.

Sending Love from So Cal.

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