Operate on this knee.

One year ago yesterday I took my last run for the 2010 season. It was a team day, no kids showed up, I was ripping around having a great time. Doing some true soul skiing. While I was skiing with one of my father's pals Cliff I realized that my knee was bothering me a little bit. We decided it would be fine & I just needed to ski it off. I headed over towards hornets nest in search from some pow. Not only did I find it, but I found something else that completely through my knee out of wack. I knew right away that something was wrong -- but, because of my pain threshold I decided I needed to give it one more run. Bad decision. I could hardly even ski. I limped my self back into the team room and slowly attempted to take off all my gear. I knew I needed to tell one of the hire-ups conveniently no one was around. So I told myself to just go home and see if it gets any worst. It got worse. the pain was horrible. I ended up seeing the doctor the next day, they set me up with a fantastically boring pair of crutches -- and informed me that it looks like I still had an ACL. Good news, eh!?! Well, although I didn't do my ACL my knee turned out to be equally as much of a pain in the butt -- partially because I was dealing with workers comp. After realizing that this a probably that just PT couldn't fix the pain of setting up a MRI started, and then a slice and dice date. The MRI didn't really reveal too much, but they were able to tell that I had done small stuff all over, but the reason I was in so much pain was because I had created a severe bone bruise which later on morphed into a plica, and that plica was digging into my knee when I would move creating a groove in my bone. There was a bunch of other little things that had to be fixed too. This entire process took from March 11th until The end of May for surgery, and then from June until start of August for PT.

On the positive side of things, my knee brought me to the decision of moving to Los Angeles. I knee made it so I took a season off of intense biking and enjoyed the causal/recreational ride with my buddies & drinking beer. Now I am running a bunch, and I strut around in heels like no ones business. It does hurt every now & then -- but I am happy to be done with that experience.

Be nice to your knees!

Sending Love from Southern California!

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