Where have I been hiding?

This was for my sketching class. Each one of these pictures is drawn to scale. First in pencil, then inked, then copied, then colored. It's a process. But, it is neat to see how my work is progressively getting better.

This group of sketches where the set design that I thought up for a character named "Beth", she was what my teacher said "social anorexic and a cat lady" ha ha ha. 

This project was for my Material's and Prop's class. We created textures out of just paint. The goal is to make it look as realistic as possible -- of course the colors didn't matter. After we did all the painting we were responsible for cutting the swatches up and designing a 'flowing pattern' for presentation. I got an A.

Now we are working on mold making. I am planning on doing a Buddha -- I am using latex to make the mold.  I am SO excited about this project!

This was for Mats & Props too. It was so the teacher could see our level of cutting and understanding of scale. A...duh!

This is for my trends class. We went to Melrose and took pictures of street art and had to create a trend out of it. I called my 'Soul paint' and centered my trend around human faces and figures -- and the important of natural beauty.

Then we had to take one of those pictures and create a trend from gathering art from outside sources. I called mine "recre-faction" -- a trend of different ways faces are used in art movements.

This was my first sketching project of the quarter. We had to draw the set of a comedy. Seeing that I don't really watch comedies that was hard for me, so I picked Will and Grace since I was able to find the most resources.

So -- school is going really well right now. I am learning a lot. I am also taking a computer rendering class, as well as drafting. Computer is really fun, I am learning a bunch of really neat tricks in Adobe Illustrator -- hopefully I will have some legitimate work to show you all soon. As for drafting we are just getting started -- I have my first project due this Monday. I was able to get a hell'uva deal on a 24 x 32 portable table, so I can do my work at home instead of finding time in my hectic schedule to go to school. I am a little nervous about this class, I already managed to mess up on my lettering -- ugh. I guess there was a mis-communication between how I thought the assignment was supposed to be done. Oooopppps. 

Well -- back to the grind. Time to head to work for the next 9 hours of my life.
I can't wait to share my adventures of this weekend. I am hanging out with one of my girlfriends on Sunday and going to the Getty Villa for a school project and well, tomorrow .... who knows.

Sending love from Southern California.

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