Quick catch up

Here is what I have been cramming in the last few days......

Pretty neat. I love school. I am learning so much, although it is stressful -- at the end of the day it is very rewarding & well worth the effort (and emotion) that goes into it. The first few pictures are just some of my final project for sketching, I had to design a store for Berhard Willhelm -- it was, well...interesting. The last picture is a photo of a set design I have been working on, the theme is "Attack of the 50 ft woman" -- looking good?! Final touches tomorrow (fingers crossed).

Well -- time to get 3 or 4 hours of shut eye. Busy busy busy week ahead of me. I still have:

-2 drafting projects
-1 paper
-1 sketching portfolio
-10 sketches of a store design to turn in
-3 presentations
-1 computer rendering store design
-1 trend forecasting project -- yikes (nervous about this one)
-3 written finals
-1 set design to finish
-1 resume to finish
-1 internship to find

Mind you..I work the straight through next Monday (minus my normal Thursday for class).

Busy. Busy. Busy.

Let the stress of finals begin. I am already 2 melt downs deep -- 7 days left of this quarter. I bet there will be at least one or two more meltdowns coming -- sorry :(

Well, time for a few hours of sleep before I wake up for some drafting & coffee! EXCITING!

Sending Love from Southern California!

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