catch up, not Ketchup?

I feel like once a year I get super lazy/way to busy with life to find time to blog, so I turn to quick little catch up's. Well folks, the time has come. I am on "spring" break right now, I have been working my butt off, and really looking forward to getting back to school. Enjoy  the pictures!

Sending Love from So Cal!

I made a rubber band ball at work.

I watched my amazing boyfriend play some baseball.

I celebrated a friends birthday with the girls from work

I have played 1980's dress up.

I celebrated that I got 4 A's and a B+ (which I intend on fighting to get changed to an A). And saw an old friend from Reno.

I wore my wellie's for a week straight.

I went to LACMA with another friend. 

Other fun things:
-I have become addicted to the TV show "Weeds" and secretly watch it every night.
- Spencer and I have created some of the most amazing dinners.
-I have finally had the chance to read.
-I have slept (but not enough).

andddd that is about it....I have the entire weekend off, I was going to try and head up to Tahoe to see er'ryone but my cashmoney situation isn't going to allow me. Although I am bummed and would REALLY love to get some skiing in but I can deal with basking in the sun too!



This quarter at FIDM I had to do a bunch of research pertaining to design. Whether it was set design, store design, or room design I was able to dive deep into sources and find some of the most unbelievable stuff! I have a giant fascination for bookshelves -- for some reason this has always been something I have looked at when adding to my apartments. There is something really neat about them that can really make a room -- the more unique the better, right? While doing my final elevations for drafting I came across some really really neat shelving units (which are below). What a creative way to fill a space in such an ordinary way. Someday I want to have a library in my house, not a giant one, but one where all my favorite books live in a cozy, yet, creative atmosphere. 




Another rap phenomenon gone.


Quick catch up

Here is what I have been cramming in the last few days......

Pretty neat. I love school. I am learning so much, although it is stressful -- at the end of the day it is very rewarding & well worth the effort (and emotion) that goes into it. The first few pictures are just some of my final project for sketching, I had to design a store for Berhard Willhelm -- it was, well...interesting. The last picture is a photo of a set design I have been working on, the theme is "Attack of the 50 ft woman" -- looking good?! Final touches tomorrow (fingers crossed).

Well -- time to get 3 or 4 hours of shut eye. Busy busy busy week ahead of me. I still have:

-2 drafting projects
-1 paper
-1 sketching portfolio
-10 sketches of a store design to turn in
-3 presentations
-1 computer rendering store design
-1 trend forecasting project -- yikes (nervous about this one)
-3 written finals
-1 set design to finish
-1 resume to finish
-1 internship to find

Mind you..I work the straight through next Monday (minus my normal Thursday for class).

Busy. Busy. Busy.

Let the stress of finals begin. I am already 2 melt downs deep -- 7 days left of this quarter. I bet there will be at least one or two more meltdowns coming -- sorry :(

Well, time for a few hours of sleep before I wake up for some drafting & coffee! EXCITING!

Sending Love from Southern California!


Dear Japan,

Feel better soon! 
Sending lots of LOVE from So Cal!


Operate on this knee.

One year ago yesterday I took my last run for the 2010 season. It was a team day, no kids showed up, I was ripping around having a great time. Doing some true soul skiing. While I was skiing with one of my father's pals Cliff I realized that my knee was bothering me a little bit. We decided it would be fine & I just needed to ski it off. I headed over towards hornets nest in search from some pow. Not only did I find it, but I found something else that completely through my knee out of wack. I knew right away that something was wrong -- but, because of my pain threshold I decided I needed to give it one more run. Bad decision. I could hardly even ski. I limped my self back into the team room and slowly attempted to take off all my gear. I knew I needed to tell one of the hire-ups conveniently no one was around. So I told myself to just go home and see if it gets any worst. It got worse. the pain was horrible. I ended up seeing the doctor the next day, they set me up with a fantastically boring pair of crutches -- and informed me that it looks like I still had an ACL. Good news, eh!?! Well, although I didn't do my ACL my knee turned out to be equally as much of a pain in the butt -- partially because I was dealing with workers comp. After realizing that this a probably that just PT couldn't fix the pain of setting up a MRI started, and then a slice and dice date. The MRI didn't really reveal too much, but they were able to tell that I had done small stuff all over, but the reason I was in so much pain was because I had created a severe bone bruise which later on morphed into a plica, and that plica was digging into my knee when I would move creating a groove in my bone. There was a bunch of other little things that had to be fixed too. This entire process took from March 11th until The end of May for surgery, and then from June until start of August for PT.

On the positive side of things, my knee brought me to the decision of moving to Los Angeles. I knee made it so I took a season off of intense biking and enjoyed the causal/recreational ride with my buddies & drinking beer. Now I am running a bunch, and I strut around in heels like no ones business. It does hurt every now & then -- but I am happy to be done with that experience.

Be nice to your knees!

Sending Love from Southern California!


Quarterly meltdown.

It has become a habit since I became a FIDM student -- "it" being a meltdown. Generally, it happens only once a quarter -- when the stress & homework demand has built up to an all time high. When the realization that finals, as well as final projects are do in just a matter of days. When you look back and say "wait, we learned that? Are you sure?". You know the 'melt down' is coming when you start getting an average of less than 4-hours a night of sleep. When all you want is coffee. When you have so much homework that you fall asleep doing it, and wake up before the sunrises to finish it. I know it sounds like a lot of complaining, but, all-in-all, it is the most rewarding experience in the world. This education is amazing.

My fall quarter melt down was so bad I at least left the class room. Only to stay 45- minutes after having my very understanding teacher try to tell me not to be so meticulous & particular about my work. Unfortunately, I only want to produce good things. Well, at least that was the problem last quarter.

I was warned by an aged student that this winter quarter would be hard. I didn't believe him. Now I do. Being a PD student at FIDM is hard. Some days I want to stab my eyes out with a plastic fork -- other days I am so pleased and feel so rewarded. You can tell everyone from students to teachers are tired. We cram a lot of work in, in just a short amount of time.

Today was the icing on the cake.

Drafting. It has been the end of me. I am convinced it has to do with my love/hate relationship for numbers.

I went in early to explain the difficulties I had with the homework which was quickly resolved -- and then I felt like a complete idiot. Off to a meeting with my career counselor. Easy, peasy -- just a few more small changes to make to my resume. Then back to class. That is when it set in. The realization that we had a lot of work left & only once class left to work on it. Then the grade tallying that happened in my head as my teacher was talking -- oh great. Bye, Bye A. I worked hard in class. Then, I decided it would be good for me to stay after class & talk to the teacher. Funny enough, this is the same teacher I had my last quarter melt down to. After some tears were shed I realized I still have a chance back in the game -- my teacher reminded me that I am a perfectionist and I need to use that skill in this class. Game back on.

You know the quarter melt down is a common problem when you walk into your next class and your friends say "quarterly meltdown?" -- "Yep". Most of the time you hear the story about your classmates meltdown. As bad as it sounds, hearing other peoples stories makes everything better because you know you are not the only one.

Someone once said to me "Oh, fashion school it can't be that hard", well all I can say is -- if you only knew.

Now it is time to focus, focus, focus. Dinner time & blogging is over. Time to start drafting...again...

Sending Love from SoCal.


I have a Paul Simon Playlist....

Does that mean I am getting old? ha ha ha.

Sending Love from Southern California.


sauce faces. 

Last night I had a craving for wings. Spants and I did a little googling and found this place not tooooo terribly far away called Alondra wings. We didn't really know what to expect or where the place was. It took me a while to realize I could just look it up on my phone...DUH! It was SO SO SO busy. We did to go. We ordered 21 wings. 8 Hot, 8 spicy honey barbecue, and 6 thai chili. All of them were ridiculously good and spicy. I think it was about $19 for all of them, not tooooooo shabby -- of course -- Firehouse's in CB still are a better deal and taste next level good, I miss wing night. This will do. Wings are not a clean thing to eat. Of course I managed to get sauce all over my face and my lips were burning from the spices for a REALLY long time.

Welp -- we have a new place to add to our places to eat.

Sending Love from So Cal.


Cuddle buddy.

25- year old Bucky.

Meet Bucky Reeder. He is a total bad ass. Originally hailing from Gund, Inc. He was created in 1985, thus making him one year older and wiser than myself. We have been together for 24 years. He was a gift. At first we didn't hit it off -- but now we are inseparable. I walked down the isle as a flower girl for Tim & Sue holding Bucky, or maybe refusing to give him up? I was stubborn -- WAIT, lets be realistic...I still am. Bucky is a world traveler (Europe, East coast, west coast, every ski race, south America, he really enjoys OBX -- anywhere I have been he has been) -- he packs into tight spaces VERY well -- it just so happens he is NOT claustrophobic. He has been re-stuffed about 3 times now. Several times he was put through the embarrassment being dressed up in American Girl clothing. I used to have a horrible habit of chewing his ears --  Oopsy. I don't care how old I am, he is always going to be in my bed. I am VERY protective over Bucky.

Ohhhhhh it was the WORST punishment of all when my parents used to put Bucky up on the top shelf where I couldn't reach him -- thinking back on it the "wooden spoon" sounded better.

Young Bucky.

Bucky & I are sending love from Southern California!