Cuddle buddy.

25- year old Bucky.

Meet Bucky Reeder. He is a total bad ass. Originally hailing from Gund, Inc. He was created in 1985, thus making him one year older and wiser than myself. We have been together for 24 years. He was a gift. At first we didn't hit it off -- but now we are inseparable. I walked down the isle as a flower girl for Tim & Sue holding Bucky, or maybe refusing to give him up? I was stubborn -- WAIT, lets be realistic...I still am. Bucky is a world traveler (Europe, East coast, west coast, every ski race, south America, he really enjoys OBX -- anywhere I have been he has been) -- he packs into tight spaces VERY well -- it just so happens he is NOT claustrophobic. He has been re-stuffed about 3 times now. Several times he was put through the embarrassment being dressed up in American Girl clothing. I used to have a horrible habit of chewing his ears --  Oopsy. I don't care how old I am, he is always going to be in my bed. I am VERY protective over Bucky.

Ohhhhhh it was the WORST punishment of all when my parents used to put Bucky up on the top shelf where I couldn't reach him -- thinking back on it the "wooden spoon" sounded better.

Young Bucky.

Bucky & I are sending love from Southern California!

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