catch up, not Ketchup?

I feel like once a year I get super lazy/way to busy with life to find time to blog, so I turn to quick little catch up's. Well folks, the time has come. I am on "spring" break right now, I have been working my butt off, and really looking forward to getting back to school. Enjoy  the pictures!

Sending Love from So Cal!

I made a rubber band ball at work.

I watched my amazing boyfriend play some baseball.

I celebrated a friends birthday with the girls from work

I have played 1980's dress up.

I celebrated that I got 4 A's and a B+ (which I intend on fighting to get changed to an A). And saw an old friend from Reno.

I wore my wellie's for a week straight.

I went to LACMA with another friend. 

Other fun things:
-I have become addicted to the TV show "Weeds" and secretly watch it every night.
- Spencer and I have created some of the most amazing dinners.
-I have finally had the chance to read.
-I have slept (but not enough).

andddd that is about it....I have the entire weekend off, I was going to try and head up to Tahoe to see er'ryone but my cashmoney situation isn't going to allow me. Although I am bummed and would REALLY love to get some skiing in but I can deal with basking in the sun too!

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